Best Router Bits Review and Buying Guide

Okay, it is a challenge, but you need not face it. The challenge of finding the best router bits is time-consuming, if not the toughest one. Whatever, we – our expert team – have done the job for you. The task is made as easy as to read this long but in-depth article on the 15 best brand router bits in the market.

Whether it is to set up your workshop or to learn the craft under expert supervision, you need to have several tools to get the work done. And the wood router is one of the most versatile and handiest tools in the pool. You have to use a router to decorate edges, trim laminates, cut various woodworking joints, and more. But a router is just a toothless rotary tool without the right bits attached to it.

Therefore, several router bit sets will draw your first attention from across the wall when you visit the woodworking or furniture shop. And you need the right type and size given the bits fall to the category of precision tools.

The basic or most-used router bits should not exceed 12 in number, but the current trend in the industry is to a bit different. New and traditional, nearly every best brand of router bits show up with a huge number of router bits in one set. Sometimes, it may reach around 100 in number. We, while researching for this article, have tried to cover either tendency – rigidly basic numbers and overwhelming profusion. Both trends have their upsides.

We have included two cover-up sections to give exposure to the fundamental router bit types chart and expert opinion on the purchasing hacks. This is intended to both the novice after mastering the craft and the veteran who already has mastered the craft to develop art in their jobs. So, by the time you reach the final part of this big article, you can come out all clear of what are the best router bit sets reviewed here or off those.

Just wait a moment, if you’re not buying a router machine yet, you can check our exclusive list of the top 10 wood routers. You will also find there an explanation of why you need a router along with the parameters that need to check before selecting the best wood routers.

Comparison Of 15 Best Router Bits On The Market

For the veteran and those who already know what they need exactly, only for them, we’re putting down the list of the 15 best quality router bits set below to pick the right one for their project quickly.

Best Value
Whiteside Router Bits 401 Basic Router Bit
Whiteside Router Bits 401 Basic Router Bit

Whiteside 7 pcs router bits set is made of premium carbide. Shank size 1/2", industrial quality, the precision ground will provide well balanced at high speed.

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Top Pick
Stalwart - RBS024 Router Bit Set
Stalwart - RBS024 Router Bit Set

24 pcs router bits, ¼’’ shank, made of carbide. With this multifunctional bits set, you can do woodworking, edging, trimming, and more.

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Top Pick
Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits
Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits

15 pcs, 1/4" shank, made of machine-sharpened YG8 tungsten carbide. It's designed to deliver accurate and clean cuts. Hardened solid alloy steel ensures durability and longevity.

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Yonico 17702 70 Bit Router Bit SetYonico 17702 70 Bit Router Bit Set

1/2" shank, 70 pcs bits, made of premium C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide. Longer shanks can protect the product from slipping during transportation.

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Freud 91-100 Router Bit SetFreud 91-100 Router Bit Set

Freud 91-100 13 pcs router bit set designed to cut all sorts of wood. Compatible to use on hand-held and table-mounted portable routers.

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Bosch RBS010 Professional Router Bit SetBosch RBS010 Professional Router Bit Set

Micro-grain carbide-made bits help to resist wear. These 10 pcs precisely grounded bits come in ¼ and ½ inch shank.

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CMT 800.505.11 Router Bit SetCMT 800.505.11 Router Bit Set

Two hi-density chrome carbide bits, anti-kickback featured, have bearings. Suitable for a variety of cuts, such as straight, rabbeting, profile, chamfer, dovetail, and more.

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SKIL 91030 Carbide Router Bit SetSKIL 91030 Carbide Router Bit Set

30 carbide router bits to get a variety of cutting profiles. Included 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch collet pieces.

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Neiko 10115A Premium Tungsten Carbide Router BitsNeiko 10115A Premium Tungsten Carbide Router Bits

80 pcs precisely sharpened YG8 tungsten carbide bit to get a clean cut. Its premium ½ inch universal shanks are ready to use with all brand routers.

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MLCS 8377 Router Bit SetMLCS 8377 Router Bit Set

15 set carbide-tipped bits, 1/2 inch shank, accumulate all starter profiles in one package.

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Freud Adjustable Tongue & Groove Bit Set (99-036)Freud Adjustable Tongue & Groove Bit Set (99-036)

Tongue and groove adjustable TiCo Hi-Density carbide bits are available from 7/32" to 3/8" for a wide variety of cutting profiles.

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ABN Tungsten Carbide Router Bit SetABN Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set

24 pcs tungsten carbide bit is designed to use by beginners and professionals. Suitable for any RPM speed and good to produce accurate and clean cuts.

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FivePears Tungsten Carbide Router BitsFivePears Tungsten Carbide Router Bits

12 pcs multi-functional C3 hard tungsten bits are great for woodworking, edging, trimming, grooving, and veining wood projects and are suitable for carpenters and hobbyists of all skill levels.

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KOWOOD 24X Router Bits SetKOWOOD 24X Router Bits Set

24 pcs 1/4 router bits are made of 45# carbon steel with a YG6X alloy blade. Clever antikickback for increased stability and vibration-free efficiency.

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Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit SetDremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set

Included a 3/32′′ piloted beading bit, a 1/4” core box bit, and a 1/2” chamfer bit for the rout, edge, inlay, and mortise cuts. Ideal for a wide range of hobby, repair, and renovation projects.

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12 Most Essential Types Of Router Bits

Already made clear in the opening part, you may have 100 bits in your workshop to handle the complex shapes but the most essential router bit types that you can’t do without limit to not more than 12. Truth be told, these 12 different types of router bits will cover most of the routing tasks even the industrial woodworking projects require.

Our product reviews will tell you how some of the sets comprising merely of 12/13/10 bits and even 6 bits can work as versatile as the ones having huge profusion.

Here you go with the 12 most fundamental router bit types.

1. Edge Beading Bit:

The name suggests that it is one of the crucial woodworking bits to shape the edges of the furniture pieces having edges. The frequent pieces include the tabletop, shelves, chair arms, benches, and more. In short, the objects that have edges to encounter while using. It cuts a quarter or half a circle and thus earns the name of edge beading router bit. To add, it resembles round over router bit to a noticing extent, and you can make rounded shape along the edge.

2. Ogee Bit:

The most fundamental among the 12 bits is this roman ogee bit. A woodworker cannot think of his router bit set without it. And all our router bit sets reviewed are evident of the fact. It is a great help to create a compound and s-shaped profile and provides you with numerous variations at applications. The best-known features of roman ogee bit are the points in the center of the profile and accompanied by a bearing tip.

3. Glue Joint Bit:

The name signifies the type and profile of the bit. It is pretty handy and accomplishes the crucial job of joining wood pieces effectively, leading to a large panel creation. It wins over other router bits used for such joinery by creating a massive joining area for added adhesion.

4. Rabbet Bit:

It has two other alternatives to create a rabbet cut, but the straight router bits and the table saw accompanied by a dado blade prove less effective than the rabbet bit. The rabbet is introduced and intended for this specific purpose. It comes attached with a bearing bit and a must inclusion in the fundamental bit stock.

5. Raised Panel Bit:

As the name goes, this is a specific purpose router bit and used for creating a profiled edge found common in the smaller panel of doors. The door panels become more appealing when this bit, in combination with the stile bits, works to create a raised panel.

6. Stile and Rail Bit:

Like panels, the frames sometimes need to be joined, and there stile and rail bit become the most effective to cut the frame assembly profiles. The frames and frame assemblies meant for doors and cabinetries are made by this specific bit types. On top of cutting the panel slot, these router bits are crucial to make several decorative profiles into the woodworking projects.

7. Dovetail Bit:

Yes, this is the bit meant for dovetail joinery – the strongest and complicated of the joinery made easier by it. This one of the most famous woodworking router bits for two reasons – obviously the lovely name and the frequent use of woodworkers made of it in their projects.

To your amazement, you can effectively use it to make other complicated cuts like rabbet and tapered dadoes. It features a flatter bottom having angled sides with a wider base.

8. Rounded Over Bit:

Can you remember the edge beading bit? This one that we are talking about at the moment is closer to the bit in terms of functions. On top of, forming edges the round over router bits makes complex wood designs easier to shape into. When creating a rounded edge, you can easily inspire curves to help form the rounded shape. The ball bearing remaining attached with it works great to control the width of any cut.

You will find it unrivaled when shaping edges of tabletops, bookshelves, and more decorative shapes.

9. Flush Trim:

Working with wood veneer and plastic laminate will be too tough if not dealt with by flush trim router bit. This is a straight-cut bit used for trimming or extended material overhanging to the main body.

The flush trim uses a ball-bearing, which is ideal for the task, and it handily makes tabletops, cabinets, drawers, and more.

10. Cove Bit:

Easily traceable from the shape that it is a bit to make profile exactly opposite to the rounded over bit. While the former makes a rounded shape, this one creates the concave radius on edge. This will result in a more decorative edge, enhancing the look of the furniture pieces – be it cabinet door or legs of others.

11. Chamfer Bit:

If you want to create a 45-degree cut anywhere along the edge of a square workpiece, you must go for the chamfer bit. They are versatile and can create numerous sizes of the cut. It has a striking similarity with the beading bit as the bearing tip of several chamfer bit moves along the edge you are working on.

12. Carbide Tipped Bit:

This is straight cutting bit tipped with carbide for an accurate and precise cut. These woodworking router bits are something more than a versatile bit, given all the complicated cuts or patterns can be done by the expert use of it. Available in more than one diameter and lengths, these bits will turn the square bottom into straight grooves.

With the most common and effective sizes – ¼, ½, & ¾ inches- they can easefully create dadoes, grooves, and rabbets in the plywood. However, on the flip side, it is the non-piloted bit necessitating a router bit guide for straight as well as precise cuts.

Top 15 Best Brand Router Bits Reviews

1. Whiteside Router Bits 401

When you are after the right set of bits for your router, Whiteside router bits with ½-inch shank will loom large as the best option. Yes, at least in terms of quality and performance, Whiteside router bits set is the best of all.

Since the advent in 1970, Whiteside Machine Company has been making repairs and other parts for the woodworking sector in a broader sense for the furniture industry. Now, it is a trusted and unique name in the market. And Whiteside router bit with 1/2″ shank is among the plethora of the tools for which the company has gained today’s prestige.

Let’s examine the root features the said router bits boast so much on.

Whiteside Router Bits
  • Whiteside Router Bits are made with Premium Carbide
  • Precision ground for proper balance at high RPM
  • Industrial Quality

Material and Metal

This Whiteside router bit is a solid alloy steel tool piece featured with precision ground meant for exact balance at the highest torque. This is common with any other router bit of the brand. Whiteside router bits 401 with ½” shank can withstand extra sharpening with ease boosted by the profile made from a high-quality and premium carbide. The superior edge quality is guaranteed by this bit because of the high look along with relief angles to ensure superior chip ejection.

Precision Cut and Sharpness

Whiteside router bits top the ranking graph made on the scale of clean-cut and sharpness. The bit under Whiteside router bits review is facilitated with an additional sharpening advantage to meet your heavy demand in the pick hour. Whiteside is one of the two manufacturers to end up scoring the highest in a torture test conducted among the 18 industry leaders. Therefore, as a woodworker, you can go for this router bit to get your pieces cleanly cut with the same sharpness up to the long run.

Durability, Longevity, and Smoothness

As a typical Whiteside router bit, this one ensures smooth workpiece surfaces to free you from the arduous job of sanding. On top of that, the premium carbide build is responsible for the fame it has earned for being sturdy, highly durable, and has longer routing life.

Therefore, woodworking projects need that badly to achieve a smoother surface at the lesser effort.

Real value for the money

Like any Whiteside router bit, this tool is premium but less expensive than its rivals. And you’re getting a router bit profile that is balanced, robust, reliable, and highly shock-resistant at a cheaper but high-end tool size. To your utter surprise, it will retain the sharpness to the longest duration of all facing any material to cut and shape.


  • Superior quality and high performance
  • Wide range of bits to choose from besides the root category – straight, form, and spiral
  • High-end material and construction with exclusive features for durability and longevity
  • Perfect for precision cut and desired smoothness
  • Easy to understand and detailed catalog


  • Number of bits in this set is few compared with the price paid for


On the part of the manufacturer, it tirelessly strives to live up to customer satisfaction with newer technology, research, and development effort. That is why it outshines the competition—the best router bits for the money.

2. Stalwart Router Bit Set

Our stalwart router bits review is about a router bit set consisting of 24 pieces of ¼” shank. In the wide portfolio of Trademark Global, LLC.; Stalwart stands high on its credit by providing products pregnant with tremendous value. On top of Stalwart’s signature product value, this set of router bit kits is known for its consistent quality and performance. Not to escape, Stalwart’s price and customer care are just unbeatable. Now, let’s dig for more root features offered by the stalwart router bit set.

Stalwart - RBS024 Router Bit Set
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL SET -  With 24 included pieces, this kit is great for multipurpose uses. It is perfect for woodworking, edging, trimming, grooving, veining wood projects, and ideal for carpenters and hobbyists of all experience levels. This set also includes an Allen wrench for removing bearings.
  • EASY TO STORE- The included wooden case is sturdy and makes storing the high-quality router bits convenient.

Material & Construction

It is said that take Stalwart router bits to enjoy longer-lasting service with the maiden sharpness. This should not sound like an exaggeration as this carbide features carbide tip, and industry-grade materials construct the body. The high-end construction, along with the high-quality materials, has given the router bits the durability and longevity every woodworking veteran or pro cherish to have. The sturdy wooden set is a poster to advertise the long-lasting tools.

Versatile Bit Set

You can no way ignore the focus on the multi-functionality of this collection of 24 bits on the part of the manufacturer. With this multi-tasking set at your disposal, you can easefully accomplish a huge range of purposes. And the mentionable few are woodworking, trimming, edging, grooving, and veining wood projects. The exclusive versatility goes in sync with veterans, amateurs, and DIY hobbyists. To add to the foray, the Allen wrench coming with the set will prove a rare gift, and removing bearings will feel just a breeze.

The variety in sizes and types of router bits has made this Stalwart wooden case a must-have for any carpenter.

Portable and easy-to-store

The key reason the stalwart router bit set is so popular with any level of the individual is that it is super portable and fun to carry along on the go. The sleek wooden case is an excellent box where all the bits stow easily and remain categorized to pick easily. On top of this, the wooden box is totally fun to carry and so pretty convenient to take care of the projects at remote locations.

Precision Cut and Value

Precision cut or edging for your woodworking is at your disposal with this set of carbide tip router tips. The ¼” shaft of the bits fit all the routers and goes fine with both a starter and expert professional. And this is true value standing for the Stalwart exclusive performance and service.


  • Versatile router bit kit featuring wide varieties in type and size
  • Industry-grade material ensures durable and long-lasting routing service
  • Fit for both commercial and DIY purposes
  • Guaranty precision cut and true value for money
  • 15 of the bits fits ¼” shank add to the versatility


  • A good bargain but reported being breakable at the pressure


A worthy purchase meant for everything, whether you are just in the trade or a veteran, to tackle commercial jobs. And the Stalwart price is just a deal maker.

3. Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits

Hiltex 10100 Tungsten carbide router bit set is perfect for your need. It comes constructed with great parts and already earned fame to be a quality and nice router bits set. It works great for the master carpenter and who wants to master the craft.

Common operations like trimming, mortising, and pattern cutting are fun to accomplish when this set under review is at your disposal. In-depth feature analysis is given for you for better exposure to the benefits you can derive using it.

Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits
  • [CLEAN CUTTING]: These router bits are tipped with precisely machined YG8 tungsten carbide blades to allow for clean and accurate cuts on all types of wood with excellent resistance to heat.
  • [DURABLE]: Hardened solid alloy steel construction with a powder coating finish for durability and longevity.
  • [COMPATIBLE]: Each router bit has a 1/4-inch universal shank that fits all models of routers, with select bits featuring a bearing roller for smooth and aligned operations.

Metal and material

The bits offered in this Hiltex router bits package are made from tungsten carbide steel. And the result is the accuracy and clean cutting with ease. At every single stroke, you will end up with the desired cutting-edge. On its top, the premium metal construction ensures superior heat resistance crucial for flawless cutting whatever wood you are trying the pattern on.

Durable and Long-lasting

The stand-out feature is the remaining portion of the bit developed from heavy steel that singularly contributes to the durability and long-lasting. The powder coating adds to the durability to a significant extent, and you can use as frequently as you need without risking the quality of the bit. Not to ignore the material responsible for the sturdiness, durability, and refusal to go blunt.

Universal Fit and Efficient Functioning

All the bits feature the universal ¼” shank size to go smooth with any model of router. And for your convenience, each bit is labeled with its type and a clear image attached to the wooden box. Now, that is an additional but intelligent response on the part of the manufacturer that ensures more portability and storage ease.

So far functioning involves, Hiltex router bits will make grooving, trimming, edging, and any woodworking just fun and never let you suffer from work fatigue. As is said earlier, veteran carpenters or DIYers can achieve their goals with ease.

Remain Organized

In line with the easy storage mentioned above, the wooden case proves effective enough to store and protect the set when remaining unused for long. The Hiltex 10100 tungsten carbide router bits are positioned accordingly for better maintenance. And the coordinating image of every bit adds to the comfort and save you time while engaged at work.


  • Material meant for High cutting edge and durability
  • Smoother and aligned operation ensured by the bearing roller
  • Easy storage and best maintenance resulted from the wooden case
  • Precisely machined and hardened solid steel construction
  • Powder coated for extra durability and longer routing life


  • Reported to be average and fall short of meeting user satisfaction by a few


Perfect for both veterans and hobbyists to vein and edge your woodworking tasks. Heat resistance and heavy steel extra-bit part are stand-out features on top of the basic features resulting in advanced benefits.

4. Yonico 17702 Router Bit Set

Opting for any Yonico router bit set means to go for quality, durable, efficient, and affordable alternative. However, this particular bit set features the widest collection, and these are a good choice.

Therefore, to sum up with a tag line, “wide collection at a narrow price” will no way be an exaggeration. The Yonico router bits collection will excel in the basic woodworking jobs router bits are generally meant for. While the veteran carpenters will encounter no issue to accomplish complex projects, the starters will find it pretty handy to master the craft.

Yonico Router Bits Set 70 Bit 1/2-Inch Shank 17702
  • Now with longer shanks. Bits won't come loose during shipping.
  • A large selection of essential router bits in a full range of sizes
  • Premium C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide blades for a sharper & longer lasting edge
  • For use on table mount and handheld router
  • Silver induction brazing for maximum strength and durability

A comprehensive and right choice of collection

The first thing I focus on is the number of bits as huge as 70 pieces. What can be happier news than that both for an average user and professional woodworkers? While it will boost up the veteran to take any complicated project in hand, the novice can master the most complicated pattern with added ease.

This good choice of collection helps experts experiment with newer and produce complicated shapes. On the other hand, the novice can easily grasp the basics of dealing with a router.


You shouldn’t have the shred of doubt that a Yonico router bit will compromise performance. To your utter amazement, they are duly reinforced to serve you the best and longest. While applied in a high-performance usage, this will cause zero issues. Just a reminder for the professionals dealing with heavy-weight jobs, it can act as the cheaper beginner before opting for more expensive alternatives.

Precise and Clean Cut

The large number and variety of the package do not prevent the manufacturer from focussing on the critical accuracy and sharpness of the bits. Therefore, clean and accurate cuts are fun for them, thanks to the sharpness of making routing easier. Sharp angles and precise cuts are a matter of decision rather than perseverance.

Impressive Storage and Coverage

Yonico router bit set offers a practical storage option and the premium wooden coverage. Moreover, the cut-down weight of 13 pounds has made it comfortable to carry and on the go toolset.

Premium material and construction

Designed and constructed with premium carbon material, it offers the users the maximum durability and rigidness – a crucial workshop requirement. On its top, the carbide tip is made from the quality tungsten known to be the stealthiest.

Lifetime Warranty

The most notable feature to grab attention is the lifetime warranty against manufacturer fault. It means that you can return and replace a new one when and if found not impressive and effective.


  • Ensures a decent quality and accurate cut
  • Wide range of tasks: door construction, joinery, molding and edging, and general-purpose bits
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Affordable for the novice and cheaper for the veteran


  • Shank is too short


So far, features and variety of types involved, this set of bits are second to none. And the great value against the price that seems nominal compared with the benefits you can reap.

5. Freud 91-100 13-Piece Super Router Bit Set

The Freud 91-100 13-piece super router bit set is a rare choice and to be precisely meant for the starter woodworkers after attaining efficiency. Provided that all the 13 pieces of bits offered by this Freud set are the most commonly used ones. And, they can get you the desired foundation in routing inevitable for achieving high proficiency.

But the pick is that you don’t need to abandon them when you are done with your basics. Instead, an expansion of the collection will serve the best with their high quality and trusted manufacturers.

Let’s go in-depth. And you will find the following reasons to consider Freud router bits to be your must-make router bit bargain.

Freud 91-100 13-Piece Super Router Bit Set with 1/2-Inch Shank and Freud's TiCo Hi-Density Carbide
  • Set comes in Freud’s unique shadow box case that can hang on the wall or mount on the bench to keep bits handy and safe.
  • Cuts all composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods.
  • Use on hand-held and table-mounted portable routers.

Premium Material

The router bits offered by this Freud 91-100 router bit set are durable and longer-lasting ensured by the carbide-titanium tip. You can go on working with larger and numerous woodworking projects without encountering snapping and blunting issues. The high-end material ensures rigidity not to snap at high pressure, and thus produces desired cuts.

Moreover, it is the industry-grade material that enables them to cut through any composite materials that include softwoods, plywoods, and hardwoods.

Industry-grade Design

Every single bit comes computer-balanced intended for reducing vibration and harsh chattering to a significant level. And the Freud-only tri-metal brazing along with the anti-kickback design will just turn routing into a fun pastime otherwise an arduous job. These designs and construction are the features that place the bit set with the top-ranking competitors.

Convenient Storage and Organization

All the bits are located inside the wooden shadow box. And you can reach them at an opening as they can easily be recognized by the coordinating image marked below the respective bit. Moreover, you can hang the beautifully-crafted box on the workshop wall using the drills made on its back. The box will contribute to the aesthetics of your shop.

The Great Value

Given the high-end price against the meager collection of the bits, the Freud tongue and groove router bits are worth every penny. These high-quality routing bits excel both in regular use and heavy-duty tasks. And the nice selection varies in sizes and shapes to cover any basic carpentry jobs. Offers the wide variety as you have router bits of V groove, flush trim, dovetail bits, chamfer, and ogee bits. Isn’t it a great value?


  • Usable both with hand-held and table-mount router
  • A rendezvous of the most-used woodworker’s bits
  • Featured with ½” shank for limited vibration and chatter
  • Beautifully-crafted box and organized storage
  • Efficiently cut composite materials


  • No mentionable downside but many may not entertain the high-end price


I will define this Freud router bit sets saying, “you just need to invest more to derive the best service.” And Freud 91-100 13-piece is a super router bit set with several best bits that only money can buy. Therefore, the price is not a deal-breaker at all.

6. Bosch RBS010 Professional Router Bit Set

Bosch is a big name in the industry of manual and power tools. To make it more compatible in this regard, they have started manufacturing precision tools like router bits. And so they have marketed RBS010 10-piece router bit set to avail you the full opportunity Bosch routers may provide you with. In this over-the-top router bit set, you will find the match of high-end router bits that are sharp, sturdy, and wear-resistant. To add to your fun, bosch router bits are now around you in the local and national markets.

BOSCH RBS010 All-Purpose Professional Router Bit Set
  • Most popular profiles for all routing job applications
  • Micrograin Carbide tips provide superior wear resistance and long life
  • Precision-ground Carbide tips for sharper edges and smoother finish
  • Reusable storage case with a solid wood base and clear plastic top

Top Quality Manufacturing and Material

Bosch’s commitment as a quality tool manufacturer is undeniable. In line with this reputation, the RBS010 carbide-tipped professional bit collection guarantees you protection from wear and tear against heavy use if not abuse. The premium-grade micro-grain carbide-tipped bits can keep the sharp edge over other rivals. Therefore, you can end up producing a smoother finish without opting for arduous sanding.

The metal density between the two crucial components – shank and tip- provides you with a rare uniformity. And the uniformity inspires less stress applied on either part resulting in fewer breaks out of strain while working and added longevity.

Top-notch Performance

Intellectual construction and quality material speak volumes for the performance of any tool. But the question of a precision tool geometry matters, and thanks to the two size shank in this bits – ½” shank for stability and ¼” shank for more precision. The stability provided by the former is crucial for accurate cuts that matter most in routing. This combination of the shanks is the stand-out feature of Bosch, the German tool manufacturer. This has made bosch router bits set the ultimate broad-spectrum professional toolkit intended for woodworkers.

Superior Consistency

The toughness of the bit part and the shank produce an unseen-before rigidity rendering the bits to be unbreakable. That is where comes the resistance to wear and decay from.

Professional Grade Collection

On top of the most accurate and sharpest cuts resulted from the carbide-tipped precision, the bosch professional router bits offer a huge gathering of all the basic router bits that include Roman ogee bit, V-groove bit, dovetail bit, a straight bit, 2-flute flush trim, and chamfer bit. They, in combination with two shank sizes, offer you the professional range of ability.


  • A total router bit set for edge and non-edge routing jobs
  • Precision ground and a carbide-tipped bit for sharpest edges and smoother finishes
  • Elegant case with transparent cover and sturdy wooden base
  • Micro grain bits for longer lifecycle and superior resistance
  • Vibrating LEDs offering stable handling
  • Narrower and slimmer cuts done by ¼” bits


  • Ten pieces are too low a collection to depend fully on
  • Pricier than the service and range offered


The ultimate value for the price range and the cutting tools good enough to get the professional carpenter going. If you want extra-fine finish with the help of max sharpness as a professional woodworker, bosch router bits set is for you.

7. CMT 800.505.11 13-Piece Router Bit Set

Another set of router bits offering comparatively a meager number but high-end service, performance, and wide range of efficiency. No doubt that CMT router bit is one of the costliest routing bits set in this milieu of quality woodworking accessories. The lookout should be, “Does the expensive investment bear exclusive woodworking benefits?” To go by the market buzz, it does justice to the huge bargain. It offers multiple profiles and has different applications. Let’s dig deeper into CMT 800.505.11 13-piece router bit set.

CMT 800.505.11 13-Piece Router Bit Set, 1/2-Inch Shank
  • Set Includes straight, rabbeting, profile, chamfer, dovetail bits and more types
  • 2 SinterHip Hi-Density Industrial Chrome Carbide cutting edges for long-lasting performance
  • Some bits features antikickback design for working in a safe way
  • Some bits are equipped with a bearing for easy template work

Material and Manufacturing

This CMT product under discussion made from high-density and high-quality carbide produces accurate and precision cutting edges. The premium quality material enables the bits to withstand high pressure and wear. The very manufacturing, along with the industry-grade material, ensures the stand-out durability and long-lasting wood routing life.

Wide Range of Applications

Thirteen pieces of bits may seem a small number compared with the huge numbers other bits set come with. But the CMT pick is the wide range of applications you can put on your projects. Several profiles at your disposal make it the best router bits set of lucrative woodworking accessories that all carpenter and pro woodworkers cherish to avail despite the high price.

Performance and Design

The industry-grade material is evident that the bits are sharp and will remain the edge longer than the rivals. Therefore, you can work without tension on a bigger project extending to a very long period without encountering any shred of bluntness. This is what ensures excellent performance while routing.

Some of the bits come designed with an anti-kickback feature to provide maximum working comfort and ease. This is evident enough in how the manufacturer cares about the user experience. Not to forget the bearing attached with the bits, which turn routing into the fun from a fatigue-producing task.

Easy Storage and Organization

You can keep the bits in the most decorated way possible and protected from external intrusion. Thanks to the high-durable storage box made of unique hardwood.

The Real Value

CMT is a brand that you can trust with their woodworking accessories for the value offered against the high price. They ensure a comparatively long routing lifecycle, user-responsive design, and high-quality end product. The high-density industry-grade chrome carbide in combination with the non-stick shield coating compensates for the exclusive price with its exclusive performance. The versatile application adds to the value as the CMT router bit is designed and constructed to deal with hardwood, softwood, MDF surfaces, and laminates.


  • High-level endurance boosted by the tri-metal brazing – silver-copper-silver
  • Multi-axis action of grinding for a mirror finish and smooth performance
  • Includes premium quality routing bits of most-used types
  • High-tensile steel and high-density chrome for lasting performance
  • Anti-kickback design for safe working
  • Compatible with many different routers – fixed-based router, D-handle router, and plunge router.


  • The only mentionable downside is the high price and not that famous


This is a handsome collection to add to any carpentry and woodworking shop. Highly efficient and effective to create all projects, crafts, and patterns you want. Just bear with the high-end price.

8. SKIL 91030 Carbide Router Bit Set

Skil router bit set is intended for medium use. To point it out clearer, the beginner can go for it without any trepidation as he can master all the basic skills with the Skil 30-piece router bit set. On the contrary, the professional woodworkers will find it equally effective but not that accomplished to solely depend on it for any larger or complicated woodworking project. They chuck good, cut fine, and sharp. Moreover, the wide variety will give you almost all the cuts needed, and you can do it accurately.

SKIL 91030 Carbide Router Bit Set, 30-Piece

SKIL router bits, tables and accessories are manufactured and designed to the highest quality standards. Router bit sets offer carbide bits with a variety of cutting profiles. Assortments come packaged in solid wood felt lined cases.

A Good Choice of Collection

With Skil 91030 carbide router set 30-piece at your disposal, you can give most of the cuts you would ever need. It comes with a wide collection of bits that include surface-forming straight bits, ogee bits, accessories bits, keyhole bit, bit for V-groove, and round over bits. So the amateur carpenter can learn all the basic cuts with this set while the veterans do away with any medium level projects.

Premium Material

These carbide router bits ensure the best performance and go on giving you accurate cuts years on end with the same sharpness. The heat resistance is inspired by the industry-grade material contributing to the long-lasting wood routing lifecycle. The carbide bits are built and engineered to provide you with high-quality service. Durability and above-the-average performance is the direct result of premium material and high-end engineering.

Safety Design and Precision Cut

You will certainly get kick-backed every time you apply the writer on your project. But smart router bits are engineered to withstand that. This Skil router bit set is featured with anti-kickback design for your safe and smoother operation. And just in line with that, ¼” shank size will enable you to give precise cuts.

The Price is a STEAL

The industry-grade product boasted by premium material and engineering is available for you at so cheaper a price. This is why some users term the meager price to be a steal. The high-end routing service is at low-end investment. That is great for the growing population of DIYers and home users.

Generous Warranty and Real Value

On top of the most popular cutting profiles, solid wood storage, an intelligent design meant for safe and smooth operation, you are offered a generous five-year-long warranty. What more you want from that affordable set when they offer you replacement bearing too? Isn’t it a great bargain?


  • Popular cutting profiles – dovetail, round, trim, mortising, chamfering and more
  • Five-year warranty a show-up of the manufacturer confidence of product quality
  • High-performance and long-lasting routing service
  • Premium material and engineering for durability and safe routing
  • Most affordable price


  • Good for maiden practice but fall short of professional accuracy and performance


Just outstands with all the huge in the offer against a meager price claim. Clean cut, perfect shape, and leave edge needing no sanding. What more!

9. Neiko Router Bits Review

Whether you are a prolific hobbyist or an expert carpenter, the Neiko router bit set is for you. Yes, never forget the number – 80 different pieces of the bit. Not to exaggerate, it may not provide the premium quality, but you will have the most robust collection in a single set at a reasonable price. Isn’t it a good bargain? And premium material and high-end construction are something that you never want to pass by. From drilling keyholes to create straight cuts, this Neiko 10115a will accompany you efficiently and flawlessly.

Neiko 10115A Premium Tungsten Carbide Router Bits
  • Precisely machined sharp YG8 tungsten carbide blade makes clean and accurate cuts on all types of wood with excellent resistance to heat
  • Hardened solid alloy steel main construction with powder coating finish for durability and longevity
  • Enclosed bearing roller for smooth and aligned operations
  • Premium 1/2 inch universal shank fits all models of routers
  • Perfect for edging, trimming, veining, and grooving in all woodworking projects for both professional carpenters and hobbyists

Premium Material & High-end Construction

Machined YG8 Tungsten construction combined with carbide-tipped blades is what you cannot and should not resist. They are meant to be heat resistant and long-lasting without losing sharpness a bit. All the Neiko router bits are precision-machined to produce accurate and precise cut and a perfect accessory set both for commercial and domestic use.

Wide Collection of Profile

The huge collection of bits this Neiko set comes with offers the best flexibility pretty crucial to try out a wide variety of woodworking profiles. This Neiko router bit set stands out here with this collection as they are really tough to come across. Moreover, the price claimed a huge pile of different unique profiles is just a steal.

You have flush trim, 25-degree, and 30-degree trimming at your disposal thanks to the ogee flute, classic clove, and beading bits. There are more bits to name in the line, but an excess of mentioning may vex you.

Performance and Durability

On top of the crucial factor -premium material and metal along with the high-end engineering- the best selling point is the powder coat finish not to avoid mentioning. Whereas the former two are responsible for the performance and durability, the later one takes both to a far high level. In addition to contributing to upgrade durability, this coating enables you to handle the most arduous and challenging task with ease. They are robust but still lightweight and maneuverable, adding to the performance skill.

Safely Store and Viability

As a veteran woodworking products manufacturer, Neiko takes care of both the technical and practical side in intensive consideration. The proof is the viability successfully implemented through machined construction so that users can use it efficiently at their will – heavy-weight industrial project handling & lightweight home use or weekend DIY jobs.

Eighty different bits are not something to keep organized without a planned storage case to stow the accessories safely inside. That is where the aluminum storage case to be most instrumental comes.


  • 80 different router bits -a huge collection of routing profile
  • Safe storage and comfort carry box
  • Super resistant to wear, tear, and heat
  • Commendably affordable
  • Wide variety of bearings
  • Safety storage ensured by the padded bit hole


  • Storage box too small to stow all 80 bits efficiently
  • 1-year warranty too short against many rival offers


It is quite a great selection of router bits for enthusiasts, experienced woodworkers, DIY warriors for the weekend, and novices who find carpentry as a career. I highly recommend this Neiko bit router bit set.

10. MLCS 8377 Router Bit Set

We are again on beginner bit set comprising 15 pieces of the router bit. If you are a starter and want to master the craft of carpentry, you can go for MLCS router bits offers. This bit I am talking about offers 15 types of bit capable of covering all the routing applications and profiles to the full. But if you want to avail more popular profiles, this brand has in their offer more sets comprising 30 and 66 bits. They are pretty good to satiate your maiden adventure and accomplish professional grandeur.

MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set
  • Quality, carbide-tipped bits
  • 15 different bits in set
  • Wood storage box Included
  • 1/2-inch shanks
  • Economical, all-purpose starter set


Yes, as is told already that these 15 bits comprise most popular profiles, you can conveniently work on a pretty wide range of projects. Versatility is ably seconded by the high-density material, and the carbide-tipped bits enjoy protection against wear and tear.

Truth be told, the MLCS 8377 15-piece router bit set goes very good even on professional projects when it is of plywood. But dealing hardwood projects will give the average result, and you need to sand and trim the edge after making the desired cut.

Performance and Durability

How does a bit perform and how long will it provide quality cutting edge are defined by the two factors – the material it is made of and the construction it is engineered by. So far, the material is concerned, MLCS 8377 router bit set is made of premium steel alloy, and bits are tipped with carbide.

These two, in this regard, guarantee high performance and longer-lasting. And the carbide-tipped bits don’t tend to get blunt fast. To go by the users’ feedback, careful handling, and proper maintenance can enable you to get astounding results from hardwood projects.

Ergonomy Design and Accessory

Router bits have to withstand high heat resulted from high torque cut. And to make it heat resistant, it gets heat treatment at the manufacturing level. In line with that, the ergonomy design it comes adorned with, and this is the reason MLCS 8377 router bits are popular with both the enthusiasts and professional veterans.

The Allen Wrench and bearing are the peripheral accessories that help you transform round bit into beading bits rapidly and easily.

Affordability and Aesthetic Storage

The wider profiles, excellent performance, and durability make the price a steal. Nevertheless, beautifully crafted and heavy-duty design adds to the aesthetics of the set on top of providing organized storage.


  • Excel as a starter kit but keep pace with commercial projects
  • A good bargain against above-the-stock performance
  • Premium quality material for longer routing lifecycle
  • Covers almost all the basic profiles pretty well
  • Heavy-duty and gorgeous wooden box for convenient storage


  • Bits are not labeled to recognize at sight
  • Sharpness wane fast but not a deal-breaker


The best bargain one can afford for a good start. But the commercial individual has many benefits to reap with the most frequently used sizes and types. I recommend it with a reservation for the blunting tendency. But beginners with simple projects will enjoy the best.

11. Freud 99-036 Tongue & Groove Bit Set

If you are after unique quality, peerless precision, and maximum cutting tenure in a router bit set, you have one of the best answers as Freud Router bits. These router bits are crafted with the utmost care, and the company assimilates the premium material, the most sophisticated and industry-grade manufacturing system to come out with these router bits wonder. Like all other offers, Freud 1-3/4″ adjustable router bits are singularly the best.

Freud 1-3/4
  • Adjustable at .002 inch increments for the stock thickness of 1/2" to 1-1/4" and groove widths of 7/32" to 3/8"
  • Opposing shear angles eliminate chipping and tear out on top and bottom surfaces
  • Cuts all composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods

Material and Manufacturing

Behind perfection and excellence of any tool lies two factors – unique and industry-leading manufacturing and the best material available. Freud has made a rare combination of these said two, and fruits are before us to savor. Having covered the details of the exceptional manufacturing process, the reference to the exclusive material is due.

TiCo Hi-Density carbide meets with non-sticky red Perma-SHIELD coating to provide the bit with the robust durability, outstanding heat resistance, and unmatched sharpness. Therefore, cutting edges and making patterns are sheer fun now, and you will stand out definitely at these Freud router bits set around you.

Revolutionary Design

What made Freud router bit precisely the best is the innovative designs. Yes, you have a good guess if you have sensed that I am talking about Freud-exclusive Double-grind and Quadra-cut designs. In line with that, the carbide size implemented in this set of router bits is .8 micron far lesser than the commonly used 1 micron. It does prove beyond doubt that Freud quadra cut router bits will stand intact and fresh against the rigorous wear and tear. So you can go longer and finer with this bit set under review.


On top of any basic routing task, Freud adjustable router bits are preferred to make perfect fit tongue and groove joints for respective projects. You can excel while working on a project like a Shaker-style cabinet door. Needless to mention that cutting any material is a breeze for these bits, and cutting through hardwoods, softwoods, and plywoods is fun now.


Adjustability, wide variety, and sophisticated engineering are what make a tool last and serve the best and longest. Therefore, lifetime warranty statement sounds like a repetition of the supreme quality of the product.

Why Freud stands higher than the rivals are its intensive care and alertness to make the end product for max cutting life, flawless finish, and individually balanced material between the body and shank.


  • Innovation and technological advancement stick out among the crowd
  • Adjustable Groove bit and tongue
  • Superior and all-encompassing applications
  • Robust warranty and durability with high performance
  • Maximum cutting life and flawless finish ditching sanding
  • Overall value and confident lifetime warranty
  • Easy to set up


  • Paints reported being chipped and groped up
  • Bits are either too small or too big


This set is something far beyond a good bargain. With that much in background (manufacturing) and upfront benefits, you should just grab it sooner. Not to ignore, the price is just STEAL.

12. ABN Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set

ABN – Auto Body Now – have earned their fame as a supreme quality car care supplier and auto body products provider and felt the need to land on woodworking care accessories manufacturing. Beyond doubt, they have been highly successful in doing so is evident from the router bit sets I will cover now.

A closer inspection of this set of ABN router bits has produced an impression in our expert team that they practical, built to last, easy to set up, and convenient to storable. Won’t all these factors suffice to go for it?

Yes? Then make the deal before you take action on my suggestion. Have a look at the detail.

ABN Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set
  • Practical: This ABN Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set - 24 Piece comes with all 1/4-inch round shank bits that will fit any 1/4-inch router shank
  • Durable Cutting Edge: Tungsten carbide cutting edge for sharp and precise cuts that can handle any RPM speed
  • Convenient Storage: Comes in a wooden storage case so your bits are easily accessed and organized


It is ahead of the competitors in two considerations – considerably wide collection and only one shank size ¼”. Whenever you have a wider collection of router bits, you don’t have to halt at dealing with the unseen-before and uncommon profile. The 24-piece bit set is a balance between a meager number of 15 & 13 and the confusing profusion of 80 or more other brands have.

Smaller shank size means you can handle subtle and precision cuts with ease while making bigger ones are not difficult to the least. That is where the ABN tungsten carbide router bit set has the edge over the rivals.

Built to Last and Excellent Performance

The high-quality material and industry-grade manufacturing process resulted in a set of woodworking precision tools that can accomplish loads of works retaining the maiden sharpness and for a longer period. Yes, all the ¼” shank bits are made from tungsten carbide. The premium carbide cutting edges are meant for sharp and precision cuts.

Fun Storage

Sleek looking outer exterior of the wooden storage case is duly combined with the easy access design and superb interior organization. The bits are locked in their respective caves with the identical image by their side, showing the profile of the cut they can create for you.

Easy to Handle and A feast of Contents

Easy for a starter to master the craft and great for the veteran commercial users. You will face no flying bits shrapnel or encounter ruined wood. And they are just fabulous while shifting RPM speeds.

Almost all the sizes and types of bits are just a feast to your eyes and boast you with the conviction of able handling of various projects.


  • A feast of 24-piece popular bits selection to deal commercial projects ably
  • The useful and beautifully-crafted wooden case adds to the aesthetics
  • Universal and practical ¼” shank for fun operation
  • Premium material – tungsten carbide- to handle any router
  • Allen wrench additional inclusion
  • Decent and unbeatable with the price range


  • Too much of hardwood handling may shorten the life cycle
  • Some suggest for occasional work, not for intense work


The ABN router bits are more than what you pay for and worth-making the bargain. Despite few downsides, not a deal-breaker at all.

13. FivePears Tungsten Carbide Router Bits

Like all the other router bit sets comprising the minimal number of bits but maximum quality, FivePears 12-piece router bit set will provide you the more with less. That apart, 12 different types of router bits are pretty enough to cover all the popular woodworking profiles.

Moreover, they are boosted by premium material and manufacturing. And the multi-function ability and wide applications have made the price sheer unbeatable. Therefore, to go with this FivePears bit collection means to go great both in DIY occasional activities and commercial heavy-weight woodworking activities.

FivePears Tungsten Carbide Router Bits - 12 Piece Router Bit Set with 1/2-Inch Shank for Doors,Tables,Shelves,Cabinets,DIY Woodwork
  • HIGH QUALITY: The router bit set (1/2" shank) is constructed with C3 hard tungsten steel and 45# carbon steel for durability.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL BIT SET : 12pcs/set (1/2" shank) included,different cutter types, work out a different effect. It is perfect for woodworking, edging, trimming, grooving, veining wood projects, and ideal for carpenters and hobbyists of all experience levels.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION: Suitable for chipboard, MDF board, hardwood, softwood, etc., and mainly used in router Table, kitchen, bathroom, cabinets, doors, shelves, DIY woodwork, and industrial carpenters

High-quality Construction & Material

A combination of C3 tough tungsten with 45# carbon steel has rendered the bits unbeatable durability. So you can go working for long and industry-grade construction will not let the bit go dull even after extended use.

Multifunctional and High-performance

When premium material meets with supreme engineering, it surely results in a giant performance. After all, the performance of tools and accessories are the most crucial of sought after feature. And all the bits in this set can raise the level of your novice effort to the industrial-quality performance. ½” shank size plays a significant role in this connection.

On its top, this is a bundle of various cutter types capable of delivering a huge range of functions. Say, woodworking, trimming, edging are common, and veining different wood projects will prove pretty ideal for carpenters. Not to exaggerate, the hobbyists can explore all the experience levels to master the woodworking craft.

Smooth Operation

Enclosed bearing and powder coating ensure the smooth operation translating the arduous woodworking into a fun job. The bits (coated with powder) always remain ready to work with optimum sharpness while the bearing roller included makes alignment as simple as a dreamless job.

Wide Applications and Easy Storage

You can handle virtually a host of applications, and to name the most common are chipboard, hardwood, MD board, and softwood. You can leave your routing mark on the most common uses like a table, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, doors, and shelves. Industrial carpenters or DIY woodworkers, anybody will find it to be the most widely useful.

Smart storage matters when your working tools are comprised of multiple tiny accessories not to put it together only rather keep them organized to the best. And the sturdy wooden case just stands up the mark and survive frequent movements and gap of loner inactivity.

Great Value

Providing value with their entire product line is the sole motive of FivePears, and the satisfaction is guaranteed with this set of bits. Moreover, the price is pretty nominal against huge value.


  • Durable and multi-functional
  • Meant for both DIY starter and commercial woodworker
  • Mouth-gaping wide applications
  • Easy and organized storage both for protection and convenience
  • List Price is a steal


  • No mentionable con other than a narrow collection against the trend


FivePears router bits are a nice, versatile, and high-quality set of bits at an unbeatable price. An extra layer of protection coated with powder and super comfort in the operation included with bearing roller.

14. KOWOOD Router Bits Sets

If you want to test woodworking profiles, which are the most common but never want to limit your craft on to the known ones, Kowood router bits may suit this woodworking passion.

Therefore, novice and master carpenter can both go for it. Whereas the commercial veterans will find it to be more than adept, the DIY warriors and starters will find it useful when mastering the craft and after becoming a master in the woodworking craft. The exceptional sturdy body and multi-functional versatility are available at a nominal price compared with the value offered.

KOWOOD 24X Router Bits Set
  • DURABLE STEEL BODY - Boasting alloy blade, balanced craftsmanship, and a solid hardened steel board these woodworking tools can withstand some heavy-duty use and the test of time. Their clever anti-kickback design ensures safe installation
  • USE OF SAFE - The 1/4 inch shank bits provide greater stability and less vibration during use
  • WIDELY APPLICATIONS - These tongue and groove router bit set is truly versatile for your extra convenience. Works great with woods, MDF, particleboard, plywood compact panel.

Sturdy Body and Unmatched Craftsmanship

I can, through the toughest challenge to any ordeal – either from long time use and heavy-weight woodworking projects. It is because of the sharp alloy blade and hardened rigid steel in due combination with super craftsmanship.

Therefore, a bonus is enough to support my admiration at the clever and practical design of the anti-kickback feature. It guarantees you a safe and smooth operation along with a secure installation.

Versatility and Wide Applications

The 24 pieces of bits backed by ¼” shank can reign over the field of woodworking projects and can accomplish challenging tasks with ease. ¼” as a shank size is a universal fit for any cut and router. To talk of its versatility at the peak, the mere mentioning of the tongue and groove router bits will suffice. They have made it an over-the-board offer.

Applications are pretty wide that includes working with woods, particleboard, MDF, and compact plywood panel. Kowood router bits work with anything but stone and metal.

Convenient Storage and Comfort Carry

When you are a pro woodworker, storage and portability matter most, and the sturdy wooden case with its organized interior is unbeatable. It also helps you to trace the desired bit at sight with the coordinating image put beside each bit. And the way the bits rest in their cave, they can survive shipping, movement, and even uncalled for jerks.

Safety Focused and Huge Value

As already mentioned about the anti-kickback design and the stable ¼” shank size, you should keep utterly convinced of its operational safety. Not to mention, these two factors will ensure less vibration and stable fitting, respectively.A quality product itself is a great value as it will help you greatly yield quality end products. But if it comes at an affordable price, you are something beyond satisfied.


  • Supreme combination of sturdy material, quality engineering, and smart design
  • A versatile and multi-application toolset
  • Super-easy store and comfortably portable
  • Can deal with any woodworking material but metal
  • Safety ensured commendably
  • Overtly affordable if not cheap


  • Cannot fit with electric drills and drill presses
  • Good but not great for professional


Perfect for masters to achieve art and for novices to learn the craft. It is full of value. You put it into the test for the preferred bit out of the huge selection. You cannot ignore the meager price statement.

15. Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set

Dremel, since its inception in 1932, has been a renowned name as a manufacturer of rotary tools and precision accessories. Today, it has become synonymous with innovation, utility, and durability.

That apart, if you do not wish to go by the big names, the Dremel router bits package offers you a sturdy bit body made of high-speed durable steel, extraordinary versatility, high-quality construction, user-friendly design, and smooth operation. I hope you never miss anything where brilliance and innovation meet to create a long-standing reputation.

Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set
  • Rout, edge, inlay, and mortise in wood
  • Constructed of high-speed steel
  • Reusable plastic storage case included
  • Ideal for a wide range of hobby, repair, and renovation jobs
  • Do not run in excess of 30,000 RPM

High-speed Steel and Quality Construction

These bits are ideal for any rotary tools because they can bravely withstand the impact of high RPM rotary tools. Check for the high-speed and durable steel as the worthy material that meets with the premium quality construction and innovative design.

This rare combination has resulted in a supreme performance level thanks to straight bits offering exceptional versatility. In line with that, the piloted edge bits enable you to create a personalized and detailed touch to the wooden frames, patterns, styles, and more.

Precision Cuts and Enduring Sharpness

The industry-grade construction resulted in such design to create fabulously precise cuts the very first time when joined with 335 Plunge Router and 231 Router/Shaper attachments. Thus you can go on working long at a stretch without encountering fatigue as it will act at command.

To your utter amusement, this combination is great for detailed work like building dollhouse furniture and sanding those, model train building, miniature building, and even planes.

Bits for a Wide Variety of Projects

It shouldn’t sound peculiar when I am saying a variety of projects handling with just a team of six bits. To back the claim, the 3/32″ piloted beading bit, ¼” core box bit, and above all, the ½” chamfer bit is an able combo for inlaying and mortising a wide range of materials including various types wood and plastic.

User-friendly Design and Smooth operation

They are reputed to be incredibly easy to work with. When installed properly into the rotary tool, Dremel 692 6-piece router bit set works excellent, and you can back out easily before tightening much. To add more, this easy insertion convenience provides ample shank for the collet or pitch to grab the bit in its place.

Careful and expert handling may inspire the max precision, and longer life cycle, and the most crucial suggestion in this regard is to ensure a stable working surface. A bit increase in the speed will vanish chattering sound, and a light touch will amount to get done the work fully by the tool without applying your arm strength.


  • Perfect for hobbyists, repairing, and renovations
  • High-quality construction and premium high-speed steel
  • Versatile accomplishments of routing, edge cuttings, inlaying, and mortising wood
  • Reusable plastic storage cage
  • User-friendly design, easy insertion, and smooth operation
  • Precise cuts at the first hit


  • Won’t run if and when run at over 30,000 RPM
  • Not that great for hardwoods


Dremel 692 is a hi-speed steel router bits set work like a charm if handled properly. And the price will not break your bank.

How To Buy The Best Router Bit Sets

Let’s be practical. Whenever you browse across the for best router bits, you will encounter piles of suggestions in the form of articles and videos talking of numerous router bits. Nearly everybody will promote the quality product, yet you should have the basic exposure to the crucial factors of the said tool so that you can reach the right one meant for your task and level of expertise.

Veteran woodworkers tend to increase their collection not with the aftermarket quality product, and a starter too should be choosy about the right set of tools to land on for learning the trade successfully.

Therefore, either a seasoned woodworker or a novice, you should be well aware of several essential points before making the final deal when you want the best router bits to have.

And what are they? Here you go:

1. Brand:

Yes, the best brand router bits are the ones to trust mostly on. Having said that, only the reputation and honest intention of the manufacturer will not suffice when the question is of making a perfect precision tool. They must have exposure to the customer’s need and the expertise to come out with an end product that will fully address the need meant for. And who but the reputed brands in the industry might have both the two. In line with that, four brands have loomed larger than others in this connection so long our research was on, and still, they remain the same. So the big names we can trust with are:

1.1. Freud: 

This is the most famous name to come to mind when you think of the best router bits brand as they have earned fame to be the best blades manufacturer. They are the most technologically advanced in this field.

To verify their reputation, they have introduced the Freud-exclusive micro-grain router bits – made from MicroGrain Carbide with Titanium, called TiCo™ – a rare combination of titanium and cobalt. The router bits offered by Freud provide with accurate cuts and maximum edge cutting life retaining the maiden sharpness.

1.2. MLCS: 

While Freud is the best brand of router bits for both the starter and master, MLCS is unique for the beginners. To be precise, on top of being a top-quality product featured with carbide tips, they are affordable what has made them irresistible for the fresher. Therefore, you cannot leave this brand unlisted while making the list of best router bit set brands.

1.3. CMT: 

CMT is another router bits brand you cannot ignore as they feature a comparatively longer cutting life, and they are made of high-quality material. And they claim a relatively high price for that.

1.4. Whiteside: 

This is another router bit manufacturer meant for the professional woodworker. And all the woodworking shop will have a set from this brand. They are popular for their wide applications, smooth operation, and excellent end work requiring no sanding.

2. Common Shank Sizes – 1/2-Inch Shank vs 1/4-Inch Shank:

These two are the most common and advisable shank size for woodworkers. ¼” size is considered to be the universal size as it fits most of the router and provides you with precision and accurate cuts. On the contrary, ½” is thought to be the most stable one to give you more control over the function while working.

But you will have routers compatible with both the sizes as they come with interchangeable collets and you can avail either opportunity. Professional woodworkers prefer that type of routers. Therefore, in our reviews, you will come across bit sets featuring either shank sizes.

3. Materials:

Material that your intended router is made of matters most as it determines the lifecycle, most crucial lifecycle, and performance. You have three different router bit material options to choose from. They are:

3.a. Carbide tip: 

Carbide is the most sought after material in this connection. The carbide tipped router bits feature the sharpest edge and can retain the sharpness for the longest period. That is why master carpenters dealing loads of work prefer this option to the other two competitors.

3.b. Solid carbide: 

Solid carbide router bits have been proved to be the sturdiest and most durable router bits in the market. They, too, are a preference of the commercial woodworkers handling heavy-duty tasks and bigger projects. Like carbide-tipped bits, they too can work on the hardwood but not on metals.

3.c. High-speed steel:

If you are planning for lighter, occasional, and recreational routing activities, you should go for the high-speed steel router bits or good cheap router bits. They are affordable and can well withstand the tasks mentioned. You can work with softer materials like softwood and plywood with that type of router bits, and they are deemed the best router bits for beginners.

4. Profile or shape of the Bits:

So far, profile and shapes are involved; they may be overwhelming in numbers as some set in our guide shows up. But there are 12 fundamental types, and if you can make proper use of them, you can create any shape or profile along the edge you are working on. See our Types of Router Bit part of the same article to have full knowledge of the said factor.

5. Price:

Yes, the cost of the toolset merits considerations. Quality router bits featuring premium material, construction, and warranty from a reputed brand will claim a higher price, but they compensate for the added money with services. And the affordable offers are what can buy you the sets meant for beginners for lighter or occasional use. But they can be a great aid to master the art. We have reviewed both the expensive and affordable router bit sets, but all of these are the best quality router bits.


Q-1: Who makes the best router bits?

As we have discussed in our buying guide, four brands are offering the best router bits in terms of material, engineering, and services. But if you want to narrow the list down to a lesser number, I will finalize Freud and Whiteside to be the ultimate for their innovation and experience.

Q-2: How to change the router bits on the router?

Just follow these seven easy steps. But collect wrenches beforehand.

  1. Unplug your router before starting the process of changing/replacing the bit
  2. Take off the current bit with the help of wrenches
  3. Put one wrench on the shaft
  4. Now pull out the bit from the shaft
  5. Place the collet inside the shaft
  6. Slide the target router bit though the opening till bottom out
  7. Pull the router bit up 1/8″

Q-3: Does it necessary to re-sharpening the router bits despite they made of carbide tips?

As is said that carbide tipped router bits have sharp edges, and the sharpness tends to stay longer. Therefore, re-sharpening, if need be, is a rarity, not a frequency.

Q-4: Can I use router bits in a drill?

The answer is a big NO. Compared to the router, a drill is not as powerful and as speedy as a router. Moreover, a drill creates downward pressure, whereas a router creates significant sideways pressure.

Q-5: Are router bit interchangeable?

It depends on the router. If it features interchangeable collet, you can interchange between the two router bit shank sizes – ½” & ¼”.

Final Thoughts

By the time you have landed on the concluding part of this long article, you know what you should do to find the right router bit matching your level of expertise and tasks. Therefore, it is no more a challenge for you to reach the best router bits even off this best router bits review.

We have presented a collection comprising of the industry-leading brands, affordable options, and some underdogs. We hope you will succeed in ending up with the quality, durability, and performance matching your woodworking requirements and stage.

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