9 Best Cordless Framing Nailers for Effortless Nailing in 2024

Are you tired of using corded nailers, dear framer? Do you want to feel free when driving nails? As a consequence, acquiring the best cordless framing nailer should be your ultimate goal.

Framing nailers have become an essential tool for both DIY enthusiasts and professional builders. A good cordless framing nailer can make your job faster and easier without the hassle of cords and air compressors.

The year 2024 is expected to bring exciting innovations in the cordless framing nailer space, with new models and upgrades from leading brands.

In this blog post, we will review the best cordless framing nailers of 2024, offering a comprehensive guide for those looking to upgrade their arsenal. As the market has been flooded with various models and brands, it can be hard to decide which one to choose, especially for those who are new to the industry.

Therefore, we have done the research for you, testing and reviewing the top cordless framing nailers on the market to give you the ultimate choice for your DIY or professional needs. We will look at factors such as power, weight, battery life, ease of use, and durability to help you make an informed decision.

What on earth are you waiting for, then? Check out the top 9 best cordless nail guns below if you’re motivated to go into the world of cordless technology.

You can also check out the Metabo HPT NR1890DR 18v Cordless Framing Nailer if you’re short on time. As per our experience, it is the best cordless framing nailer that you can rely on for your next projects.

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Why You Should Choose Cordless Framing Nailer?

Cordless nail guns have indeed created lots of hype in the field of framing nailers. However, if you plan to spend your hard-earned money on that, you must be cautious. So, please compare the pros and cons of cordless vs pneumatic framing nailers before eventually picking one.

Benefits of cordless framing nailers:

  • Cordless nail guns will give you wings to enjoy freedom, as there is no messy hose or noisy compressor around you.
  • The amazing balance provided by cordless nailers will allow you to work at various heights, such as on a roof, high wall, or ceiling. Furthermore, it gives you access to awkward angles.
  • While some research is required to choose the best cordless framing nailer, doing so will save you from the daunting task of choosing a pneumatic nailer and an air compressor.
  • A nail gun powered by batteries keeps you from making loud noises. Instead of the unpleasant whirring or clanking sound of a compressor, these types of nail guns just make a huss sound. Therefore, having neighbors close by will give you peace of mind.
  • Another big advantage of a cordless nail gun is that it needs much less maintenance compared to its pneumatic sibling. Oiling the instruments regularly, checking the hose to see whether it leaks air or not, and checking the air connectors are some common daily pneumatic maintenance tasks that you can avoid by choosing a cordless unit. However, you will need to charge the batteries regularly.
  • No more waiting from getting the box of the cordless nailer in hand and firing nails as it takes a short time to set up and take down.
  • Additionally, you will get commanding performance to fasten any hard or engineered wood, speed nailing, precision nailing, and safety features in modern cordless nailers.

Drawbacks Of Cordless Framing Nailers:

  • Even though it has several advantages compared to its pneumatic counterpart, adding it to your toolkit will cost you a bit more.
  • In addition to being expensive, it is also a little heavier and less resilient than pneumatic alternatives. Prolonged use can make you feel exhausted. However, modern fuel-plus-battery cordless nail guns are smaller than those with just batteries and can be a good choice for DIY projects.

It is true that pneumatic nail guns are less expensive, lighter, and more enduring than cordless nailers. However, cordless systems seem to be more user-friendly and convenient when you factor in the price of an air compressor and consider the tangling of cords.

Recent models, like the SENCO Airstrick or Metabo spring-drive cordless nailers, have demonstrated their ability to handle all types of framing projects that pneumatic nailers can handle.

I hope the above discussion helps you to conclude between a cordless and pneumatic framing nailer.

Maximize Your Efficiency: 9 Best Cordless Nailers Of 2024

Once you know the benefits of cordless nail guns, it’s time to pick the one that’s best for you. As a consequence, we’re trying to dig deeper into each of them up to 9 to give you a complete picture.

So, don’t switch. Stay tuned!

1. Best For Gas Powered – Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer

We nominate the Paslode 905600 as our number one cordless option for many reasons. Productivity and efficiency are the most significant factors among those. Paslode framing nailers utilize a fuel cell instead of an air compressor, which can generate the same amount of plunge as a pneumatic nailer.

With this super cool cordless device, you can produce 15% more power, which helps you sink nails into any LVL or engineered lumber flawlessly.

There was a myth that cordless framing nailers were more hefty than their pneumatic counterparts. Paslode cordless XP framing nailer proves it false. It weighs only 7.2 pounds, which is lighter than other cordless and even pneumatic nailers.

The Paslode 905600 is adaptive in various weather circumstances, so you won’t need to worry about it if you have one in your arsenal. Even at 14°F, where compressor hoses are freezing, you can still use them.

With Paslode’s industry-leading 7.2-volt lithium-ion battery, we can drive around 9000 nails after just one charge. You can lob 1200 nails thanks to the fuel cell. Hum! What do you think—could you finish the project in one sitting? I believe it is.

Additionally, with its ergonomic design, you can simply reach tight spaces. It’s an easy to see nosepiece that allows you precision nailing and makes toenailing a breeze. Tool-free slide-type depth adjustment is unique and comes with an adjustable rafter hook for job site convenience.


  • It is lightweight enough to allow you to work for a long time.
  • It is powerful enough to countersink nails into hardwood and other lumber.
  • Excellent alternatives to air tools.
  • Easy to control and rugged.
  • Using a single cartridge, you can drive up to 1200 nails with it.
  • Loading fuel cells and nail strips is a breeze.
  • We’ve not found any jamming issues during the test.
  • Made In USA


  • Fuel cells expel a stinky odor after every shot which is a bit irritating.
  • Consumables (fuel cartridges, nails) are a bit expensive.

Recommended Or Not, Why?

The Paslode XP cordless nailer’s driving force and speed are undeniable. For woodworking crews, home remodelers, or general contractors, it is a great option if the fuel cell switchover cost is not a concern.

So, if you decide you’re going to switch to the cordless, you definitely rely on the Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer without thinking a lot.

2. Best For Battery Powered – DEWALT 20V MAX XR Framing Nailer

If you think it’s costly and troublesome to change the gas cartridge, there’s no need to worry. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Framing Nailer comes with a brushless motor that helps you replace all those gas cartridges with its battery-operated flywheel technology. You can now dissect all the hoses, air compressors, and fuel cells at your project site or at home during fasting lumber.

Being the best battery powered nail gun, the Dewalt DCN692 offers you a dual-speed option. Therefore, you can optimize the motor for different nail lengths to perform a wide range of jobs.

Notably, It allows you to drive up to 3-1/2 inches of nails into any engineered lumber. It will also produce less noise than the Paslode cordless framing nailer while shooting nails, and it will take less time to fire the next one.

Besides the above, you will get a quick depth adjustment system, a secure jam-clearing mechanism, a no-mar tip to protect the working surface, and a dry fire lockout for extended tool life.

If you need more in-depth information, you could get it by reading our post on the Dewalt cordless framing nailer.

Dewalt DCN692B is a bare tool; if you want a complete package with battery and charger, you may also choose the Dewalt DCN692M1 20V MAX XR Dual Speed Framing Nailer Kit.


  • Rugged and flexible
  • Powerful and accurate
  • Swap battery between other Dewalt 20v tools
  • There’s no need to change gas cartridges
  • Oiling isn’t needed, which means less upkeep and hassle
  • The very insignificant jamming problem
  • Compact size fits in smaller space
  • Trigger lock-off ensures extra safety
  • Excellent warranty policy


  • You have to purchase the battery separately
  • A bit more massive than the Paslode 905600
  • Bump mode is not as fast as an air nail gun.

Recommended or Not, Why?

The dual-speed option of this Dewalt DCN692B nail gun enables you to manage any hard work easily with excellent reliability. Moreover, the brushless motor provides superior control during nailing as there is no voltage drop or frictional loss.

So, if you choose this versatile and efficient tool, I’m sure your hard-earned cash won’t go in vain.

3. Best Overall – Metabo HPT NR1890DR 18v Cordless Framing Nailer

The two best cordless nailers on the market were already covered. One of them, the Paslode 905600, enables you to do away with all the bulky compressors and unsightly connections without sacrificing the power you’ll be used to getting from air nailers.

With the second one (Dewalt DCN692), you can avoid purchasing fuel cells because it is totally battery-operated. As a result, it is effective and affordable to operate.

Yet, our experienced team members have uncovered another potent cordless nailer solution for you. Our next choice, the Metabo HPT NR1890DR, will absolutely astound you when compared to the first two.

This cordless nailer’s Air Spring Drive technology distinguishes it from other nailers in its class. The compressed air is trapped in a chamber by this method and is released soon after you pull the trigger. As a result, this cordless nail gun can function similarly to a pneumatic nailer. It also makes it easier to reduce retraction and maximize cycling to drive two nails per second.

As an added bonus, you can find a Brushless Motor in it that is used to run this spring drive mechanism. Consequently, a longer run time, an efficient drive, less maintenance, and extra longevity would be assured. In addition, the frictionless engine guarantees superior productivity for the effortless sinking of up to 3-1/2 inch nails in any engineered or solid lumber.

Although not the most powerful, an 18-volt 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery can drive 400 nails on each charge. It will also allow you to cut your operational costs by 25% because no fuel cells are required.

The Metabo HPT NR1890DR’s handle is soft rubber-coated and ergonomically built for comfort and ease. It also has an integrated operating panel with push-button knobs for switching from sequential to bump mode, checking the remaining battery power, and turning off or on the control.

Easy-depth drive adjustment, dry-fire lockout, and integrated pivoting hock, all assist you in getting precision nailing.

Not only does it ensure the highest comfort during nailing, but it also has a side lock trigger switch located on the handle, which provides added safety by preventing the chance of firing.


  • The same pneumatic performance with cordless freedom
  • Ideal for all framing applications
  • Quick in-and-out operation with minimum hassle
  • Zero ramp-up time
  • Can drive up to 2 nails per second and 400 nails per charge
  • Consistent nail flush and low recoil
  • Enhanced operational safety with the Sidelock system


  • There is no tool-free jam-clearing system (Though you will face jamming very infrequently)
  • Lack of hard carry case

Recommended Or Not, Why?

Metabo HPT NR1890DR 18V Cordless Framing Nailer is a unique blend of Japanese quality. Although we review it in 3rd place, it is genuinely the best cordless framing nailer and our number one choice. You can blindly hinge on this superior-quality cordless nailer.

4. Best Value For The Money – BOSTITCH 20V Framing Nailer Kit

Hey there, fellow rebuilders and contractors! Are you tired of wasting precious work time setting up your pneumatic nail guns every day? Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you! Stanley Bostitch has a game-changing solution – their cordless framing nailers.

Say goodbye to compressor pressure, hoses, daily cleaning, and oiling. With Stanley Bostitch, you can save a whopping 20 minutes of your workday! Trust us, your productivity will skyrocket with this innovative tool.

The Bostitch BCF30PTM1 cordless nail gun is designed with a battery-powered crazy brushless motor. As a result, you’ll get enough power from it to drive nails to do your framing or remodeling work without tangling with any cables.

Besides saving time, you could also ditch the expense of Fuel cells since you don’t have to spend any more money on buying them. Bostitch BCF30P1 is also equipped with a dual-speed engine like Dewalt DCN692, which makes it powerful enough to drive nails up to 3-1/2 inches long in any LVL or engineered lumber. The compact body size – just 13.37 inches in height – makes this tool ideal for working in tight corners as well.

It has a tool-free selector knob, which enables you to switch between a sequential and bump mode for precise and faster nailing. The stall release lever helps you reset the driver blade in case of a jam.

Further, it is fitted with all modern equipment, such as a tool-free depth adjustment system, an easy-going rafter hook and dry fire lockout, a rear loading magazine, and a No-Mar pad.

Most amazingly, the BOSTITCH 20V Framing Nailer comes with a full pack of a 20 volt Li-Ion Battery with a Charger in a beautiful carrying bag that helps you to fire nails right after unboxing.


  • No hose, no cartridge, 100% battery-powered
  • Save a significant amount of time and cost of operation
  • A longer runtime can drive 1200 nails per charge
  • Suitable for both clipped and round-headed nails
  • Easy to unjam with stall release lever
  • Convenient punch list tool


  • Occasionally, misfires occur; chances are 1:10
  • Ideal mostly for smaller projects

Recommended Or Not, Why?

In the Bostitch BCF30PTM1, you’ll get all the latest features, including a brushless, dual-speed engine for professional performance. In addition, it is sold by the manufacturer at a lower price range or only like other nailer kits on the market.

So, if the budget is your concern, it’s a winner, too, and you can certainly pick it.

5. Best For Professionals – Milwaukee 2745-21 M18 FUEL

The 2745-21 M18 Fuel 30-degree framing nailer is one of the newest members of the cordless framing nailer arena as well as the Milwaukee team, initiated just in June 2020. Taking advantage of its late arrival, it combines all the latest features of cordless nailers to make it the most suitable nailer for the future.

You will find the new nitrogen spring system, POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, and REDLINK™ Intelligence in it. These innovations help the Milwaukee 2745-21 M18 set a new standard for the users of a cordless framing nailer.

Its Nitrogen Air Spring Mechanism allows you to have the same driving force as the pneumatic nailers. However, you’re not going to have to waste your hard-earned money buying all those gas cartridges, as they are fully powered by the battery.

With a brushless motor and a strong Redlithium battery, you can drive 3 nails per second at zero ramp time. You can also drive between 500 and 700 nails per charge with a 5.0A battery. You will then save your precious working time and finish your everyday work without any battery disruption.

The Milwaukee M18 framing nailer is also equipped with a modern electronic power button and mode change switch. You can turn on or off your device or change the firing mode from single actuation to bump by just pressing a button, which gives you added safety.

Despite the above, you will get an ergonomic body design, tool-free depth change dial, dry-fire lockout system, onboard hex key storage, foldable rafter hook, and no-mar tip with it for convenient use all day.


  • Can deliver the same pneumatic power without using any hose or gas cartridge
  • Durable enough to sink nails into any engineered lumber
  • With zero ramp-up time, it can fire nails immediately after pulling the trigger
  • Convenient electric switch for change of fire mode
  • Compatible with both clipped-head and full-round offset-head nails
  • Required no maintenance and no spending on gas cartridges
  • It has a built-in LED to illuminate the work area


  • A little bulkier (almost 11 pounds with battery) than the pneumatic nailers
  • It uses more plastic than metal as a building material.

Recommended Or Not, Why?

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 30 Degree Framing Nailer is born to deliver the performance and strength needed by experienced framers or remodelers. Chris, Nathan, Nolan, Austin, and many other successful framers have already considered Milwaukee 7245-21 as their master tool for framing or remodeling.

So, what the heck are you waiting for? Grab it now.

6. Best Pneumatic Cordless Framing Nailer – SENCO F-35XP

If you’re already in love with a cordless nailer that’s entirely powered by a battery and that doesn’t have any cartridges, then hold on tight, and we’re going to bring up another best pneumatic cordless framing nailer in front of you.

Our next contender is the Senco F-35XP 3-1/2″ Cordless Pneumatic Framing Nailer. Senco has a glorious history in the field of nail guns and is the first of its kind to incorporate fusion technology into its F-35XP.

They integrate fusion technology, which means no air compressors or even fuel cells are needed to work with them. Instead, it sealed compressed nitrogen into the cylinder, which is repeatedly pressurized and repressurized and creates the necessary driving force without the need for any external air supply. As a consequence, you will not find any ramp-up in it like other flywheel-type nailers.

It is also equipped with a brushless motor powered by an 18v lithium-ion battery. Together, a self-contained compressed air cylinder and a brushless motor will create a powerful force, like a pneumatic one, to push nails through any solid lumber or even the hardest polymers.

It is therefore not exaggerated to say that the SENCO F35XP is designed to beat other big cordless brands like Milwaukee, Metabo, or Dewalt.

In addition to the above, it also comes with a solid design and robust construction, making it suitable for experienced framers and contractors. Featuring an aluminum 34° magazine for increased reliability, a dry fire lockout that prevents unnecessary tool wear, a distinct nosepiece for tight grip during toenail, a rubber tip to protect the surface from marring, smart jam reduction technology, and a depth change thumbwheel to easily change the depth of drive without the need for specialized hardware.

For uninterrupted productivity, the Senco 10G0001N cordless nailer comes with two 3.0A battery packs. With this, you can drive about 600 nails per charge, which is incredible.


  • Air-power fusion technology responds like a pneumatic nailer
  • Self-contained compressed air cylinder – no hose, compressor, or fuel cartridge;
  • Zero ramp-up time, aggressive firing
  • Smart jam reduction technology for fewer nail jams
  • Dry fire lock-out
  • Safety of aggressive toenail
  • Sturdily built rafter hook
  • Refillable port for air
  • On-board device and battery predictor lights
  • Includes two Li-ion 3.0A 18V batteries
  • 5.0A charger recharges the battery quickly


  • Remarkably heavier than its rivals
  • A bit of a high budget

Recommended Or Not, Why?

Thus, for those who argue that cordless nailers cannot produce the necessary driving force as pneumatic nailers, the Senco Cordless Framing Nailer F-35XP proves that they are wrong. Although it’s a little bulky, it’s because of its solid construction and does not cause any hindrance to nail your toughest materials.

Therefore, you can choose this beast to complete all of your remodeling, framing, or panelized construction without thinking twice.

7. Best 21 Degree Cordless Nailer – DEWALT DCN21PLB 20V Max

Well, man! We bring up another of the best cordless electric framing nailers from Dewalt, as we find a great difference between our previously tested Dewalt 20v framing nailer and the magazine angle. Dewalt is probably the first company to make such a transition while upgrading its model.

The Dewalt DCN21PLB 20V Max comes with a 21-degree magazine that is more widely used and readily accessible than other degree nailers. It is then great news to those who are used to this angle of nails. The other features of the DCN21PLB are almost identical to those of the Dewalt DCN692, though.

This 21-degree cordless nailer from Dewalt is completely battery-powered like the DCN692 and fitted with a dual-speed brushless motor optimized to drive a wide variety of fasteners for flexibility.

It also comes with tool-free settings for optimum user comfort, such as an actuation mode selector switch to shift from sequential to bump mode, a depth adjustment knob to change the drive depth without using any tools, and a stall release lever to reset the driver blade effortlessly.

You can drive 3¼ inch 0.148 dia. nails into any solid wood without much recoiling with it. The magazine of this beast is made of aluminum instead of plastic, which is a worthy up-gradation to give you added durability like pneumatic nailers. However, it can hold up to 49 nails instead of 55 of DCN692.

In addition to the above, its easy-access nose piece allows you to clear the jam quickly, and an adjustable rafter hook will ensure job site comfort. Therefore, the Dewalt DCN21PLB 20v max 21° plastic collated cordless framing nailer delivers the output expected by a pro framer or remodeler to get the job done.

When DCN21PLB offers the tool only, you will get the complete package including No-Mar Tip, Manual, DCB204 20V MAX Battery, DCB115 Charger, and Kit Bag in the Dewalt DCN21PLM1.


  • Well-balanced design
  • 21-degree magazine capable of holding up to 49 nails
  • Sturdy aluminum magazine with quick pusher latch
  • All easy-to-operate features
  • No costly fuel cells required
  • Longer battery life can drive up to 900 nails per charge
  • Tool-free knobs for trigger selection and depth adjustment
  • Dry-fire lockout for aggressive nailing


  • Seen no improvement in firing delay
  • Doesn’t work correctly in cold weather conditions

Recommended Or Not, Why?

You will find a range of worthwhile changes in the DEWALT DCN21PLB 20V MAX 21° Plastic Cordless Framing Nailer. The inclusion of the aluminum magazine without any major weight changes and a widely acceptable degree of angle is remarkable among them.

Most interestingly, you don’t have to pay any extra penny to have it because the rate is close to that of its predecessor. So, you can give this a try for your professional construction work without any hesitation.

8. Best For Portability and Performance – Paslode 900420 IMCT

If you want functionality, durability, and comfort zone confirmed to the fullest, the Paslode 900420 cordless IMCT framing nailer will be the perfect match. Why does it stand out compared to the rest? That’s what we’re about to find out.

The Paslode Cordless Framing Nailer comes with a unique internal combustion liner engine that allows you to drive 2 to 3-1/4 inch full and clipped-head nails consistently all the way. Its internal combustion system is similar to the automobile’s motor and is responsible for robust performance.

This handy 7.3-pound cordless nailer is easy to use and hold, as this high-performance machine helps you to stop noise and compressor hoses. Its sure grip, along with a soft trigger and a well-balanced build, make it very user-friendly.

With the Paslode 900420, you can fire 1200 nails in a single fuel cell and 4000 nails on a full battery charge. Not only does this give you heavy-duty performance, but its compact (12-inch front to end) size allows you to reach anywhere and everywhere.

Another essential feature you’ve found in this Paslode cordless nail gun is its dry fire lockout system. No more dry fire means no burn-off of fuel and added protection of wood or working surfaces. It also comes with a handy dual-position belt hanger. So you don’t have to lay the nailer on the battlefield or the top of the ladder, nor do you have to wedge it between the rafters.

To complete your project, this nailer comes with all the prerequisite accessories, such as a 6.0-volt battery, charger, belt hanger, durable plastic carrying case, safety goggles, a 5/32-inch hex wrench, and a manual.


  • Compact and lightweight tool
  • Exceptional power and performance
  • Can drive more nails per load
  • Fits between 16-inch on-center joists
  • High visibility magazine, no more dry fire
  • Convenient belt hanger
  • Long, narrow nose, suitable for toenailing


  • The depth of drive adjustment is not tool-free

Recommended Or Not, Why?

The Paslode IMCT framing nailer is incredibly well-built with a bunch of user-friendly features that help you get the job done smoothly. You’ll also get a great combination of fuel and battery systems, which gives you a creative, compact, lightweight tool to deliver exceptional power and performance to do your expected job.

It will therefore be the ideal fit for usual framing and remodeling projects, as well as high-volume industrial applications.

9. Best For Wire Weld Collation – BOSTITCH GF28WW

We’ve reached almost the end of our cordless framing nailer review and want to finish our venture by exploring a nailer that is the emblem of genius engineering and perfect balance.

Well, you guess what? It’s from the Stanley Bostitch family, a well-known brand in the field of power tools and framing nailers. It is known for its incredible quality and customer support.

It recently appeared with a gas-powered framing nailer to capture the trend of cordless. So, we decided to do our final review of the GF28WW Cordless Wire Weld Framing Nailer from Bostitch.

Out of the pack, the GF28WW is very similar in layout to the other “orange” brands, which we see and use widely, and it also arrives in a useful carrying case, battery, and other accessories.

Bostitch GF28WW gives you the utmost versatility and portability, along with the strength of a pneumatic nailer with no messy cords and a noisy compressor. It comes with a 7.2-volt 1.4Ah rechargeable Ni-Cd battery to generate a combustion spark. Combine that with the battery and fuel cell that can propel 2 to 3-1/2 inch nails to any engineered lumber effortlessly.

You can fire 1,200 nails with a single fuel container of this GF28W cordless nailer. The red fuel cells are easily replaceable and compatible with other brands such as Paslode, Senco, and Hitachi cartridges.

It also has built-in power-saving technology that prevents you from burning out battery power when leaving the device unattended for a long time.

The over-molded rubber grip handle of the Bostitch GF28WW is able to provide full comfort for all-day ventures. Moreover, the adjustable drive depth, the rafter hook, and the low nail lockout are all prepared to ensure the user’s comfort and optimal efficiency when fastening hard pines.


  • Flexible and easily moveable
  • Powerful alternatives to corded tools
  • The large magazine can hold 66 nails
  • Comfortable grip
  • Simple loading with bypass pusher
  • Sturdy ABS body
  • Compatible with weir weld strip suitable for job site toughness
  • Observe no jam


  • Often misfires
  • The battery is unable to hold a charge if not in use for a couple of days
  • The jam-clearing process is not tool-free

Recommended Or Not, Why?

The Bostitch GF28WW Cordless Wire Weld Framing Nailer is an incredible product that creates framing, fencing, trussing, decking, and sidewall sheathing to perform a variety of jobs. Like other brands, however, it also has some tiny challenges to overcome, but its 2-year warranty is prepared to cover you all the time. So, if you think cordless, you might check this out.

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Buying Guide [Cordless Framing Nail Gun]

There is a common perception that a cordless nailer is a DIY tool, but experts believe that it is straddling between the pro and the DIY. I also strongly agree with that. If you consider the efficiency, cost, and functionality of cordless tools, you will also find the reasonableness of this declaration.

Whether it is appropriate for professionals or DIYers, that’s a long discussion, and we’ll discuss it another day. If we analyze the latest market trends, we notice that cordless nailers are becoming more and more popular at work locations as they reduce the hazard of tripping over or tangling a cord or power source.

Cordless or gas-powered framers are increasing at a considerable pace, and they are likely to continue to rise in popularity until pneumatics are almost totally detached. Oh, hahaha!

So, before entering the cordless domain, you should know some basic things (if you’re new to the framer industry). For your assistance, we have prepared an in-depth buying guide on what you should consider and what you shouldn’t. Once you read it, I’m sure you could choose an awesome cordless framing nailer for your remodeling or framing work.

Although everyone knows what cordless is, we do not want to miss the chance to explain once again here.

What Is A Cordless Nailer And Its Types?

You will be amazed to know that the first cordless power tool was manufactured by Black & Decker in 1961 for NASA. The term cordless is commonly used for electrical or electronic appliances that are self-contained or battery-powered and can function without a cord or cable attached to an electrical outlet to provide mains power, enabling higher mobility.

A cordless nailer, therefore, stands for a self-driven tool that can run either by a battery, fuel cell, or combination without being connected to an air compressor or hoses.

Yes! Where pneumatic nail guns needed pressurized air to operate through the air hose and air compressor, cordless nailers provided the liberty of motion and unfettered hoe lengths or pressure packs.

We can describe cordless nailers in one of two ways: electric-driven, or fuel-driven.

Electric-Driven Cordless Nailer

The electric cordless nailer consists of a brushed or brushless motor running on battery power. This electric motor converts electrical energy into a mechanical force acting to drive nails.

Nowadays, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are used most commonly in battery-powered framing nailers, which have an excellent runtime, provide more power than previous versions, and recharge quickly. With a complete battery-powered cordless nailer, you could shoot 400 to 700 nails on a single charge and recharge the battery within an hour.

Of course, this is a limitation for electrically driven cordless nailers, but if you keep an extra battery, you don’t have to calculate downtime while working. You may check out the Dewalt 20v Max XR framing nailer for the best electric cordless nailer.

dewalt 20v max cordless framing nailer
Image Source: dewalt.com

Benefits Of Electric-Driven Cordless Nailer

  • No gas cartridges to deal with; only charge the battery
  • Operational costs are less than gas-powered
  • Less noisy and has no odd smell
  • A bigger pool of nails to choose from since this trend seems to continue

Drawbacks Of Electric-Driven Cordless Nailer

  • The battery drains quicker as it’s the only power source
  • The battery is a bit more massive (18–20 volts) and fat than a fuel-driven nailer

Fuel-Driven Cordless Nailer

Fuel-driven cordless nailers are the most common and widely used form. The working principle of a gas-powered nailer is similar to that of a pneumatic or air-powered nailer. It has a compressed chamber where the gas is disposed of from the fuel cell, and a small but powerful battery helps to ignite the combustion. This combustion drives a piston that shoots the nails.

This type of nailer is often much more potent than electric-driven cordless, but replacing the canister is a hassle and costly option for many. Among fuel-driven, battery powered cordless nailers, the Paslode 905600 is the best in all aspects.

Image Source: paslode.com.au

Benefits Of Fuel-Driven Cordless Nailer

  • Quick nail cycle rate. You don’t need to wait for a recharge for several seconds
  • Longer run time throughout the day
  • Could drive nails in all-weather conditions
  • Powerful and lighter than electric-driven one

Drawbacks Of Fuel-Driven Cordless Nailer

  • Lack of a system to eliminate the odd smell of the compressed gas
  • The refilling of the gas canisters is expensive and troublesome

Besides the above two types, we found another form: Spring Loaded Cordless Nailers driven by battery power.

It looks similar to a battery nailer, but instead of a flywheel, this electrical model uses a rotating electric motor that winds a powerful spring. When you press the trigger, the spring suddenly frees itself, creating the force needed to push the nail into the pine or lumber. Metabo HPT NR1890GR is one of the best examples in this category.

Why Is It Imperative To Choose The Right Cordless Nailer?

A cordless framing nailer or framing nail gun is a third-tier product based on buying needs. The hammer, spanner, driver, and saw are the first-tier tools that everyone buys to meet their daily needs. However, only professional framers purchase nail guns when they need to mallet nails on boards more than a hundred times in an hour, and DIYers buy them when some extra money is rattling around their pockets.

So, whatever the reason behind buying a framing nailer, if you fail to choose the right one, then you will be going to hell in your life. For example, if you need to drive a full round head nail as per state code, but your device doesn’t support it, think what a mess is going to happen next.

So, before choosing the best cordless nailer, ask the following question:

i. What Type Of Project Are You Dealing With?

If you are a pro user and think you will use the nailer heavily every day, then you should choose a robust, high-end model. On the other side, if you are a DIYer, you may select a nailer which is maneuverable and comfortable to use.

ii. How Much Are You Ready To Spend On It?

Again, if you are looking for a heavy-duty model with all possible features, you have to spend a bit more, or if you think to give the nail gun a try, go for an inexpensive model first.

iii. What Other Jobs Do You Plan To Do With It?

Do you have any other jobs in mind that would benefit from using a nailer? If so, consider what these might be to ensure that you purchase one that can work for a broader range of jobs.

Adjusting the depth of the nails, adjusting the firing methods, and having the ability to fire a more comprehensive range of pins are all considerations for this relevance.

Why Is It Imperative To Choose The Right Cordless Nailer
Credit: protoolreviews.com

Besides the above, to choose the appropriate tools more precisely, we recommend checking the below-mentioned features too.

What Should You Consider Before Buying The Best Cordless Nailer?

Although cordless is not as mainstream as air nailers, when you search, you’ll find an aisle of models. However, almost all cordless ones do the same basic tasks–fastening lumber or boards by driving nails, but they have many distinct features that distinguish them from each other.

For example, if you’re working on a building construction site and plan to shoot 1,200 nails a day in different lumber, then you need tools that have a tool-free depth adjustment system, a large magazine, and a long battery life.

Let’s scroll down to explore some of the top characteristics you need to look for when considering which cordless framing nailer to buy.


The budget is a fundamental part of any plan. Whenever we’re planning to do something new, we’re going to do it according to our budget to get maximum yield through minimum investment, which is also true for the acquisition of a cordless nail gun too.

If we’re planning to do something high-profile, then we should invest in a heavy-duty, high-end instrument.

On the other hand, if we just want to do occasional use, home projects, or use it in tiny doses every day, a reasonable cost unit will be ideal for that.

Power Source

What is the most critical factor in driving your nail gun? Admittedly, the energy to operate it. Since the cost of operation, maintenance, and, above all, the ability to flash nails in different materials depends mainly on the force, your device can generate.

Usually, there are two forms of energy used to drive a cordless nailer: battery and fuel cell.

Using a dual-speed brushless motor and a high-voltage battery (18 or 20 volts) makes the battery-powered nailer stronger than their previous mate and powerful enough to do any punch list work. It also charges quite quickly, lasts a long time, works quite silently, and is ideal for small, cramped spaces.

On the other hand, besides providing the convenience of cordless operation, gas-powered framing nailers deliver combustion power that is equal to that of air nailers. As a result, the flushing of any suggested size nails into any LVL is not a matter for gas-powered nailers, and you can handle any small or big projects with it.

However, you need to take additional care and maintenance compared to the battery-powered nailers and continuously check the charge of the battery along with the life of the fuel cell.

Trigger Size And Firing Modes

Think about your working condition, it’s cold outside, and you’re wearing gloves. In such a situation, if the trigger is not long enough, there is a chance that it will not be held safely and comfortably. So, you should check that the trigger is long enough and easy to maneuver.

Another crucial aspect is the mode of firing. You will need a sequential shooting model for accurate nailing, and you may need to bump actuation mode for quick completion of your project. So, check whether your cordless framing nailer will support both or not.

Adjustable Nail Depth

Who wants to see bulging nails after driving? No one here, Na! Adjustable depth of drive can save you from this kind of scenario as well as help you meet the building code. How! If you’re a dedicated framer, it’s evident that you’ve got to manage a range of products.

Each material has a distinct hardness. Based on hardness, you may need to adjust the depth of the drive to avoid protruding or sagging and get an ideal countersink.

Some cordless nailers come with an easy-to-adjust, tool-free knob or wheel, and others need to use a hex wrench to fix them.

So, which method do you prefer best, you have to choose before you make a choice. However, it is better to select a device that enables you to change between the depths of the nails without any winch.

Magazine Capacity

The magazine capability is essential in a way that it helps minimize downtime and speeds up job completion rates, especially for large projects. Typically, almost all cordless framing nailers come with a small magazine.

Though we need not worry much as loading nails is not a time-consuming and drudgery task, you could quickly reload your magazine. The good news is that one or two cordless nail guns still offer a bit of a large magazine. For example, the Bostitch GF28WW can hold 66 nails at a time.

Carry Case

It ostensibly seems that a carrying bag or case does not have any direct impact on the quality of the instrument. However, proper storage and secure transportation are critical factors for the longevity and smooth operation of every device.

According to our product reviews, we have found that some cordless nail guns come in a hard plastic case, some are packed in a bag, and others have no such thing.

So, if your chosen nail gun already has a hard-plastic or soft-leather bag, that is well and good. Otherwise, it’s better to grab a case individually or select the tools that already offer it.

Clearing Jams

You’re using a framing nailer, and you’re not facing any jams, which is not possible in the real world. However, the frequency of jams depends on the build quality of the nailer. We want you to be alert about the jam-clearing process offered by your selected cordless framing nail gun. Some of the devices come with a simple single-click button to clear the jam, and some need to open the latch using tools.

Since jammed nails interrupted the flow of construction and reduced yield, it is vital to pick a machine that does not give a jam as well as offers a simple, just a click on the switch jam clearing mechanism.

Design And Ergonomics

In this section, we mainly talk about the dimension, weight, and maneuverability of the tools. Usually, cordless framing nail guns are compact compared to their pneumatic buddies, which allows you to work in tight corners and makes them easy to maneuver. You can also transport your cordless nailers from one project to another without any hassle, as you have not tangled a husky compressor and hoses. So, no need to worry about this part.

The concerning part is that most electric nailers are a bit weighty. The battery could be the reason. However, an ergonomically designed cordless framing nailer allows you to drive nails all day with little or no discomfort by preventing hand cramping or muscle tiredness.

So, check the ergonomics carefully before selecting your device.

Features And Extras

Besides the above-mentioned characteristics, there are several other items to look at as well. For instance, they have a rafter hook for hanging your tool with a joist when not in use or when you need both hands free during the ride on a ladder. Dry fire lockout, low nail window, air filter, easy-to-load magazine, fuel cell, battery, no-mar tip, and package including safety goggles and gloves are some other features you may consider too.


A guarantee on any tool is an asset that gives you peace of mind. If you use and maintain your devices properly, there’s little chance of having trouble, and you’re going to have long-lasting performance. However, if you face any dispute related to the manufacturer’s imperfections, you will be covered by the warranty.

Performance Comparison Of Top 5 Cordless Framing Nailer Brands

We created the following table for you to show all the essential features of the top five brands and models of cordless on the market at a glance. I hope it will assist you to draw your final decision.

FeaturesMetabo HPT NR1890DRDewalt DCN692BPaslode 905600Bostitch GF28WWMILWAUKEE 2745-21
Battery Power & Type18-volt 3.0Ah Li-ion20-volt Max 4.0 Ah Li-ion7.2-volt Li-ion7.2-volt 1.4 Ah NiCd18-volt 5.0Ah REDLITHIUM
Battery Life400 nails/charge700 nails/charge9000 nails/charge700 nails/charge
Fuel Cell Life1200 nails/cell1200 nails/cell
Weight10.8 lbs.9.2 lbs.7.2 lbs.8.3 lbs.9.6 lbs.
Firing ModeSequential + BumpSequential + BumpSequentialSequential + BumpSequential + Bump
Top nail size3.5 in.3.5 in.3.25 in.3.5 in.3.5 in.
Magazine Capacity37 nails55 nails42 nails50 nails51 nails
Depth AdjustmentWrenchTool-free (Dial)Tool-free (Slide)WrenchTool-free
Performance in cold weatherInstant FiringDelay FiringInstant FiringDelay FiringZero ramp-up time
Tool-free Jam ClearingNoYesNoNoNo
Sound Level98dB/snap91dB/mechanical low sound 96dB/harsh snap97dB/snap loud
Carry CaseBagNoHard PlasticHard PlasticPaper Box
PriceCheck on Amazon or Acme ToolsCheck on Amazon or Acme ToolsCheck on Amazon or Acme ToolsCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon or Acme Tools

From the above comparison table, we can say that Paslode 905600 passed all the parameters successfully: lightweight, durable, and suitable for all weather conditions. We also found it compelling enough to sink nails into all kinds of lumber without bulging or sagging. However, replenishing fuel cells is a bit expensive, and it could not drive more than 3.25-inch nails.

Among the fully battery powered cordless framing nailers, we found the Dewalt DCN692B to be the best. Though it delays firing in cold weather conditions, once it starts, it can only drive nails and nothing else.

The other three brands (Metabo, Bostitch, and Makita) also have lower performance than the two items (Paslode and Dewalt). They all have unique traits that cannot be beaten by each other. So, make your decision based on your intent and budget.

How to use a cordless framing nailer?

Frequently Asked Questions: The Best Cordless Framing Nailer

Which is more popular: cordless framing nailer or pneumatic?

Let’s look at a comparison of cordless and pneumatic framing nailers to see which one is more popular today.

Cordless Framing Nailers:

Cordless framing nailers gained popularity due to their convenience and portability. They eliminate the need for air compressors and hoses, allowing users to move freely around job sites without being tethered to a power source.

This convenience made them particularly attractive for construction professionals working in areas where power outlets or air compressors were not easily accessible.

Benefits of Cordless Framing Nailers:

  • Portability: Cordless nailers are highly portable and versatile, making them suitable for various job sites.
  • Reduced Setup Time: Without the need for air compressors and hoses, setup time is significantly reduced.
  • Flexibility: Cordless models are more adaptable in tight spaces and remote locations.

Pneumatic Framing Nailers:

Pneumatic framing nailers, which require an air compressor to operate, have been a staple in construction for many years. They offer consistent power and are known for their durability and reliability. However, they are less mobile due to the need for an air compressor and hoses.

Benefits of Pneumatic Framing Nailers:

  • Power: Pneumatic nailers offer consistent and high-powered performance.
  • Durability: These nailers are known for their longevity and ability to handle heavy-duty tasks.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Pneumatic nailers are often more affordable than their cordless counterparts.

Market Trending:
We saw a notable shift in the market towards cordless tools in various industries, including construction. This shift was driven by advancements in battery technology, leading to longer runtime and more power in cordless tools. Cordless framing nailers gained traction as professionals sought the freedom to work in remote or challenging locations without being constrained by cords or hoses.

However, pneumatic framing nailers still maintained a significant presence, especially among established professionals who were accustomed to their reliability and power. The choice between cordless and pneumatic nailers often depended on the specific needs of the project, the user’s preferences, and budget considerations.

As a result, the decision between a cordless or pneumatic framing nailer was primarily based on personal preference and the project at hand.

How to adjust nailing depth? Why it is essential?

Adjusting the nailing depth is a crucial feature of every nail gun to guarantee that every nail penetrates to the same extent. If all the pins are not countersunk the same way, you have to use the hammer to complete the work. Otherwise, it will generate eye sores and also weaken your structure.

While adjusting the depth, be sure that the instrument is always firmly attached to the working surface. In the case of nails are pushed too deep or shallow into the chamfer, you can adjust the depth of the nailing in the following order –

  1. First, remove the fuel cell and the battery from the tool.
  2. If nails sink too deep, move the contact arm forward. If nails are driven too shallow, shift the contact arm backward. In the case of a wheel adjustment system, rotate the wheel clockwise to lessen the depth and anti-clockwise for deeper.
  3. Stop moving the contact arm/wheel when a suitable position is reached for a nailing test.
  4. Reconnect the fuel cell and the battery to the tool. “ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION GOGGLES.” Perform a nailing test on rough lumbers.
  5. Follow the same procedure until the drive depth is correct, testing after each adjustment.

See Also:

For what purposes could I use a cordless framing nailer?

Some cordless nailers on the market have the same performance as pneumatic nailers, and you could use them for many purposes, such as framing, siding, fence construction, sheathing, remodeling, and other important carpentry work. It will accommodate nails up to 3½ inches to join 2x4s of engineered wood or LVL.

How do you clean a gas framing nailer? Is it simple or hard?

No matter how expensive or cheap tools you buy, if you don’t maintain them properly, they might not work as always. So, if you focus on looking after your devices, they’re going to look after you. Here, we briefly describe how we could easily and quickly clean a gas-framing nailer.

  • First, remove the battery, fuel cartridge, and leftover nails. Carefully read the instruction manual that might be supplied with your instrument.
  • Open the head cover by removing the bolts (usually four in number but may vary depending on the model). You will find a filter after opening the head cover. Clean the screen using the supplied cleaning spray or brake cleaner (Which works out cheaper)
  • Clean it with a cat hair-free cloth or blow it through with compressed air.
  • Next, you need to unplug the cables from the fan engine and the spark plug, which provides you access to the cylinder head assy. Before doing so, thoroughly inspect the manuals provided, as this may need to rotate slightly before removal. Be very cautious not to harm the very sensitive fan blade.
  • Spray the cylinder head softly with a cleaner and remove specks of dirt and debris with either a lint-free cloth or compressed air.
  • Afterward, move on to the main cylinder and piston driver assembly. Push the piston driver to the base of the cylinder so you can again freely apply the cleaning fluid to all the visible areas. Remove debris and carbon deposits with a lint-free clean & dry cloth. Repeat this job several times to remove all stubborn carbon deposits and debris. After that, apply a drop of oil lubricant around the cylinder wall and then manually move the piston driver up and down to distribute the oil evenly.
  • Apply lubricant to O-Ring, if any, by using your fingers to distribute evenly and then re-erect all cords to ensure that all electrical wires are correctly connected.
  • After cleaning and re-assembly the device, you should run a test drive. During that, you may find a little smoke – don’t worry this is perfectly normal but consult the manufacturer if this persists.

Although it’s a bit time-consuming, it’s beneficial for your gas nailer’s longevity, and you’re sure to be able to eliminate many problems by going through this process regularly.

Cordless Nailer Wrap Up

Thank you for reading our best cordless Nailer reviews with at most endurance. We have tried to show the top-rated nailers on the market throughout our studies; each has different characteristics and is useful to professional and weekend warriors alike.

You can use the Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer if you want to enjoy power like a pneumatic nailer, or if you’re going to avoid fuel cell costs and enjoy complete freedom, then you can choose the DEWALT 20V MAX XR Framing Nailer.

Cordless nailers are gradually holding their space over pneumatic nailers. But I don’t believe that one can replace another completely, as each has distinct usability. When you need extreme movement and work in tight corners, cordless comes in handy.

However, if you need to work in tough construction segments, you might think about pneumatics. We also have detailed reviews and buying guides on the best pneumatic nailers that can help you.

Finally, we hope that our reviews and buying guide will help you sort out your device quickly and efficiently, depending on your needs.

Take care and happy nailing.

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