Best Wood Routers 2023: Top Picks for Precision and Power

As a woodworking professional, obviously, you would want to see your routing work seamlessly done. Imagine, your clients pat your back and say, ‘Good Job!’ with a smile on their faces. However, things can turn you down if you don’t have the best wood routers. Despite your experience, sometimes you just don’t make all those amazing cuts and grooves.

After you’re done with your ‘artwork’, you feel the shock as you see the cracks and pointy edges. You pull your hair and say, ‘What have I done?’ The next thing you know, your clients are gone.

Save your nightmares, mate. I’m going to make sure you can take your routing job to pinnacle with the hot-running routers in the marketplace. It’s time to take a walk.

best wood router for beginner
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Why Do I Need A Wood Router?

Are you amazed to see different fantastic wood carvings, cabinetry, dado, or dovetail joint? But, you know, the skill of routing wood or plastic materials is work behind all that fancy works.

And to improve routing skills, people have been using different power tools since 1915, when the first handheld power router was invented by “Onsrud.” Although the popular form of power routers started to use after the 1960s.

From the above discussion, it is clear that the wood router is undoubtedly a specialized woodworking tool, and is essential for any craftsman, newbie to pro. It is essential in a sense to bring precision to work and make the cutting, shaping, and grooving job super easy. However, the weekend warriors would not find any efficacy of this tool until they appear to build something where a certain level of precision is needed.

If you have prior experience of using a router, obviously a woodworking router, not Wi-Fi, ha-ha, you may realize that it is a power hand tool that consists of a variable speed motor that drives a spindle at very high speeds. The critical part of this device is the bit that is attached to the spindle and used to hollow out or remove a particular area of wood, plastic, or metal.

Nevertheless, making hollows is not the only thing a router can do. Thanks to a series of router bits and adapters, this tool can create different shapes, curved sides, beveled frames, raised doors, profile edges, trim wood, drill holes, cut joints, and much more.

So, without any doubt, a wood router is a powerful and versatile tool that can make your cutting, shaping, and finishing work easier.

Therefore, you’re a professional – who wants to earn maximum satisfaction from clients through delivering the best piece of work or a beginner – who wants to grow a career in woodworking – a wood router is a must-have equipment for all.

Why Do I Need A Wood Router

Unlocking Woodworking Excellence: The Top 10 Best Wood Routers

Below are the top wood routers people are craving for. They’ve got all the jaw-dropping features with amazing aesthetics. Give this review a read and choose the one that suits you.

1. Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit

Take your woodworking to new heights with Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router. While the typical ones are nothing but mere disappointments, this one churns out amazing performance and features that will boggle your mind.

Best Overall
Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit
9.4/10Our Score


  • The 2.25 HP/12 Amp speed lets you perform routing work like a breeze.
  • The motor offers you 8000 to 25,000 RPM of the speed range.
  • You get to perform a versatile amount of woodworking jobs with this router.
  • Constant Response Circuitry lets you maintain a constant speed.
  • The pure aluminum construction makes it strong and durable to last for years.


  • The router has got sharp edges that might cut your hands.
  • Though it is tool-free, occasionally it becomes difficult to change the plunge base.

Performance And Technical Issues Of Bosch 1617EVSPK


Typical junks in the marketplace tend to lose it when it comes to speed. As a result, you never get to experience the comfort zone that you should get to work with accuracy.

Bosch 1617EVSPK boasts an impressive 8000 to 25,000 RPM of the speed range. Use the variable speed dial to switch between the speed range and set the optimal speed you need. Work with it for hours, the motor won’t get jammed even if you take the speed to the max.

The power-hungry motor of the Bosch wood router comes with 2.25 HP/12 Amp of speed to give you jaw-dropping performance. It doesn’t matter what you throw at it, the wood router will take care of everything.

Plunging, slot cutting, trimming the laminates, dovetail cutting, you name it, this kit offers you versatility like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. So, the next time you ask why woodworking professionals widely use it, you need to think about these features.

Also, let’s not forget about the Constant Response Circuitry that helps you maintain a constant speed as you make different cuts and grooves. Now, this feature of the Bosch 1617EVSPK really enables you to bring accuracy though. As you take your speed to a constant level, there are no ups and downs in the speed range. You get to use it as you want.

For which, your router focuses on the routing job, allowing you to achieve more accurate results than ever. Besides, compared to other routers in the marketplace, you’re getting less torque on the start-up. So, you get a smoother transition like a breeze.

Advanced Fixed And Plunge Base System

In addition to constant response circuitry, the Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router also enables accurate and quick bit depth adjustment. Sure, sure! The Microfine bit depth adjustment feature on both bases (fixed and plunged) of this device has a scale of 1 inch to accurate 1/64 inches.

Both bases are also guided by the Bosch Precision Centering System, which allows the bit to be centered with a subbase or template guides (optional). This makes it simpler than ever to keep the bit on the targeted cutting line when using guiding devices such as jigs, templates, or dovetail fixtures.


Not just wood routers, durability is a must for everything, and I know you crave for it. Don’t worry. I won’t suggest something to you that makes your life a bummer. I mean come on, most routers die within a year and you must get a new one. IT’S SUCH A DRAG!

Bosch Router 1617EVSPK is durable enough to survive all the beatings like a pro. The bases and motor housing you’re getting from this beast made of pure aluminum……PURE ALUMINUM, get it?

To take the durability on its peak the wood router is dust-sealed which will also work as a shield against dust so that it maintains its shine for years. To make sure you can keep all your components safe and protected, there’s also a rugged carrying case.

It’s all about the durability in a complete package.WAIT! I’m not done yet. MORE FEATURES? Yep, it’s just that good.

User Comfort

If you’re wondering why I’m not talking about user-comfort, here’s the part. Bosch wood router is all about maintaining your comfort zone. It’s light in weight, so lifting it won’t be much of a problem. To maximize user control, it has got rounded hardwood handles. Plus, the soft grips let you hold the wood router firmly.

Not the end, it also allows you to change between bases without wasting time. Sure! The Bosch Router 1617EVSPK simple clamp system takes just seconds to shift the engine between the bases and does not require any tools.


Q1. Is this router compatible with the Bosch router table?

Yes, it is. You’ll be able to mount this router with the Bosche router table very easily.

Q2. Does this work with metal?

This one works with wood only. I wouldn’t take the risk of using it for metals if I were you.

Q3. Does it have any warranty offer?

Of course, the manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and one-year service protection plan. However, for more details concerning the warranty, you may contact with your seller.


Finally, Bosch 1617EVSPK is a very comfortable router to work with. It blends in perfectly with your taste while you can dominate the timbers all by yourself.

2. DEWALT Fixed Base/Plunge Router Kit

Routing your wood is not an easy job. When it comes to woodworking, you must make sure you got all the tools right. If you say, ‘durability and functionality, the name DEWALT will always pop in mind. This time, this woodworking giant brings you DEWALT Fixed Base/Plunge Router Kit.

1st Runner Up
DEWALT Router Fixed/Plunge Base Kit
9.4/10Our Score


  • You’re getting mind-blowing speed with 1.25 HP motor. 
  • The RPM range you’re getting is 16000 to 27000.
  • Pure aluminum body makes sure you get the ultimate durability.
  • With its plunge base platform, you’re getting all the stability you need.


  • No LED lights.

Performance And Technical Issues Of Dewalt Router DWP611PK


I wouldn’t want you to carry on your routing-job like a slowpoke, neither do you. For fast work with accurate cuts, DEWALT Router DWP611PK is the perfect catalyst for you. It comes with 1.25 HP motor that gives you amazing speed ranging from 16000 to 27000 RPM, making it one of the best rated wood routers out there in the marketplace.

Besides, you can transition the motor as fast as a snap as you make your way through the plunge and fixed bases.


Of course, you want your product to be durable, don’t you? I mean, you can’t just run after a new product every once in a while, can you? To make sure you can save yourself a hassle, get your hands on DEWALT DWP611PK wood router with your eyes closed.

The whole body along with the motor housing and the base is made of pure aluminum. As a result, you get to use it for a long time. No matter how much tough conditions it goes through, this wooden router survives like a one-man army.

User Comfort

I don’t know about your experience with the wood router you’re using right now. But if it doesn’t guarantee you the ultimate user comfort, it needs to go right away. Get your hands on this DEWALT router plunge as it churns out everything you need to get your convenience right.

The plunge base platform it comes with is pretty large in shape which allows you to experience added stability.

FAQ On Dewalt Router DWP611PK

Q1. Can I run this router on 220 to 240-volt power?

No, it requires only 110v.

Q2. Is there any warranty offered with this wood router?

Of course. Dewalt DWP611PK comes up with the industry’s best three years of warranty. However, you have to contact your seller or for the details.

Q3. Is it lightweight?

Yes! Its weight 4.6 pounds for the fixed base and 6.2 pounds for the plunge base. You can easily maneuver it to make all those amazing cuts and grooves.


Dewalt Fixed base plunge router is probably one of the most durable routers you’ll ever see in your woodworking profession. If you want something that comes at an affordable price, yet has got all the functionality, this router is the perfect bet.

3. DEWALT DW618PK Router Fixed/Plunge Base Combo Kit

Fell in love with the routers from Dewalt? I don’t blame you. The brand is this good that you can’t just ignore what it offers you. Well, if you want to look for another different model, here’s the DeWalt DW618PK Fixed/Plunge base router for you. Why does it stand out? Well, let’s find out.

2nd Runner Up
DEWALT Router Fixed/Plunge Base Kit, (DW618PK)
9.4/10Our Score


  • The ¼ inch and ½ inch collets give you improved versatility.
  • It helps you make all the cuts and grooves with increased accuracy. 
  • The LEXAN sub-base ensures the enhanced durability of the product.
  • Comfortable rubber over-molded handles let you experience easy maneuverability and flexibility.
  • Low center-of-gravity allows you to experience improved control and balance.


  • The depth adjustment on the plunge base is a bit difficult to set.

Performance And Technical Issues Of Dewalt DW618PK Router


When it comes to power and speed Dewalt DW618 plunge router offers you mind-boggling results that most routers fail to give you. The variable 2-1/4 HP, 12-amp electric motor allows you to route smoothly and perfectly. It doesn’t matter how hard of a wood you’re dealing with, with Dewalt in your hands, you can route through the toughest woods available.

To improve the versatility, it has got ¼ inch and ½ inch collets that give you everything you need.

Making accurate plunge strokes is hard. However, it’s not a tough thing when you have the best wood router tool. The mainstream routers will disappoint you, but with the Dewalt DW618K, you can taste the difference.

Thanks to the precision-machined brass bushings that team up with case-hardened steel guide rods. To make your routing job easy, smooth, and accurate, these features function as the perfect catalysts.


As for durability, you can rely on this router for years with your eyes closed. It’s hands down, one of the best woodwork routers when it comes to surviving all the beatings. The clear LEXAN sub-base ensures that you get to experience the amazing base durability.

Dust can become your archenemy if you can’t get rid of it. Too much dust can cause wear and tear on your router. To make sure your router stays safe from dust, it comes with a dust-sealed switch that protects the device from dust 24/7. As a result, your router survives for years to come.

User Comfort

DEWALT is all about user comfort. Each of its bases has got comfortable rubber over-molded handles that give you easy maneuverability and flexibility. As the center of gravity is pretty low, it gives you improved control and balance. In addition, you get to reduce your fatigue as well.

Besides the above features, it also comes up with an adjustable, tool-free, steel motor cam lock, which makes depth adjustment breeze with solid locking. It will take a moment to change the base and remove of bit from the motor pack due to its Quick-Release motor latches.


When you compare DEWALT DW618PK vs DW611PK, you find that the engine of DW618PK is more powerful-2.25 HP/12 Amps and has a wide range of speeds. Where the collet of the DW611PK only supports 1/4 inch bit, the DW618PK offers you two alternatives of 1/2 and 1/4 inches.

Therefore, in terms of design, we can assume that DW618 is a midsize router, and DW611 is a compact one. Nonetheless, both versions are incredibly efficient and have all the essential features. Based on your criteria, you just have to choose the right one for you.

FAQ On Dewalt DW618PK Router

Q1. Can I use mount this router under a table?

Sure, customers have been using under the table upside-down with no issues at all.

Q2. Does this model have a soft-start feature?

Yes, it does. As you turn the router on, it won’t make all those irritating noises.

Q3. What’s the centering tool used for?

You can use it in the center of the base place. It is there so that you can have the base plate centered below the router perfectly.


Dewalt has been one of the best brands perfect for offering you distinct woodworking tools. Obviously, you can try this out with your eyes closed as it has never let the customers down when it comes to brand loyalty.

4. Porter-Cable 690lr 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router

Take your woodworking job into new heights with a Porter-Cable Router that comes with robust performance and accuracy. Presenting the 690LR that churns out everything you desire. You may have been getting all the disappointments from other routers, but this one surely will make you go WOW.

Best Choice
PORTER-CABLE Router, Fixed Base, 11-Amp (690LR)
9.4/10Our Score


  • The 11-AMP motor gives you mind-boggling power.
  • You’re getting 27,500 revolutions per minute from its motor.
  • To confirm the durability, it has got aluminum housing and base.
  • The dust-sealed switch saves the router from getting all dusty.
  • To save your router from all the tears and wear, it has got a ball-bearing construction.


  • It comes with no case.

Performance And Technical Issues Of Porter Cable Router 690LR


Power is all you want, and you’ve got it with Porter Cable 690lr router. It has got an 11-AMP motor that produces 1-3/4 peak horsepower that takes care of a versatile amount of job in one go.

If you want consistency along with steady performance, I don’t know much of a good alternative than this beast. With the cam-lock lever it boasts, you’ll be able to adjust the height easily with a simple coarse.

To take the performance into its peak, Porter-Cable 690lr 11-amp fixed-base router boasts a fixed-base motor that gives you 27,500 revolutions per minute. Cool, right?


When you say, ‘Porter Cable’, obviously I’ll say ‘heavy-duty’. Well, at least this is what comes to my mind right now. I’ve got good reasons though.

This high-rigged wood router has got aluminum motor housing with an aluminum base. It really doesn’t matter what it goes through, this one can survive all the toughest situations like a walk in the park. To stand out completely compared to other routers in the marketplace, this one didn’t fail to offer you the dust-sealed switch.

With this feature around, you can say all your worries goodbye as you work as you please. Because no matter what, you’re not getting dust on your router even for a second.

Let’s not skip the ball-bearing construction that saves your router from all types of tears and wears even if you work on a busy job site or hardworking shop.

User Comfort

So, you’ve got all the durability and functionality covered. You must be worried about whether it gives you the ease and comfort you want. Well, if comfort is your key-concern, this router from Porter-Cable is probably the best woodworking router to buy.

It has got an auto-release collet that allows you to remove all the bits easily. Wave off those days when the motor used to rotate out of its base inadvertently as the under-table has got you covered.

As you hold the router and carry on your work, there’s no chance it will slip out of your grip. The ergonomic molded grips are there to back you up with everything.

FAQ On Porter Cable Router 690LR

Q1. Can I use this router as a speed control device?

Sure, many customers do use this router as a speed control device and they love it.

Q2. Can I get it in 220 Volt?

Unfortunately, no. For the USA, you can have only 110 volts.

Q3. To change the bits, do I have to remove the base?

No, there’s no need for you to remove the base at all. Moreover, thanks to its auto-release system you can remove them quickly too.


Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Porter Cable 690LR is a must-have router for you if you want the complete team-up of power, speed, and durability. Ask your fellow mates who love working with routers. I’m sure they’ll agree with me.

5. Bosch 1617EVS Wood Router Tool Kit

Bosch 1617EVS fixed-base router can be your best pick if you’re searching for the Bosch flagships. Yes, this is one of the hot running products Bosch ever came up with, and guess what, now you’re getting to know it. Let me tell you why customers are drooling over it. So sit tight and listen.

Honorable Mention
BOSCH 1617EVS 2.25 HP Electronic Fixed-Base Router
9.4/10Our Score


  • It has got 2.25 horsepower that combines with a 12-amp motor.
  • The 8000 to 25,000 RPM of speed range allows you to choose between speed versatility.
  • Constant Response Circuitry system lets you maintain a constant speed.
  • The soft-start feature lets you maintain easy handling and smooth transition.
  • It has pure aluminum bases and housing that enhance its durability. 
  • The dust-sealed power switch saves your router from tears and wears. 


  • It’s more on the expensive side.

Performance And Technical Issues Of Bosch 1617EVS


Got the toughest routing jobs? You can turn all these bummers into a piece of cake with the Bosch 1617evs router. The beast comes with 2.25 horsepower in its rig that teams up with the 12-amp motor. As you turn it on, you’ll be able to dominate all the heavy-duty hardwoods like they are nothing to you.

Not just power through. You’ll be able to work more rapidly than ever. The Bosch 1617evs router motor churns out 8000 to 25,000 RPM of speed that lets you perform all the grooves and cuts like a pro.

Besides, the Constant Response Circuitry system that comes with its built allows you to keep the speed. For which, you get amazing results with higher accuracy.


While the mainstream wood routers make you say, ‘Why have I bought it in the first place?’ Bosch 1617evs will make you go wow with its durability. First off, as you take a look at it, you’ll know it has a dominating structure.

The motor housing and the bases are made of pure aluminum. For toughest routing jobs, this one can survive all the threats as you use it roughly.

No, it doesn’t matter whether you’re working on a heavy construction site. Thanks to the dust-sealed power switch it comes with, your router stays away from getting all those unwanted tears and wears. As a result, if you expect this device to walk with you for the long run, no one’s stopping you.

User Comfort

As you turn the motor on, you’ll love the engine reduces its torque within a blink. As a result, getting easy handling and a smooth transition won’t be a problem for you anymore. The whole credit goes to the soft-start feature.

To make sure you can experience precision with the spice of improved consistency, the ergonomic design it boasts allows you to cord and switch on your left and your right. Furthermore, the fact that the motor doesn’t rotate at all during depth adjustment is obviously a plus for you.


Q1. Am I getting a T-wrench with this set?

Unfortunately, you won’t be provided a T-wrench with the set. Instead of that, they will give you a 16mm shaft wrench and a collet nut wrench.

Q2. Can this router do the job of a jointer?

It can do all the trimming and cut for jointers. However, the router bit is the one that varies.

Q3. Where is it manufactured?

This amazing router is made in Mexico.


Better known for durability and functionality, Bosch 1617EVS can be your best pick if you want to take your routing experience to its pinnacle. Besides, as this giant has been holding its brand-loyalty for a couple of years now, you can trust it with no question

6. Hitachi M12VC Variable Speed Fixed Base Router

Hitachi, I don’t think I need to tell you much about this brand as it has been well known for years now. When it comes to woodworking tools like routers, this one is definitely one step ahead. Now, I’ve got the latest Hitachi M12VC router that will boost your routing job and take it to a whole new level. Let me show you why it stands out.

Best For Variable Speed
Hitachi M12VC Variable Speed Fixed Base Router
9.2/10Our Score


  • It has got 11 Amp motor that comes with 2-1/4 peak horsepower.
  • The rotation speed of the motor ranges from 8000 to 24,000 RPM.
  • With up to 79.5dB of sound range, the motor lets you have a quiet working experience.
  • The two-stage motor release clamp lets you switch to the fixed based mode and the plunge base mode.
  • Nickel-plated motor-housing makes the depth adjustment convenient.
  • The rugged aluminum structure enhances the durability of the router.


  • It’s a bit heavy in weight.

Performance And Technical Issues Of Hitachi M12VC


You want speed, and you got it with Hitachi fixed base router M12VC. With the 11 Amp motor that comes with 2-1/4 peak horsepower, you don’t have to worry about speed and power ever again. No matter how strong of a wood you’re dealing with, this beast makes sure you get the smooth routing experience like butter.

Equipped with mind-boggling speed control, this one offers you an impressive speed range from 8000 to 24,000 RPM. Whether you have heavy loads or not, you can get precise and control cuts by keeping the RPM speed constant.

Powerful motors have one problem in common. They make loud, weird noises. This might get on your nerves, and you won’t be able to carry out your job. Well, this Hitachi wood router changes the whole game.

Despite the Hitachi router having a powerful motor, it gives you quiet operation. Even if you turn the power on to the max, you will get a noise level of no more than 79.5dB. As a result, let it be workshop or construction sites, no one needs to hold their ears anymore.


The M12VC comes with a two-stage motor release clamp so that you can switch to the fixed base mode from the plunge base (not included) very easily. Also, the nickel-plated motor-housing makes the depth adjustments very convenient for you to use. As a result, you never get to see any scratch or stain on the body for years.

Besides, the rugged aluminum-built structure makes this router stand out as one of the most durable ones available. The power switch is completely dust-sealed which enhances the durability of the product, allowing you to rely on it for the long run.

User Comfort

Durability and performance are sure-fire things, but along with all these covered, you got to think about your comfort as well. The Hitachi 2.25 HP fixed base router a.k.a M12VC does not let you compromise your comfort even a bit.

Take its ergonomically designed structure for example. As you hold it, your hands get to grab it perfectly as it fits your grip. Did I say grip? The router has got a very tight grip, so there’s no chance it will get slipped out of your hands.

While you perform all the cuts and grooves, you take over its control. Since the Elastomer compound wraps the handles, you get less vibration. As a result, working smoothly isn’t something you just fantasize about.

FAQ On Hitachi M12VC

Q1. Does this router have a dust-collection system?

Don’t mistake the ‘dust-seal’ for the ‘dust collection system.’ You have to buy this tool separately.

Q2. Do I get any collet with the set?

Sure, the whole set includes both ½ inches and ¼ inches of collets.

Q3. Is it possible to cut raised panel doors with it?

Of course, you can, but make sure the router is on a table. Don’t use max speed to cut the panel doors, and you’ll be good to go.


The M12VC from Hitachi is one of the latest picks that has got all the high-tech features inside it. If you’re on a budget, yet you want functionality at its best, you can go for this router right now.

7. Makita RT0701CX3 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit

If you’re still searching for the best wood router on the market, you can take a look at Makita RT0701CX3 as it has a lot of things to offer. Durability, functionality, comfort, you name it, this router is a combination of all the things you need.

Best Compact Router
Makita RT0701CX3 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit
9.2/10Our Score


  • The router comes with 1-1/4 HP which allows you to have hours of seamless operation.
  • You’re getting the speed range between 10,000 to 30,000 RPM. 
  • Making amazing cuts and grooves is easy since you can keep your speed constant. 
  • As you carry on the routing job, you feel less vibration frequency.
  • It’s lightweight so you can have an easy handling experience.
  • You can easily install or remove the base, thanks to the quick-release cam-lock.
  • The pure aluminum motor housing along with the base makes it durable enough to last for years.


  • The router doesn’t have any built-in LED light.

Performance And Technical Issues Of Makita RT0701CX3


As a serious woodworking professional, you’ll want the best of everything. But above all, you’ll have to take the performance into account. Makita router kit has got you covered. The router offers you an impressive 1-1/4 HP, which keeps you going for hours of operation.

It beats the pants off its competitors with its heavy-duty motor. The speed ranges you’re getting are from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM. Switch to your desired speed range and carry out a versatile amount of work.

Let’s not forget, under the load. You’ll be able to keep your speed constant as you carry out the cuts and grooves. The best part? As you carry on with your routing-job, you get no vibration at all. No jerks, no unwanted noise. This allows you to get accurate results as you keep your focus on the point.


Don’t mistake the compact and light body of Makita RT0701CX3 for its durability. It can be light in weight but it’s a 10 on 10 when it’s about confirming the ultimate durability.

The motor housing and the base of the Makita compact router kit are made of pure aluminum. To take the durability on the peak, the makers kept the housing and the base double-insulated. Wears, tears, you name it, nothing will put even a scratch on this durable beast.

User Comfort

When you think of a wood router, the first thing probably pops in your head is a device with a giant body. No, that’s not the case for this one by the way. Makita router machine boasts a heavy-duty yet compact shape. Storing it even in places with space issues is easy-peasy since it perfectly blends in everywhere.

Plus, it’s pretty light in weight which allows you to lift it with having no hard time as well. The strong grips let you hold it tightly, as a result, you get to have the best handling experience.

The RT0701CX3 comes with a smooth rack-and-pinion depth adjustment system and easy-to-read depth scales that are ready to ensure the most accurate settings. The quick-release cam-lock, on the other hand, backs you up with easy depth adjustments for which the base removal and installation become a piece of cake for you.

FAQ On Makita RT0701CX3

Q1. Can I use this for hinge frames?

Yes, but you got to make sure you have the appropriate hinge jig.

Q2. Does it make any loud noise?

Not at all, this router gives you a quiet routing experience even though you switch to max speed.

Q3. Is installing and setting it up hard?

Not a bit, just go through the user manual, and you’ll set the router in no time.


In a nutshell, Makita RT0701CX3 1-1/4 hp compact router kit is the juice you get if you mix durability, user-comfort, and functionality. Out of the few ones in the marketplace, this one can be your best pick if you want everything in one complete package.

8. Triton TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

Triton TRA001 Plunge Router is hands down one of the best woodworking routers just not because it comes with a premium outlook. It is for those who want to taste what it feels like to taste the advanced features of the best wood routers on a cheap budget. What makes it one of a kind? Well, let’s find out.

Best For Plunge Base
Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router
9.2/10Our Score


  • With 3-1/4 HP you get enough power to route the toughest timbers.
  • The 15A motor comes with an 8,000 to 21,000-speed range.
  • The micro-winder gives you a fine depth adjustment.
  • It is made of heavy-duty anti-rust metal that enhances durability.
  • As you carry on the routing job, it gives you silent operation.
  • You can switch to the fixed-base mode from the plunge mode, thanks to the Rack and Pinion system.
  • The product is light in weight, so it’s easy for you to carry and work.
  • The strong grips let you hold it tightly eliminating the chance of getting slipped.


  • It may seem a bit pricey to you.

Performance And Technical Issues Of Triton Router TRA001


As you work with Triton TRA001, you’ll know for sure that routing was never easier than this. With this device in your rig, you get the amazing stability along with the enhanced material support.

With 3-1/4 HP, you get enough power to route the toughest timbers. Slot cutting, trimming laminates, plunging, dovetail cutting, you can get the best results in everything.

Besides, the 15A motor enhances its power so that you can get the variable speed facilities. As you switch to the perfect speed range and keep it constant, you get to cut through almost anything. To make sure you can have a fine depth-adjustment, Triton TRA001 comes with a micro winder.

As for the speed, the motor offers you from 8000 to 21000 RPM of speed which gives you the platform to set things right faster than ever. Besides, more speed means more revenue. It’s time to say goodbye to working like a slowpoke.


If your router has got mind-blowing performance yet it doesn’t have the durability you need, it needs to go. What good is a wood router if you can’t use it for at least a year?

Get your hands-on Triton TRA001 router if durability is what you crave for. This router is made of heavy-duty metal-backed up by enhanced material support.

Did I say ‘metal?’ Don’t worry a bit about rust or corrosion. With the anti-rust and anti-corrosion features, the router comes with, you can say those rusty days goodbye.

User Comfort

As you turn the router on, you’ll be surprised to see it doesn’t make all those weird noises. What’s better? It keeps its cool even though if you work for hours. The silent operation lets you focus on your work more as you perform all the cuts and grooves.

Thanks to the Rack and Pinion arrangement it comes with, you can switch to the fixed-base mode from the plunge mode instantly by using a single button.

Since it’s light in weight, you’ll be able to carry it wherever you want. Also, this is a plus for you to carry on with your routing-job easily. The strong grip it comes with allows you to hold it tightly, and there’s no chance of the product being slipped away.

FAQ On Triton Router TRA001

Q1. Does this router come with a winder?

Ans. Yes, it comes with a micro-adjust winder.

Q2. Can I remove the handles?

Ans. No, the handles wholly fixed to the router, and you’ll need them to index the depth-of-cut.

Q3. Am I getting any built-in light with this router?

Ans. Unfortunately, there’s no built-in light with it.


Now that you’ve gone through the Triton TRA001 review, I don’t think I need to convince you much about getting this routing beast. It has got everything to make sure you get your comfort zone confirmed.

9. Festool 574692 Router OF 1400 EQ Imperial

Festool 574692 can be your best pick if as it’s one of the best rated wood routers available in the market. It offers you ergonomic design, durability, precision depth adjustment, and whatnot. For ease and convenience, this wood router is one of the best alternatives.

Best For Versatility
Festool 574692 Router OF 1400 EQ Imperial
9/10Our Score


  • You can carry a versatile amount of routing jobs with it.
  • The 11.7 Amp motor gives you the power you need.
  • The motor offers you 10,000 to 22,550 RPM of the speed range.
  • It feeds on only 1400 Watts of Energy while saving your energy bills.
  • The dust extraction ports make sure the dust does not harm the router.
  • The ergonomic handles let you take easier controls on it.
  • Since it’s lightweight, you can maneuver it easily and experience less fatigue.


  • Could be more heavy-duty.

Performance And Technical Issues Of Festool Router


The best part about this Festool 574692 Router is the fact that you can perform a versatile amount of work with it. Let it be FS Guide Rail-System, MFS Multi-routing templates, etc, covering a wide range of accessory options is what this router does flawlessly.

With 11.7 Amps motor, it gives you a powerful feel as you dominate the toughest timbers and make amazing cuts and grooves successfully. The shaft speed it offers you ranges from 10,000 to 22,500 RPM.

So, from now on, if you see all those strong hardwoods, there’s no space for you to worry as Festool router has got your back.

Despite its inevitable power, the tool consumes only 1400 Watts of energy which is comparatively low compared to the typical wood routers you’ll find in the market. As a result, you get to save a lot of energy bills at the end of the month.


The dustier your wood router will get, the faster it will lose its durability. At least this is what you get from all those typical junks in the market. Festool 574692 has left no space for dust to harm it in any way.

Thanks to the dust extraction ports it comes with, capturing debris and dust are just a walk in the park. All the dust will get inside the extraction point without even coming close to the router itself.

Swiveling chip deflector is a creative addition to the Festool router 1400. It can be used with edge-forming bits, optimizing chip and dust extraction even around curves and corners. Fastens and unlocks the deflector with the tool-free spring clip system is like a breeze.

As a result, you get prolonged cutter life and increased visibility.

User Comfort

If your router has got everything, but you’re not comfortable with it, it’s time you should replace it. The ergonomic handles it comes with lets you take over the whole control and operate the device with ease.

It’s lightweight, so you don’t face any problem maneuvering it while maintaining your comfort. As you route the timbers and make amazing grooves, you get less fatigue compared to the typical wood routers in the market.

Let’s not forget about the micro-adjustability dial that lets you achieve marvelous precision with fine depth control.

FAQ On Festool Router

Q1. What’s the size of the systainer that comes with the router?

Ans. It has got a T-LOC SYS 4 TL systainer.

Q2. Does it have any bits?

Ans. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any bit in it.

Q3. Can I use it with a shelf pin drilling setup?

Ans. Of course, it is completely compatible with the shelf pin drilling setup.


Don’t give yourself a second thought about Festool 574692. This one churns out all these amazing features, that even at such an affordable price. So, I don’t know any good alternative which can stand in front of this router.

10. Avid Power 6.5-Amp 1.25 HP Compact Router

Your search for the best wood routers might come to an end with Avid Power 6.5 Amp. It’s not only famous for its durability and functionality but also for its premium aesthetics.

Best For Premium Features
AVID POWER 6.5-Amp 1.25 HP Compact Router
9/10Our Score


  • It has got 6.5 Amp of motor that gives you 1.25 Horsepower.
  • The motor rotation you’re getting is about 10,000 to 32,000 RPM.
  • You can cut the toughest timber and make amazing cuts and grooves.
  • Pure aluminum construction makes it durable enough to survive for a long time.
  • The dust particles get removed instantly, thanks to the dust hood it comes with.
  • It has got dual LED lights which will back you up when you work in the dark.


  • It’s a bit heavy in weight.

Performance And Technical Issues Of Avid Power MW104


When you’re talking performance, Avid Power router offers you the best in the world. The 6.5 Amp motor that comes with 1.25 Horsepower gives you the power you need to take your routing experience at its peak.

Unlike the typical junks in the market, this one offers you the speed range from 10,000 to 32,000 RPM. As a result, cutting, trimming, and making awesome grooves on the toughest timber is nothing but a piece of cake for you. Besides, the variable control dial lets you switch between speeds whenever you want.


If durability matters to you most, you can rely on Avid Power without asking any question. The router boasts a heavy-duty body meant for long-term durability. It made of pure aluminum, which lasts for the long run without causing any rust or corrosion.

As you operate it, the rubber-covered base makes sure the working surface stays protected all the time. Plus, since there’s a dust hood with this router, all the dust particles get removed, leaving you with a clean workspace.

User Comfort

Working with this beast makes your task like a breeze. To make sure you can get precise operation, the device comes with a jaw-dropping depth-adjustment system, which is obviously from the smooth rack-and-pinion.

From now on, you can work even under dark areas. The Dual-LED lights will back you up with its powerful backup that illuminates your area.

Also, the rubber covered handle gives you comfortable grips. As a result, there’s no way the router will get slipped out of your hand while working. Let’s not forget the external brush-cap it comes with that lets you replace the carbon brush just like that.

FAQ On Avid Power MW104

Q1. Is there a plunge adapter for this router?

Yes, however, you have to buy it separately from your seller.

Q2. Can I use it for more than 5 hours continuously?

It recommended to give it a 15 minutes break after each hour.

Q3. Can I cut the hinges of my door with this router?

Yes, you can, but unless you’re an expert, it’s better not to use it for that purpose.


Avid Power, as the name says it all about power and speed. Not all the routers in the marketplace will meet your demand. But when there’s a lot of things disappoint you, this one surely will be the best catalyst for your routing job.

So, you want to buy a wood router for yourself. Cool, however, do you know what features you should look for before purchasing the router? If the answer is ‘no,’ it’s time to see the things you should consider before buying a wood router.

What kind of router do I need for woodworking?

Understanding the types of wood routers seems to be the most crucial step in selecting the right ones by matching the intent. It is doubtless one of the most versatile tools in a woodworker shop, and you’ll find a wide range of models on the market. When you know the difference between them, you’re going to be able to buy the ideal for you.

We’re approaching to discuss the types of wood routers based on design and duty. Let’s enjoy it with us.

Based On Design

I’ve divided wood routers into 3 groups when it’s all about the design. Take a look at the different categories and decide which one suits you best.

1. Plunge Router

If you’re an experienced woodworker, a plunge router should be your best bet. Why? It’s the best alternative if you want to go freehand style or if you want to work with template-based jobs.

You’ll love the soft-start system it comes with, which will give you not only stability but amazing control over your device. Besides, adjusting the depth of the cut you’re making won’t give you a hard time now.

With the depth-stop around, you’ll be able to adjust the depth-cut conveniently as you turn on the machine.

Core Functions: With the plunge-base router, you can easily make through cuts, mortises, pattern and template work, and deep inlay grooves. It is, therefore, most appropriate to make precise cuts in the middle of the workpiece.

Advantages of plunge router:

  • Allow adjusting depth on the go
  • Precise cut in the center of the work piece
  • Increased vertical movement control
  • Safer than fixed base
  • Allow doing a wide range of tasks

Disadvantages of plunge router:

  • A bit of expensive than the fixed base
  • Use and maintenance is a bit difficult for the beginners
  • Not usable with a fixed base router table

2. Fixed Base Router

If you’re someone who’s into the woodworking profession as a beginner, you’ll find the fixed base wood router very easy to use. As you fit it on a bench or let’s say on a router table, it delivers the best results when you’re talking cuts and grooves.

Do your clients demand edge cutting and molding tasks? Well, you can deliver the best results pretty fast with this router type. Besides, the fact that these routers are light in weight lets you maneuver the tools easily.

So, making those grooves will be a fun game for you from now on.

Core Functions: You can use a fixed-base router for all-purpose home and professional project routing. These are usually small in size and more straightforward to navigate and feature single and double-grips, making them excellent edge shapers.

Advantages Of Fixed Router:

  • Ideal for beginner and home use
  • Typically compact and lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Best for edge-shaping and precision cuts
  • Lower price compared to plunge base

Disadvantages Of Fixed Router:

  • Not as versatile as a plunge base
  • Not suitable for over cutting or gouging

3. Combo Router Kits

Do you feel the need to change the base of your router in most cases? Then a combo router kit is the best option for you.

What makes it stand out? Well, you can say it is both the fixed base and plunge base router put together. So, you’ll get the best from both worlds.

Increasing the design capability with this router type is pretty easy. Besides, if you want to replace them, you just need to remove its engine from its base and set the one you need — an easy router for your easy work.

Core Functions: From its name, you can easily understand that with a combo router package, it is possible to do all sorts of routing works what can you do by a fixed and plunge base.

Advantages Of Combo Router:

  • Two-in-one functionalities
  • Cost savings – just purchase different bases instead of buying the whole router

Disadvantages Of Combo Router:

  • Changeover of the base is a time consuming and complicated task

Based On Duty

I’ve classified routers into 3 parts again when it is based on duty. Here, the duty of a router is mainly related to the size and power they possess. You might want to check these out.

4. Heavy-Duty Routers

These routers, as the name hints, are basically meant for all the toughest timber challenges. Heavy-duty wood routers are probably the strongest and most versatile ones in the router industry.

Typically, they contain the largest collets, and obviously, they can accommodate the larger diameter of router cutters, which is more than 38 mm (1½”). The rated horsepower of heavy-duty routers is generally 3 HP to 3-1/4 HP.

However, these are a bit heavy in weight as well, which can give you a bummer sometimes.

5. Medium-Duty Routers

These routers are neither too large in shape nor too small in size. They are not strong enough compared to heavy-duty routers, but they still can survive all the beatings. They are a bit light in weight compared to the heavy-duty ones.

Functionally, medium-duty routers can handle 1/4 “shank as well as 1/2” shank bit and range from 1-3/4 HP to 2-1/4 HP.

6. Light-duty Routers

Light-duty routers, as the name says a lot of things, are the lightest routers in the industry. If you want easy maneuverability and higher accuracy, lightweight routers are your biggest bets.

Palm routers are opt-in this category and are ideal for trimming, hinge mortising, edge forming, slot cutting, small-scale dovetailing, window cutouts, and decorative inlays.

This compact size routes are usually of 1HP, and they’re easy to carry almost anywhere you want to go.

7. Specialty Router – CNC Router

In addition to the above grouping, we have seen another type of router, which is the CNC router – computer numeric control.

In this setup, the movements of the router bit are entirely controlled by a computer, so that factors such as feed rate and cutting depth can be set to an exact degree.

This type of router is mostly used for industrial purposes, where it needs to do a large scale of routing works with ultimate perfection — for example, the production of staircases.

Different types of wood routers

What To Consider Before Buying A Wood Router

Once you decided the types of wood router, the next crucial task is to check out the features.

1. Size: 

Let’s face it, size matters. You have to choose whether you’ll go for big sized wood routers or the small ones. If you want more compactness and a good grip, you should go for something that is a bit lighter in weight.

2. Ergonomics: 

Although the router is a power-operated tool, it required human hands to run. Therefore, it should be as easy to use as it is safer for humans. Ergonomics is thus a vital feature of any wooden router computer.

3. Dust Collection Port: 

If you want durability, you should go for a wood router that has got a dust collection port. With this feature in the arsenal, the router will get rid of those unwanted dust. As a result, it will survive for years to come.

4. Speed of the Motor: 

The more speed the motor will provide, the better your router will perform. If I were you I would go for the router that has at least 1.25 horsepower of speed.

5. Depth Adjustment: 

Less or more depth of cutting can ruin your work. So, check how precisely your router can adjust the depth of the cut. The more adjustable your router is, the more accurately you can do your job.

6. Corded or Cordless: 

It’s totally up to you if you want to go for the corded routers or the cordless ones. Corded wood routers are pretty functional and more durable. However, with cordless routers, you’ll be able to carry it anywhere you want.

7. Built-in LED Lights: 

You don’t want to stop your work when the lights are out suddenly, do you? Get your hands on a wood router that has got built-in LED lights. This will make sure you get to work even when there’s dark.

8. User-friendliness: 

Some routers allow you to change bit just using a single switch when others need to use a wrench or tools. Using an extra tool to set or change bit is an extra hassle and required additional maintenance.

9. Slow-Start: 

The routers with slow-start facilities will allow you some moments before delivering or activating full speed. It is important because of safety reasons. It will give you enough time to habituate with the power and set the machine accurately on the workpiece.

10. Price and Warranty: 

There are many brands and models of wood routers available on the market. The price of the routers depends on the brand value and features they offer. Usually, a high priced model delivers high-end quality and vice versa. Warranty is a shield of your investment.

In case you found any manufacturing defect after a few days of use, the warranty will protect you. So, it is good to check the warranty policy before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Best Wood Routers

Q1. What do wood routers do?

Ans.: Wood routers basically cut the edges of the wood. However, there’s more. You’ll be able to cut the dadoes along with the rabbets flawlessly and make perfect patterns. You’ll get a more glimpse of the wood router functions here.

Q2. What are the best wood routers?

Ans.: Well, it’s a very pretty hard question because you’re the one who should decide which one suits you best. However, the ones I’ve mentioned in the review section over here are running superbly and come from the reputed giants.

Q3. How much is a wood router?

Ans.: It depends on the quality of the router. Starting from 89, you’ll be able to get routers that cost even 600. If you want something that’s more in the mid-range you can find a good router in about 230 to 250.

Q4. What should be the speed of a wood router?

Ans.: If your router has a speed has at least 1.25 Horsepower of speed with at least 8000 RPM when it comes to motor rotation speed, you’ll be good to go.

Q5. What are the best wood routers?

Ans.: Well, different brands have different models and their own uniqueness. However, the wood routers I’ve suggested to you in the reviews are the best ones beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Q6. Which wood router shall I buy?

Ans. It depends on you, but I always prefer Dewalt more than anything.

Final Words

Phew! Now that you’ve gone through all the reviews, you’ll be able to know which one suits you best and which one doesn’t. All of these wood routers have got unique features, and each of them stands out for its performance and functionality. However, it’s YOU who has to decide which one to go for. But no matter what you choose, bear in mind that with one of these routers in your rig, you’ll dominate the timber.

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