20 Basic Yard Tools For New Homeowners [2023 Updated]

When you buy a new home, it’s not just the house you need to take care of, the yard that comes with it also needs your undivided attention. In order to do that you need tools to keep your yard in shape. In this article, we will introduce you to 20 Basic yard tools for new homeowners that will keep your yard nice and clean.

After every winter your precious yard becomes unrecognizable from the harsh temperature and snowfall. In that time, if you don’t start taking the necessary steps to fix and nurture, you may end up with unwanted bushes here and there. The only way to get around this is to do the work and maintain it until the good time comes.

Be sure to go through our list of yard tools to see if you are missing any. Additionally, you can also use this list as a reference. Without further ado, let’s get started.

List Of Basic Yard Tools For New Homeowners

1. Lawnmower

So the first tool you need is a lawnmower to trim down the majority of the grass. If you are not sure about the size just know this, lawnmower base helps in a relatively large yard. Depending on the fuel availability around your area, you may also resort to propane and lawnmower.

2. Lawn fork or Rake

Lawn rake helps with the plowing along with the redistribution of soil on the field. If you want to sweep some loose-leaf or grass, a flat-headed rake seems to be very handy. Just to make sure it is lightweight and fairly durable to last your long working sessions.

3. Rounded Shovel

For most of the digging tasks, you will only use the round-headed shovel for its versatility. Be that is a simple soil turn up or unrooting a bigger tree, it won’t fail u. So it would be a good idea to add this tool to your list. One thing to keep in mind, you should choose the length that will make you comfortable while standing.

4. Hand Pruner

Pruners are small garden scissors that may come with a long or curved blade. You will use these scissors for cutting dead or small roots. It’s not necessary to have all blade shapes instead, take the round blade for effortless cutting operation.

5. Wheelbarrow

With all the cutting and trimming it leaves you with tons of Mulching grass and dead leaves. You need something big and an easily movable cart to carry those chunks. That’s where the wheelbarrow comes into play. Just make sure to get the two-wheel version as it is much easier to handle with large amounts of waste.

6. Weedeater of string trimmer

So the weed eater is effectively a smaller and more portable version of a lawnmower. But it shines on trimming edges of the lawn. It’s fast and non-destructive to your property. We highly recommend that you get the best string trimmer available under your budget for maximum performance.

7. Leaf blower

Leaf blower simply bowls a heavy stream of air to move objects from the surface. In a yard situation, you will use this tool to blow leaves to a pile and move to a more appropriate place. For this operation get the backpack variation of the leaf blower to increase productivity.

8. Fertilizer spreader

Spreading fertilizer with hands nowadays is a bit too old-fashioned and tiresome. Get yourself a manual or automatic fertilizer spreader that does all the spreading for you. The tool will spread fertilizer evenly and save you from overspreading.

9. Hoses and sprinklers

Watering your yard is an integral part of curing and maintenance. Depending on the plants and weather, you may need to water 2 – 3 times a day. Hoses and sprinklers ease those tasks. There are sprinkler systems that run on full auto leaving you out of the equation.

10. Safety Gears

You can’t have a safe work environment without proper safety gear. This is also relevant to yard maintenance operations. Such gears can be Googles, boots, and gloves. Each of these gears will effectively serve you to have a safe operation and enough confidence to finish the job.

11. Lopper

Looper is essentially a pruning tool but it can cut larger twigs and branches more effectively. It can reach intricate places and heights that are nearly impossible for small pruning tools. Remember, Spring loaded loppers work best in cutting thick branches.

12. Hedge & Shrub Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is pretty much a go-to tool for shrub trimming. With time, the shrub can sometimes go way out of your hand. A shrub trimmer is just the tool you need for the task. Remember to get the electric version with batteries and charger for maintenance-free use.

13. Trowel or Hori-Hori digging knife

This unique-looking tool is a Japanese gardening tool. Although given the small look of the tool you might question its utility. But surprisingly it’s highly capable of digging and scraping large chunks of soil in a matter of seconds.

14. Water Sprayer

Traditional sprinkler requires electricity and pumps to spray water onto your garden. You want to water a small patch of the yard or simply want to do custom watering work, a manual water sprayer is a good option. There is some electric sprayer that doesn’t require hand pumping. Be sure to get that if you have a budget to spare.

15. Leaf collector

This is a very useful tool for DIY homeowners. It can effectively do the jobs of leaf blower, mulcher, and collector altogether. If you need the mulched grass to make the yard bed, there are very few tools that can do better jobs than a leaf collector.

16. Tool sharpener

Tools sharpener keeps your tool sharp and effective for operation. So when you need them your tool will be 100 percent ready. You don’t need a big expensive tool sharpener; instead, use a small sharpener. It will keep your prunes, mower blade, and other shears in top shape.

17. Ladder

If you have large trees on the field and you need to do trimming work way off the ground, a ladder is the only solution. Get yourself an appropriate ladder to reach those places.

18. Spade

The tool looks just like a traditional shovel but it has square edges for maximum carrying capacity. It also effectively works as a leveler. If you already own a round-headed shovel, you can skip this but it won’t hurt either.

19. Garden hoe

The good old garden hoe is another essential you need in your yard tool arsenal. The large hoe is very useful in plowing deep. Though it requires time to plow a large field it’s absolutely great at what it does.

20. Hedge Shears

Hedge shears are large scissors that help you to trim shrubs manually. If you have very few bushes to handle, you can go for this handy tool without buying an electric hedge trimmer. Rest assured, it’s a perfect DIY gardeners tool to have.


Plowing season is coming. It’s your responsibility to prepare yourself with the right set of tools. Hope our list of Basic yard tools for new homeowners provides enough insights to find your tools. That said, with these tools, give your new yard a great look that you have always wanted.

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