How To Use A Ramset Gun [With Video]

Ramset offers a variety of versions and how you will utilize them is vary. Some are very basic and required a hammer blow to the back to activate the charge to drive nails. Other models are semi-automatic triggers operated resemble firearms.

As a result, it is best to read the instruction manual that is included before firing.

I have a fairly basic ramset gun and it seems convenient for me to explain how to use a Ramset Hammershot Gun. However, I think you’ll be able to run other models as well after you understand the fundamentals of using the Ramset Hammershot Gun.

How To Use A Ramset Gun [Step By Step Guide]

Using a powder-actuated (PAT) nail gun is one of the best and quickest ways to secure a timber frame to a concrete slab or fasten steel bends to a masonry wall. The powerful force produced by powder-actuated guns makes it possible to gently insert nails into concrete walls, something that other nail guns cannot do. And Ramset is the first brand that springs to mind when discussing powder-actuated guns.

Due to its ease of use and potency, Ramset became one of the most well-known powder-actuated gun manufacturer brands after beginning its adventure to create construction tools in 1948.

If you are a new homeowner who has a ramset gun or planning to get one but doesn’t know how to use it, you’ve come in right place. We’ll outline the most simple methods for using a ramset gun and share the necessary videos.

Let’s start with safety measures.

Safety Precautions

As it is a powder-actuated gun, you must take some safety precautions before loading and firing. Otherwise, you may run the risk of suffering a catastrophic injury or you can wind up with damaged objects or a weapon.

Before loading the gun –

  • You must put on safety gear, notably earbuds, and glasses. Not only you, but any bystanders should also be wearing safety equipment. Poor safety equipment may not be able to provide your eyes or ears with the necessary protection. Therefore, always wear the appropriate protective gear.
  • For easy operation and a clear view, keep the workspace tidy. Put up a sign that reads, “Powder Actuated Tool in Use,” if you can.
  • Avoid placing your hand or finger in front of the gun’s muzzle. In the event of an unintentional discharge, your hand could suffer catastrophic damage.
  • Never load the gunpowder shell into the ramset gun before loading the nail. You could get hurt or the pistol could explode from an inadvertent charge. As a result, always insert the nail before the shell.
  • Before beginning, thoroughly read the instruction booklet, and always use the recommended fasteners and gunpowder shells.

During firing with the gun –

  • Never point a gun at anything or anyone besides what is being targeted.
  • The gun should always be held perpendicular to the surface you are securing. The nail can ricochet and cause damage with even the slightest alignment during the charge.
  • Never charge the gun before the nail is loaded.
  • When securing wood to concrete, provide a three-inch space between each nail, and when fastening steel to concrete, leave a half-inch space from the edge and a one-and-a-half-inch space between each nail. A ricochet could occur if a nail is fastened too closely to the edge or another nail.
  • Always make sure there are no flammable materials, such as gasoline or explosives, in the work area.
  • Always examine the materials’ hardness before fastening them. Never use a Ramset Hammershot to fire brittle or excessively hard materials like iron, tile, glass, or stone.
  • Never use a Ramset HammerShot to strike the nail directly into the brick. Instead, if required, drive through the horizontal masonry joint.
  • Always use nails that are of the proper size and strength. To use with the gun, Ramset has its own nails. It’s always better to use branded nails to get a good result.
  • There is no need to drill the wood or concrete before fastening.

Steps Of Using The Ramset Hammershot Gun

The Ramset Hammershot is a very basic .22 caliber powder actuated gun. It’s a very efficient and inexpensive gun. You can Once you read the steps, using it is quite effortless. Let’s cut to the chase.

1. Loading The Gun

Loading the Ramset gun is not too difficult. Check to determine if the gun is clean, which implies there are no cartridges or empty rounds, by pulling the grip and barrel apart with one hand each.

Also, test the gun’s functionality before loading it. Push the tool against the surface without loading any fasteners or powder. It’s OK to fire if the grip portion moves along the arrow and draws on the tool body.

Note: Common nails should not be used with PAT (powder-actuated) weapons. Ramset is known for its concrete nails, which are advised in this situation. Usually, a washer and a plastic sleeve are included with the ramset concrete nails. The washer protects from being penetrated deeply into the wood while the plastic sleeve keeps the nail centered and tight inside the barrel.

Once all appropriate safety precautions have been taken and protective gear has been worn, place the ramset concrete nail into the barrel. Insert the nail such that the blunt end only protrudes outside the weapon’s muzzle and the remaining portion stays inside.

2. Insert The Cartridge Or Powder Load

Pull the barrel and groove section apart once more. There is a little hole there for a .22-caliber cartridge. The narrow part of the load should be toward the barrel end as you insert the cartridge or shell into the hole. Now carefully close the groove.

Ramset does not permit the tool to entirely close for reasons of safety. Before blowing the hammer at the tool’s end, you will need to push it down once more. Otherwise, it will not fire.

Additionally, Ramset advises using only Ramset Load. No other ammunition or loads may be used in this firearm.

3. Marking And Positioning The Tool

Make sure the nails are not heated too near together. When nailing wood to concrete, it is preferable to leave at least 3 inches between each nail. And when securing steel to concrete, leave at least 1-1/2 inches between each nail. Additionally, avoid aiming nails at the edge of the workpiece. Maintain a 1/2-inch distance for steel and a 3-inch distance for wood from the side.

After obtaining the driving point, perpendicular the tool to it (at a 90-degree angle) and press the groove downwards.

4. Blow The Hammer

Use a pounding hammer to tap the metal pin that is placed at the tool’s end. A sharp strike should be attempted for smooth nailing. If you discover that the charge is not occurring, use the hammer once more.

On occasion, it is seen that the nail is not completely pierced. It might happen as a result of the load being too weak or the hammer only blowing partially. You can use the hammer to grounded the protruded nail. You also might conduct a test on scrap to prevent such occurrences.

Ramset Hammershot comes with three different color loads: green, brown, and yellow. Brown and yellow are the strongest colors, followed by green. You can choose the cartridge to get proper countersinking depending on how hard the concrete is.

5. Reset The Gun For The Next Firing

After the shot has been fired, dispose of the shell. To reset the gun, open and close the groove and barrel section a few times. To drive a new nail, load a new nail with powder shells. That’s how easy it is.


Can you drive readily available nails with it?

Not at all. Powder-operated weapons always require a specific kind of nail. It ought to have sufficient durability to resist powder detonation. Additionally, the nail needs a unique kind of plastic sleeve to retain it firmly inside the barrel, which is rare to the usual fasteners. It is advised to use ramset nails with ramset PAT guns as a consequence.

Is a powder-actuated gun suitable for all concrete?

No, not at all. Powder-actuated gun, especially a Ramset HammerShot is only suitable for soft or semi-hard concrete. It will not work for extremely hard concrete or objects.

Which is more cost-effective, renting or buying a Ramset Gun?

A Ramset HammerShot costs about $50, making it a fairly affordable tool. In contrast, renting a PAT nail gun will cost you $25 per day. Therefore, if you need a tool for two days, renting will not be cost-effective. you can check the exact price on Amazon.

Will you need a license to run the Ramset powder-actuated nail gun?

If you want to do any commercial construction with this powder-actuated gun, you’ll need weapons permission. However, as a homeowner, you can use it without the hassle of licensing.

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