Top 3 Freeman Flooring Nailer Reviewed With A Quick Comparison

Are you savvy when it comes to selecting a flooring nailer? If this is the case, I’m sure that you are searching for the best flooring nailer brand within your price range that will suit your needs.

When doing so, it is understandable that some well-known brands would immediately spring to mind and make it difficult to decide one. However, we are here to help you choose the right flooring nailer with our experience. We’ll go over the Freeman flooring nailers because they’re the best in terms of price, versatility, durability, and user-friendliness.

Hardwood professionals are choosing such flooring nailers that can be used with both cleats and staples, and we know that you do as well. Then, Freeman flooring nailers are the ideal option for you because they have all of the features you need.

So, here we are reviewing the three best freeman flooring nailers that you may consider buying for your next project.

  1. Best Multipurpose Flooring Nailer – Freeman PFBC940
  2. Best For Tongue & Groove Flooring Nailer – Freeman PFL618C
  3. Best Lightweight Flooring Nailer – Freeman PDX50C

Top 3 Freeman Flooring Nailer Review

We’re going through a number of floor nailers on the market, analyzing their feedback and usability with our team. In the end, we reached Freeman floor nailers and decided to write on them. It’s affordable, easy to use, and versatile enough to attract any pro and DIY homeowner.

Let’s dive in to explore more on them.

1. Freeman PFBC940 4-in-1 Mini Flooring Nailer and Stapler

Best Multi-Purpose Flooring Nailer
1. Freeman PFBC940 4-in-1 Mini Flooring Nailer and Stapler
9.6/10Our Rating
  • Operating Pressure: 70 – 115 psi
  • Fastener Gauge: 18ga
  • Fastener Head: 1/4″
  • Fastener Range: Brad Nails: 5/8″ – 1-5/8″ / Staples: 3/8″ – 1-5/8″
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 pcs
  • Weight: 4 lbs

If you are a serious woodworker who wants a real versatile tool to contain a variety of tasks, Freeman PFBC940 is built for you. In it, you’ll find a straight brad nailer and crown stapler together with a 45-degree flooring attachment for flooring nails and staples fastening.

Freeman PFBC940 pneumatic 4-in-1 mini-floor nailer and stapler will give you the convenience of fastening 18 gauge brad nails from 5/8″ to 1-5/8″ and 18 gauge 1/4″ narrow crown staples from 3/8″ to 1-5/8”. It is, therefore, a perfect choice for dealing with more delicate and thinner flooring materials for its 18 gauge brad staple gun as well as other delicate woodwork.

Key features of PFBC940 flooring nailer:

  • Specially designed for single firing mode.
  • Compatible with 18 gauge nails and staples.
  • Designed for versatile 4-in-1

Features Of Freeman PFBC940 in Details

Freeman PFBC940 nailer and stapler has some amazing features that may catch your attention to invest your money in it. Here they are-

Adjustable exhaust:

It’s not nice if the sweaty air blows on your face when you’re nailing. Freeman understands this clearly and designs its PFBC940 floor nailer with a 360-degree customizable exhaust system that is highly recommended. The machine lets you guide air away from your face and work surface. This will also help you to move the debris where you want to go. The protection of your face and work surface would also give you extra flexibility to work.

Oil-free Design:

It has a low maintenance oil-free engine to avoid staining. The nailer can perform without the need for frequent oil changes and routine maintenance. In contrast, the oil-design tools need regular maintenance and increase the risk of staining the work surface.


There is no alternative to a robust body structure to perform a 4-in-1 operation with a single tool. And you’ll find all-aluminum construction in the Freeman PFBC940 pneumatic flooring nailer and stapler for added durability. Yes, pros! The cylinder and magazine of this sturdy floor nailer are made of anodized aluminum and are made of die-cast aluminum for long-lasting worry-free use.


An ergonomically built grip handle can lessen your muscle fatigue, wear, and tear. It also needs to be fitted in the user’s hand to optimize his / her power during working time. The Freeman flooring nailer comes with a secure grip handle that helps you increase the ability to operate with great feeling.

Depth adjustability:

The PFBC940 has an excellent tool-free depth adjustment capability, which enables you to customize the depth of the firing on the go. It’s obvious you need to change your nailer or stapler depth depending on the woods or surfaces you’re going to fasten. Simple tool-free depth adjustment facilities are also essential for speedy flooring, besides using the different nails or staples.

Jam clearing:

Users of the flooring nailer frequently face the problem of jamming the fasteners while operating in their projects. If you use the tool which helps you to unjam the fasteners quickly would be nice. When traditional flooring nailers needed to detach parts to clear a jam, the Freeman tool offers you a simple, tool-free jam clearing without separating the nailer. As a result, you can save your valuable work time.

Air filter:

The flow of dust into the nailer can diminish your tool efficiency. You do need to regularly clean the tool’s internal debris, which increases the maintenance time. The air filter or anti-dust cap can protect the system from dust. And of Freeman floor nailer comes fitted with an air filter or anti-dust cap to save you from those problems.

Nail reload indicator:

The inclusion of the Nail-reload indicator helps to avoid misfires by showing in advance. It warns the user when the nails are almost depleted. As a result, you can replenish your tool’s stock and prevent misfires. All Freeman flooring nailers have this essential characteristic.

  • Useful for both nailer and stapler based works.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • Budget-friendly and well-built with high performance.
  • Can be used as a brad nailer-stapler gun
  • Suitable for single-hand operation.
  • Little tricky to use

2. Freeman PFL618C 3-in-1 Flooring Nailer and Stapler

Best For Tongue & Groove
2. Freeman PFL618C 3-in-1 Flooring Nailer and Stapler
9.6/10Our Rating
  • Operating Pressure: 70 – 110 psi
  • Fastener Head: 1/2″
  • Fastener Range: 1-1/2″ – 2″
  • Magazine Capacity: L and T Cleats: 100 pcs / Staples: 120 pcs
  • Weight: 11.46 lbs.

When you are thinking of doing the solid tongue and groove hardwood decoration for your home or any other venture, you can select the Freeman PFL618C flooring nailer. It is one of the most user-friendly pneumatic flooring nailers suitable for 1/2″ to 3/4″ flooring installation.

It will give you compatibility with 15.5 gauge staples and 16 gauge nails to drive all 3 types of fasteners – 1/2″ staples, T-cleats, and L-cleats ranging from 1-1/2″ to 2″. This ergonomically built tool can make you feel relaxed when working long.

Key features of Freeman PFL618C

  • Designed for tongue and groove flooring only.
  • Versatile design for 3-in-1
  • Ideal for 15.5-Gauge and 16-Gauge nails and staples.

Features of Freeman PFL618C in details

Unlike the previous one, this Freeman PFL618C pneumatic flooring nailer and stapler also come with some useful features. These features will help you complete your hardwood flooring, particularly heavy-duty solid tongue and groove flooring that needs extra binding power with minimum effort. Some of the important features are-

No-Mar Design:

A single delicate scratch on your lovely flooring tiles can pay you a long sorrow. As a reputed brand, Freeman understands it very well and made their base plate with a no-mar option. Its no-mar base plate will give you extra protection from marbling on finished surfaces for peace of your mind.

Comfortable Design:

The Freeman PFL618C nailer and stapler have been designed ergonomically for ease of operation, and it reduces the weariness of the operators. The long-reach handle with a padded grip will give you comfort when you use the tool frequently.


The lightweight body of this device is made from high-strength die-cast aluminum for longer service life. The anodized aluminum magazine and the durable one-piece drive blade made of heat-treated steel help to get extended life for your worry-free use.

Easier Access To Driver Blade:

If it gets stuck, you need easy access to the driver blade of your nailer. The tool’s design has been modified to provide a semi-quick release for easier driver entry, allowing you to easily clean the fasteners and save valuable time.

Air Filter/Anti-Dust Cap:

A small particle of dust can ruin your flooring nailer’s engine, which ends with a more costly repair. The air filter or anti-dust cap of PFL618C helps keep the interior components free from debris. And like others, this Freeman floor nailer also has an air filter or anti-dust cap to protect the tool from dust. So, you’ve got a Freeman floor nailer, which means the cylinder will not going to hurt.

  • Good for solid hardwood floor
  • Extra care to the finished flooring surfaces
  • Prevent back strain with a long handle
  • Great for extended use
  • List Element
  • The tool is a little bit heavy

3. Freeman PDX50C 3-in-1 Flooring Nailer and Stapler

Best Lightweight Flooring Nailer
3. Freeman PDX50C 3-in-1 Flooring Nailer and Stapler
9.4/10Our Rating
  • Operating Pressure: 70 – 115 psi
  • Fastener Gauge: Staples: 15.5 GA / T and L Cleats: 16 GA
  • Fastener Head: 1/2″
  • Fastener Range: 1-1/2″ – 2″
  • Magazine Capacity: L and T Cleats: 100 pcs / Staples: 120 pcs
  • Weight: 10 lbs.

We are going to review another most affordable and user-friendly flooring nailer for hardwood projects from the freeman family. The Freeman PDX50C is a lightweight 3-in-1 pneumatic flooring nailer that is designed to offer full features to need to fix your flooring job like a pro.

It is an excellent choice for your hardwood floor installation and compatible with 16-gauge T-cleats and L-cleats, and 15.5-gauge 1/2″ staples from 1-1/2″ to 2”. Regardless of professional and DIYer, you can consider this air-powered flooring nailer a useful device for installing hardwood floors, including cherry, oak, maple, and walnut.

Key features of Freeman PDX50C

  • Designed for versatile 3-in-1
  • Capable of working hardwood installation with cherry, oak, maple.
  • Comparatively 20% lighter than other models.

Features of Freeman PDX50C in details

Versatile and Powerful:

For ease of nailing, this 3-in-1 flooring nailer can be used to drive cleats, nails, and staples on any kind of flooring sheet at your disposal. The PDX50C floor nailer helps you to drive 16 gauge glue collated T and L cleats in a pressure range of 70 to 115 psi, and 15.5 gauge glue collated 1/2″ crown staples from 1-1/2″ – 2”. It is, therefore, an excellent device for installing hardwood flooring with all types of solid tongue and groove hardwood flooring, including cherry, oak, maple, and walnut.


Built with high-quality aluminum make this tool a lightweight, weighing just 10 pounds. This is lighter than its rivals by 20 percent. You should also find it a good device for fastening all sorts of hardwood flooring installations without leaving you tired.

Interchangeable base plates:

Freeman PDX50C comes with two base plates – 1/2″ and 3/4″. These base plates allow you to fasten different depths of flooring tiles by merely changing the tool base. Nailing into the solid wood tongue and groove or engineered flooring from 1/2″ to 3/4″ will, therefore, not be a problem with PDX50C.

Self-leveling front foot:

This model includes a self-leveling front foot. This self-leveling front foot ensures user comfort to fix the device before they pull the trigger. This front foot makes the tool more stable and constant.


The cylinder and magazine is the most critical part of any nailer. Freeman knows it well and uses anodized aluminum to manufacture this pneumatic flooring nailer. As anodized aluminum is more resistant than standard, therefore it will give extra resistivity to this nailer from corrosion. As a result, it will last for a long time.

Included Accessories:

The package of PDX50C includes a long-reach fiberglass mallet with a padded grip, two interchangeable base plates, air tool oil, and adjustment tools. This tool is also covered by Freeman’s 7 Year Limited Warranty and 90 Day Wearable Parts Warranty for peace of mind.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to use
  • Extended life span
  • Protection from tiny scratches by rubberized feet
  • Sometimes it gets jammed.

A Quick Comparison Between PFBC940 vs PFL618C vs PDX50C

Fastener Gauge18 GA15.5 GA and 16 GAStaples: 15.5 GA / T and L Cleats: 16 GA
Fastener Head1/4″1/2″1/2″
Fastener RangeBrad Nails: 5/8″ – 1-5/8″ / Staples: 3/8″ – 1-5/8″1-1/2″ – 2″1-1/2″ – 2″
Magazine Capacity100 pcsL and T Cleats: 100 pcs / Staples: 120 pcsL and T Cleats: 100 pcs / Staples: 120 pcs
Compatible Fastener18Ga Glue Collated Brad Nails from 5/8″ – 1-5/8″, and 18Ga 1/4″ Glue Collated Narrow Crown Staples from 3/8″ – 1-5/8″16 Gauge Glue Collated Flooring T and L Cleats, and 15.5 Gauge Glue Collated 1/2″ Crown Flooring Staples from 1-1/2″ – 2″16 Gauge Glue Collated Flooring T and L Cleats, and 15.5 Gauge Glue Collated 1/2″ Crown Flooring Staples from 1-1/2″ – 2″
Construction MaterialsAluminumAluminumAluminum
Base Plate45° flooring attachmentTwo interchangeable base plates – ½” & ¾”Two interchangeable base plates – ½” & ¾”
No-Mar BaseNoYesYes
HandleComfort GripErgonomically DesignErgonomically Design
Dimension12.4″ x 3.7″ x 10.75″16.75″ x 3.5″ x 22.75″16.8″ x 3.5″ x 20.8″
Weight4.0 lbs.11.46 lbs.10.0 lbs.
ApplicationSuitable for tongue and groove flooring and finish carpentry work like decorative trim, molding, cabinetry, upholstery, and more.Suitable for installation of 1/2″ to 3/4″ solid tongue and groove hardwood flooring.Suitable for installation of 1/2″ to 3/4″ solid tongue and groove hardwood flooring.
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Freeman Vs Numax Floor Nailer

There are very few hardwood practitioners who haven’t heard of Freemen and Numax flooring nailers. These two names are well-known among those who work in the hardwood flooring industry. And their popularity will put you in a quandary on which one is better. Consider the following arguments if you want to be well-informed on which one to purchase for hardwood decorations.

Despite the fact that both the Freeman and Numax flooring nailers are marketed by the same corporation, Prime Global Products, Inc. (PGP), they differ in several aspects. Let’s look at them.

Freemen flooring nailer provides the buyers a long time warranty of seven years whereas Numax provides a warranty of one year. If a long warranty creates value for you, Freeman will be your best choice.

Both flooring nailers are comfortable to use, but Numax is more comfortable for dual handles. This feature helps the user to save their back and reduces their fatigue.

Both the nailer brings some significant improvements in their design, but Numax is well advanced in this arena. It improves their body in order to make it more compact, a semi-quick release for quick access to the drive blade for clear jams, a magazine cover for gentle fastener feeding, and an improved base plate design. Freeman, on the other hand, only improves their foot design.

Except for the above differences, both nailers use high-quality materials to build their tools and have all the high-end features to make hardwood flooring a fun job.

Now, which product you should buy depends on the requirements of your projects and your personal preferences.

Freeman Vs Bostitch Floor Nailer

Both Freeman and Bostitch flooring nailers are used for the installation of nails and staples in tongue and groove hardwood projects. And both are renowned brands and committed to providing high-quality products. So, it is understandable that you’re getting confused in making a choice of flooring nailers between Freeman and Bostitch. But, you need not be, as we’re going to present some key differences for your help.

If you want to finish your floor nailing job faster, Bostitch could be able to assist you. Bostitch Flooring nailers are specifically built for quick operation, whereas Freeman is a little slower.

The Bostitch flooring nailer also has an extra-wide base plate, which gives you more power and balance than the Freeman nailers.

Freeman floor nailers are less expensive in comparison to Bostitch nailers. Freeman is more affordable with some good features than Bostitch flooring nailers.

You will be able to use the Bostitch flooring nailers in both unfinished and pre-finished flooring while Freeman nailers can be used in the finished flooring surface. 

Hope this differentiation helps you to choose the right tool according to your requirements.

Are Staples or Nails Better For Hardwood Flooring?

Are you decided to replace your hardwood floors? If your answer is ‘yes,’ you have to choose the right fastener. There are two options you have in your hand. They are nails and staples. You may be in confusion to select one out of the two as both have some merits and demerits. Let’s find out the differences between staples and nails first.

Staples: Using staples for fastening hardwood floors will be a great idea as they are not fragile and have a two-pronged extension. A staple will also give you a non-forgiving and robust hold. It’s less expensive and speedier to drive compared to nails.

However, if you use staples, during seasonal changes, you may observe the tongues have been cracked off, and as a consequence, the tiles or boards will tilt and squeak.

Nails: Although staplers give you powerful, long-lasting holding power, nails provide greater versatility. Two styles of hardwood nails or cleats with a head shaped in L and T are found. All styles have a sequence of ribs running at least 2/3s from the bottom of both sides of the nail shank, which holds the subfloor. The remaining portion of the nail is smooth, allowing the finished flooring to expand and contract along with the seasonal temperature and humidity changes.

But the biggest drawback of using cleats or nails is they are expensive. You have to spend almost twice the price to buy nails than the same amount of staples.

Eventually, I will go to the nail’s side if you ask me. Although it does incur high initial costs, it is cheaper in the long run than a stapler.

If you want to know the effectiveness of screws vs nails for other woodworking applications including hardwood flooring, you may read our blog on this too.

How Do You Use A Freeman Floor Nailer

Regular users of the Freemen Floor Nailers are known well how to operate them effectively. Still, it may be a little tricky for the users who never used the Freeman flooring nailers before. Here is a guideline for them.

It would be best if you positioned the nailer on the edge of the wood. The down part needs to be held carefully. Then you need to give pressure so that base plates get fitted to the surface of the wood. Now, this is ready to use. It’s not a tough job at all.

Let’s see the below video to know more about how to use a freeman flooring nailer.

Troubleshooting Of Freeman Flooring Nailers

What will be your mental condition if you found your floor nailer stopped in the midst of the work. Definitely, it will make you bored. You may face these types of problems frequently. For this reason, you need to have knowledge of troubleshooting. In this section, I will share some troubleshooting for you.

Before operating the Freeman floor nailers, you should follow some checking.

  • You should check the correct air pressure. Low or high air pressure can cause some problems like air leaks, slow retraction of the driver, splitting woods, etc.
  • You should use a couple of drops before operating the nailers. Low lubrication may cause air leaks, driver jams, no firing, etc.
  • One of the most vital things is to use the correct nails for the operation. Incorrect Nails may cause nail jams, misfire, etc.

Some specific symptoms and solutions

Frequent jam of fasteners

  • Use correct fasteners.
  • Unbent fasteners should be used.
  • Clean the magazine with an air hose properly.
  • Use the tightened screws for magazine
  • If the piston is broken or worn, replace it.

Double firing

  • The bump firing option may cause double firing.
  • Nailer doesn’t get enough pressure when a nail is fired.
  • The trigger valve is not releasing fast enough for a single shot.

No retraction or slow retraction of driver

  • Lubricate the nailer
  • Using without replacement of parts may damage O-rings. Install replacement kit if it is needed.

Final Words

The right choice of floor nailer is very important for professionals at their construction site or for people who want to improve their homes because it determines the accuracy and quality of the work. Besides, time is always a significant factor in home improvement or any other project. So, I think this 3 best freeman flooring nailer review is going to give you a clear idea of flooring nailers and their uses.

Among these three, if you want a full professional floor nailer with all the features you need, you can choose Freeman PFL618C.

Or, if you want a tool that can perform all the finishing woodwork, such as molding, cabinetry, or upholstery, in addition to installing solid tongue and hardwood flooring, then Freeman PFBC940 will be the best choice.

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