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Do you have any concerns about the waste of D-shaped nail strips? Your problem could be solved by using a wire-collated nail strip. However, the majority of cordless nailers on the market did not help wire weld nails (let’s say you’re reading this review because you’ve already chosen to go cordless). So, what will you do in that situation?

And don’t be upset. With this issue in mind, STANLEY BLACK & DECKER has created the Bostitch GF28WW Cordless Wire Weld Framing Nailer, which allows you to drive 28° wire glued nails even after bending or twisting the strip.

The Bostitch Cordless Framing Nailer GF28WW, driven by a NiCd battery and gas, is ready to drive up to 3-1/2 inch nails into any engineered lumber quickly and accurately.

Let’s jump straight into the Bostitch GF28WW review below to learn more about the awesome features of this cordless framing nailer.

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BOSTITCH GF28WW Cordless Wire Weld Framing Nailer

BOSTITCH GF28WW Cordless Wire Weld Framing Nailer
9.4/10Our Score
  • The product is CRDLS Frame Nailer
  • Easy to use
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • Adjustable Rafter Hook allows users to hang tool on rafters and joists
  • Low Nail Lock-out prevents dry fire and extends tool life
  • Depth Adjustment for precise countersink adjustments
  • Over-Molded Comfort Grip
  • Full Range drives 3 ½-Inch nails

Specification Of Bostitch GF28WW

  • Power Source: Battery and fuel cell
  • Fastener Diameter: 0.113 to 0.131 in
  • Nail Length: 2 to 3-½ in
  • Nail Type: 28 Degree Wire Weld
  • Collation Type: Wire Weld
  • Actuation Mode: Bump and Sequential
  • Magazine Loading: Rear Load
  • Magazine Capacity: 66 nails
  • Battery: 7.2-volt 1.4Ah Ni-Cd battery
  • Tool Weight: 8.3 lbs.
  • Dimension (H x L x W): 19 x 20 x 7 inches
  • Adjustable Belt: Yes
  • Rafter Hook: Yes
  • Tool-Free Depth Adjustment: No
  • Surface Protection No-Mar Pad: Yes

Key Features Of Bostitch GF28WW

  • Can drive 28-degree wire weld clipped and round head nails
  • Compatible with all generic brand fuel cells
  • Well-balanced and ergonomically designed that fit any hand size
  • Depth control system for accurate nail fastening
  • Lock-out feature to prevent dry-fire and extended the life of the tool
  • 270-degree adjustable rafter hook

Detailed Features Of BOSTITCH GF28WW

Built Quality

Bostitch did not compromise on quality while creating the GF28WW cordless framing nailer. They use all durable and sturdy materials to build it. The body of the GF28WW made of high-impact ABS plastic makes the tool lightweight but tough enough to resist any job site abuse. The contact arm and firing head are constructed with hard steel.

The most useful element of a nailer is the magazine, which is made of plastic but has an anodized plate through which the nails slip and a steel rim. Since most studs and joists come into contact with the foundation, we noticed a friendly touch on the Bostitch GF28WW magazine.

Enjoy The Flexibility And Portability

The Bostitch GF28WW allows you to enjoy the freedom and maneuverability of a pneumatic nailer without the tangles of messy cables or the noise of a noisy compressor. Setting rafters or trusses while working on staging, a ladder, or while walking on top of a wall plate is much safer with the GF28WW. With dimensions of 19x20x7, this cordless nailer helps you to drive around the job site quickly and easily, completing complex tasks with less time and effort.

Combined Power Of Battery And Gas

A 7.2-volt 1.4Ah rechargeable Ni-Cd battery is used by the Bostitch framing nailer cordless to create the spark for combustion to drive framing nails between 2 and 3-½ inches in length. Its one-hour battery charger helps reduce downtime by quickly and efficiently recharging the battery.

When you leave your Bostitch cordless tools unattended for a short period of time (during the break from work), the Power Saving mode stops you from running out of battery power. The fact that NiCd batteries are more likely to lose charge than Lithium-Ion while being stored. However, there is no discernible power difference between them.

The cordless nailer GF28WW utilizes a replaceable high-pressure red-accented fuel canister that could be used in any weather. Its fuel cell, which is anticipated to drive around 1,200 nails per canister under ordinary working circumstances.

The most interesting part is that it offers a convertible valve module for compatibility with Paslode, Senco, and Hitachi cartridges. The housing/cover of the fuel cell is well designed and very easy to load.

Balance And Performance

In the Bostitch Cordless Framing Nailer, we observe an excellent balance sandwiched between weight and power. The mass of 8.3 pounds is a bit heavier than Paslode (about half a pound), but it doesn’t break the line of other brands.

You will also get a proper cycle rate in this powerful Bostitch framing nailer. Therefore, you could drive 2 to 3 nails per sec in intermittent operation mode and drive 1000 nails per hour in continuous operation. However, it is not compulsory to exceed this rate as it may cause an overheating problem and may decrease the life span.

User-Friendly Design

For optimum usability, the handle of the GF28WW features an over-molded rubber grip. The open space below the handle is also large enough that you can grip it comfortably even after wearing gloves.

Therefore, you could enjoy comfort for all-day projects and maximize handling control for consistent, precise application.

One more thing I like to share with you, the pusher button or follower of the magazine is large enough to easily control it during the loading and unloading of nail strips with your gloves on, which you take as an added advantage over others.

Adjustable Rafter Hook

It comes with a large, sturdy, adjustable rafter hook that you can rotate about 270° and hang the tool on a rafter as well as in your belt based on your convenience. So, when it’s time to take a break, instead of putting it on the floor, you can use the adjustable rafter hook to hang it on the beam until you’re ready to start again.

Adjustable Depth Of Drive

It has an adjustable depth guide that enables you to set the nails to your required depth rapidly. When most cordless products follow tool-free depth-of-drive, it’s a bit awkward to use the hex wrench to solve the depth adjustment in Bostitch. However, we know by talking with the pro framer that once you set the depth, it will not need to change very frequently whether you’re planning to fasten extremely hard wood.

Low Nail Lock-Out

You will be thrilled to see that the GF28WW Bostitch design with a low nail lock-out feature to prevent dry fire, stretches tool life, and keeps you from firing an empty machine and marring the surface of your workpiece.

What’s In The Box?

The box contains

  1. A Bostitch GF28WW Cordless Wire Weld Framing Nailer,
  2. A rechargeable battery with a charger,
  3. One Hex Wrench,
  4. Safety Glasses,
  5. Operational Manual and Cleaning Guide,
  6. Warranty Card, and
  7. A usable Carry Case.

Benefits Of Bostitch GE28WW

  • Flexible to use, with no cords and hoses to drag around
  • Good for punch list work
  • A powerful alternative to a corded framer
  • Large magazine, excellent time-saver
  • Over-molded grip comfortable to hold
  • Can drive nails into purlins quickly and easily
  • Facing no jamming problem
  • Dry fire lockout system for extra-long life

Limitations Of GF28WW Framing Nailer

A bit more substantial than Paslode

Although the Bostitch gas nailer is more massive than the Paslode, it does not exceed the limit and maintains the balance between weight and power. Therefore, you will not feel substantial during work.

Observe frequent misfire issues

To prevent misfires, you can use recommended nails and follow other instructions stated in the instruction manual. 

Battery unable to hold power if not in use for a couple of days

It is typical for all Nickel Cadmium batteries. NiCd batteries could not hold the charge in stored conditions if you left it for a few days. I hope to improve the user experience, Bostitch will take care of this issue in the future.

The jam-clearing and depth adjustment process is not tool-free

Though Bostitch should keep a tool-free jam release system during its tool design, we observed very infrequent jamming issues on it. However, in case of any jam, you can use a hex wrench to clear it easily. You may also visit our page on how to clear jam to learn more about it.

It is regrettable that Bostitch designed a tool that has no tool-free depth adjustment option. Whatever, you can adjust the depth of the drive easily by using a hex wrench. So, it would be best if you not worried much.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Could I drive paper collated pins instead of wire weld?

It is designed to drive 28-degree wire weld nails only. 

Q2. Does the Bostitch framing nailer allow Paslode fuel cell?

Yes! Not only it allows Paslode fuel cells, but you can also use other brands including Hitachi, and Senco.

Q3. Can it flush nails on pressure-treated lumber? 

“I’ve used it on pressure-treated lumber almost exclusively with no problems” – said Carlos V. Flores. Not Carlos alone, all the framers tested it in treated lumber and were satisfied. We believe you will too. 

Let’s Enjoy A Video On Stanley Bostitch Cordless Framing Nailer GF28WW

Final Thoughts

The Bostitch GF28WW Cordless Wire Weld Framing Nailer is an easy-to-use and well-balanced nailer with ample power to drive 3-1/2″ nails and is more convenient than a compressor and hose system.

GF28WW is a spiffy device that you can use to build framing, fencing, trussing, decking, and sidewall sheathing for various jobs. Though it has some hurdles to overcome, its 2-years warranty and service commitment are ready to cover you. So, if you think cordless, you might check this out.

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