Top 10 Best Palm Nailers: Ultimate Guide for Pros!

Are you curious why everyone is raving about palm nailers? The reason is simple: they are indispensable in any tradesman’s toolkit. The best palm nailers offer precise fastening and the ability to drive nails into wood, metal, or other materials, especially in situations where heavy-duty nail guns or even hammers fall short.

A palm nailer is a compact, lightweight nail gun powered by either an air compressor or a battery. Its small size and ergonomic design allow it to fit snugly in the palm of your hand, making it incredibly convenient for driving nails in tight spaces. Whether you’re working between studs placed closer than 16″ O.C. or fastening large common bulk nails to secure roof trusses, a palm nailer is an invaluable power tool for various woodworking projects.

However, finding the perfect palm nailer can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. With so many types of nailers offering an array of features and benefits, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s where this guide comes in. We aim to help you navigate the options and find the ideal palm nailer to meet your needs.

In this article, you’ll get:

1. The Best Mini Palm NailerBostitch PN50
Which is best for driving common bulk finish, framing, and timber nails.

2. Best Pneumatic Palm NailerMetabo HPT NH90AB
Which is best for installing joist hangers and metal connectors.

3. Best Cordless Palm NailerMilwaukee 2458-20
Which is good for use in indoor and outdoor woodworking projects.

4. Best Palm Nailer For Joist HangersFreeman PMPN
Which is good for building your deck, attache joist hangers, fencing, etc.

5. Best Palm Nailer For FramingBostitch PN100K
Is ideal for metal connector nailing, joist hangers, and pole barn projects.

6. Best Palm Nailer For FlooringPowernail PowerPalm
Is good for fastening the blind nail, top nail, tight spots, and corners.

7. Best Palm Nailer For The Money3PLUS HMPN50SP
You will find it in an affordable price and is best for joist hangers, decking, fencing, and driving nails common nails.

8. Best High-Speed Palm NailerRidgid R350PNE
Is good for high-speed nailing into any engineered lumbers.

9. Best Heavy-Duty Palm NailerSenco PC0781
Great for driving a wide range of nails 5d to 70d

10. Best Palm Nailer For DIYPorter Cable PN350
Will be the Best choice for framing and metal connector nailing.

What Is A Palm Nailer?

Palm nailers are versatile hand tools for driving individual nails in tight spaces and cramped areas. It works on the same principle as a nail gun and is powered by compressed air or battery power. They’re typically used by contractors, but they can also come in handy for homeowners who need to install door molding or do other repairs around the house.

Palm nailers are small and light, weighing, in some cases less than a pound. They’re simple to use and have a long reach for driving nails into hard-to-reach places where swinging a hammer is treated as risky to you and the materials. As a whole, they make the process much easier, faster, and more precise. And with many of these models costing less than $100, they’re affordable and can be used in virtually any trade.

However, you cannot replace the need for a framing nailer or other nail guns with a palm nailer as it can only shoot a nail at a time. So, where you need repetitive firing in quick strokes, palm nailers do not come in handy.

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How To Use It And How Does A Palm Nailer Work?

The palm nailer is easy to use – all you have to do is place it against your project, line up the tool so that the tip of the nails is touching your surface, then press it down with your palm pressure or press the button (if any), and that’s it.

Oh, Framers! To use it, you must first insert a nail into the tip of the nailer before applying it to your surface. It is, once again, a straightforward task. It would help if you first choose your desired nail, then insert it from the head side. The nail gun’s magnetic tip will hold the nail firmly in place on its own. And you’re done.

If you’re wondering how a palm nailer works, the nails are struck by a piston controlled by air pressure. It is similar to other pneumatic nail guns. Here, when you push the palm nailer after placing a nail precisely where you need it, compressed air causes the piston to pound on the nail. All of this happens in a matter of seconds.

As with other nail guns, you should take precautions, such as wearing earbuds while using a palm nailer, because it and its associated air compressor can be noisy. You may also experience some vibration while driving nails, so be prepared for that.

What Are The Different Types Of Palm Nailers?

As with other nail guns, palm nailers are primarily of two types – pneumatic and electric or cordless.

In terms of pneumatic vs cordless palm nailers, pneumatic palm nailers are the most common and widely available on the market. They are inexpensive and sturdy in design. To use them, you just need to connect them to an air compressor.

You will get the necessary power to drive nails into any lumber uninterruptedly with this type of palm nail gun. However, you need to oil them on a regular basis to keep them effective.

On the other hand, cordless palm nailers are expensive since they come with an internal power source such as lithium-ion batteries. But they are reliable to use in either indoor or outdoor conditions once the battery is charged.

Again, we may divide the palm nailer into two groups based on its design: mini and full size.

In mini vs full-size palm nailers, the mini palm nailers are designed to drive common bulk nails that are 2 to 3-1/2 inches long, whereas full-sized palm nailers may drive up to 60d-70d or longer nails.

What Do You Use A Palm Nailer For?

Palm nailers are meant to fill in the gaps left by collated nailers. As a result, you’ll find them beneficial for a variety of tasks, including decking, framing, securing metal connector straps, pole barn construction, and other small-scale tasks like building photo frames and installing furniture, doors, or window casings.

With some special types of palm nailers, you can also drive L-cleat nails to install flooring tiles or even do blind nailing, top nailing, transitions, doors, and corners.

10 Best Palm Nailer Reviews

There are several different palm nailer models out there, and it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you. With so many different options, it’s important to know what you’re looking for in a palm nailer before making your purchase decision.

Based on their functionality, relevance, and durability, we have compiled a list of the top 10 palm nailers for your convenience.

Let’s dive in.

1. Best Mini Palm Nailer: Bostitch PN50 Mini Impact Nailer

Key Specifications:

  • Rubber grip for insulation and reduction of vibration
  • 360° swivel air fitting for maximum maneuverability
  • Fort air exhaust directs air away from the users
  • Sequential with contact trigger actuation
  • Can drive 1″ to 3″ common bulk nails

The Bostitch PN50 Mini Impact Nailer is a tool for jobs that require a lot of precision. Small enough to fit in your hand and light enough to carry around, this nailer will help you get the job done right.

This product is designed with rubber grip technology so that it can be used comfortably for long periods of time. The rubber grip also helps to reduce the vibration effect during nailing and works as an insulator to save your hand from heat generated during operation.

The 360-degree swivel air fitting and front exhaust port of the Bostitch PN50 ensured maximum accessibility no matter where you were using the device. This nailer drives the most common bulk finish, framing & timber nails up to 3 inches in size.

What’s Good About It?

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver in tight corners
  • Powerful enough to drive up to 3″ common bulk nails
  • Ideal for securing joists and metal connectors
  • Vibration reducing technology
  • 7-years of extensive warranty

What Could Be improved?

  • It needs to put oil each day
  • Cannot drive big bulk nails


If you’re looking for a nailer that will save you the hassle of swinging a hammer between 16″ O.C. and won’t break the bank, the Bostitch PN50 mini impact nailer is the one for you.

2. Best Pneumatic Palm Nailer: Metabo HPT NH90AB

Key Specifications:

  • Magnetic nose design to securely hold nails in place
  • Over-molded rubber grip
  • 360-degree pivotal air connector
  • Lightweight, 1.3 pounds only
  • Compatible with 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches bulk nails

When it comes to nailing metal straps or joist hangers, the Metabo HPT NH90AB is one of the few pneumatic palm nailers that has made it to the top. For a couple of reasons, I recommend this impact nailer to you. When you get to the features, you’ll see why.

The Metabo HPT NH90AB, the new face of the Hitachi palm nailer, is a powerful and lightweight option for contractors installing joist hangers and metal connectors. It weighs only 1.3 pounds, which feels trivial on your palm.

Its magnetic nose can hold a fastener in place for safe and accurate fastener placement, while the over-molded rubber grip provides added comfort, better hold, and reduced vibration. You can drive 2-1/2″ to 3-1/2″ bulk nails with it for every DIY and pro need.

It also features a 360-degree swivel fitting for maximum maneuverability and ease of use. Its exhaust port is likewise positioned in the opposite direction of the user, preventing you from being bothered by exhausted air.

What’s Good About It?

  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • It allows single-handed use
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Great for odd places or attics
  • Less kickback
  • Long 5-year of warranty

What Could Be Improved?

  • A bit louder
  • Sometimes air leaks if the compressor is not set at its optimum


The Metabo HPT NH90AB has all of the necessary characteristics of an ideal palm nailer. As a result, if you’re looking for easy maneuverability and high-powered engineering, you can rely on this best palm nail gun.

3. Best Cordless Palm Nailer: Milwaukee M12 Palm Nailer

Key Specifications:

  • Powerful 12-volt motor with an impact mechanism
  • Industrial-duty magnetic collate for a secure hold
  • Built-in LED to illuminate working space
  • 2700 BPM and 2.2 feet-pound energy for high efficiency
  • It supplies a hand strap for comfortable handling

The Milwaukee M12 palm nailer will be your best match if you seek maximum functionality, durability, and comfort zone. Why does it stand out from the crowd? That’s exactly what we’re about to discover.

First of all, you won’t need to use a hefty compressor or an air hose to operate it. Yes, it’s designed to drive nails with a 12V REDLITHIUM battery that can deliver 2.2 ft-lbs of blow energy. As a result, driving nails into any engineered or solid lumber is no longer an issue. Plus, its REDLITHIUM battery provides better performance when compared to other batteries, resulting in more work per charge and longer battery life.

With 2700 beats per minute pounding, the Milwaukee palm nailer could drive nails up to 4 inches (6d-16d) into the wood and other materials. It also includes a LED light, a magnetic tip, and a hand strap for convenience. It has an ON/OFF switch at the top of the nailer to ensure user safety and a battery life indicator.

You’ll receive optimal performance and overload protection with this 2458-20 Milwaukee tool for longer life, thanks to its REDLINK intelligence. The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on the item.

What’s Good About It

  • Compact and portable
  • Powerful enough to do its job effortlessly
  • Superior battery pack for best-in-class performance
  • Great for hard-to-reach places and one-handed operation
  • It supports working in dark corners with its LED
  • Safe, silent, and easy to use

What Could Be Improved

  • A bit hefty compared to its pneumatic contenders
  • It creates more vibration than the pneumatic palm nailers


Because of its exceptional technology and ergonomic design, the Milwaukee 2458-20 is surely an excellent pick for your tool arsenal if you’re looking for the best cordless palm nailer.

4. Best Palm Nailer For Joist Hangers: Freeman PMPN Mini

Key Specifications:

  • Lightweight and mini palm nailer, 1.38 pounds
  • Accepts 2 to 4 inches of common bulk nails
  • Operating pressure 80-100 psi
  • Magnetic tip nail holder for secure nailing
  • Built-in internal air filter
  • Supplies anti-dust cap to protect the tool from dust and debris

Freeman’s palm nailer is a lightweight, easy-to-use tool that is powered by an air compressor. This palm nailer has a magnetic tip that allows you to place the nail at the end of the gun and then pull it into place.

The magnetic tip also makes fastening projects much more manageable! You can easily drive 6d–16d (2 – 4 inch) bulk nails with it for decking, fencing, or joist hanger installation.

Freeman PMPN has a rubber grip design that allows you to operate for lengthy periods of time without being fatigued. Its ergonomically designed body is great for long hours of use, and it has an integrated air filter and anti-dust cover to keep debris out.

What’s Good About It?

  • The compact design allows you to work in tiny corners.
  • Rust-resistant metal body and parts
  • It’s comfortable and simple to use.
  • It’s perfect for minor jobs or at home.
  • Excellent value for money

What Could Be Improved?

  • A little louder, the need of wearing an ear protection kit
  • Need a continuous supply of high air pressure to run it


Professional contractors or DIY homeowners searching for a solid but low-cost nailing instrument that can readily crack the tight corners will find the Freeman PMPN mini palm nailer indispensable.

5. Best For Framing Palm Nailer: BOSTITCH PN100K

Key Specifications:

  • Sequential shooting mode with a contact trigger
  • The nose is magnetic and has a recessed nail groove
  • For maximum endurance, the nose is made of hardened steel
  • The complete package includes: a standard, finish, and large-bore nose, leather glove, hex and nose wrench, lubricant, and O-rings
  • Supplies a hard carry case for secure transportation

I believe you enjoy Bostitch’s durability and performance but at the same time want to get a little more power to drive a variety of nails to build framing. In that case, the PN100K is a perfect palm nailer specifically designed to meet your needs.

It is a compact, lightweight palm framing nailer that’s best for anyone working in spaces that are awkward to reach for a regular nail gun or hammer. It delivers the power of larger framing nailers in a smaller package. You can drive up to 5 inches of bulk nails with it at a rate of 70-100 PSI pressure.

Besides being lightweight (2.9 pounds), the Bostitch PN100K features an ergonomic design that maximizes comfort and minimizes hand strain.

The magnetic nose of the Bostitch PN100K impact palm nailer has a hollow nail slot that keeps nails snugly in place so you don’t have to stop and restock as often.

Standard, finish, and big bore nailing are all possible with this pneumatic palm nailer, which comes with three different noses. Whereas the finished nose aids in the driving of tiny nails such as brads, the big-bore nose enables the shooting of longer bulk nails for heavy-duty operations.

What’s Good About It

  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Accepts a wide range of tasks with multiple noses
  • Excellent for pole barn works and laminated veneer or SYP lumbers
  • Probably the only palm nailer that allows smaller finish nails
  • Designed with comfort in mind
  • Reasonably priced
  • Suitable for DIYers and professionals alike

What Could Be Improved

  • Consume more air than their competitors
  • Altering the nose is a bit challenging for some


It’s uncommon to come across a single piece of machinery that can apply both small finish nails and large bore nails. Not only that, but it also allows you to drive nails into difficult-to-reach corners that other professional nailers or even a hammer can’t. So, if you’re going to work on a variety of tasks, the Bostitch PN100K impact nailer kit will be a great choice.

6. Best Palm Nailer For Flooring: Powernail PowerPalm

Key Specifications:

  • Can drive 16 to 18 gauge, 1 to 2 inches L & T style cleats
  • Pressure-activated insert cleats with minimum or no force
  • Rotating tip designed to drive cleats in tight spaces
  • A magnetic tip holder keeps the cleats in place

PowerPalm is a palm-sized flooring nailer from Powernail that can be useful if you need a small but powerful tool to drive your flooring cleats into awkward places like the first level or the last rows.

It can drive L-style and T-style cleats (floor nails) in hardwood and engineered tongue and groove flooring. Powernail PowerPalm is designed to be one of the best solutions for blind nailing close to the wall that is currently available. It also assists in eliminating top nailing on both types of flooring, as well as driving the first row, final rows, and tight spaces in any installation.

The Powernail Palm001 is a small, lightweight face nailer that weighs only 1.3 pounds and fits comfortably in your palm. Its pressure-activated feature makes cleat driving through hardwood and other floors a breeze. It can assist your tongue and groove flooring by driving both 16 and 18 gauge power cleats.

To ensure the highest level of user experience, it has a specially designed tip that fits into the nail pocket to hold cleats securely when driving them into place. The magnetized tip holds the flooring nails in place until they are.

What’s Good About It

  • Great nailer for installation of flooring
  • Powerful to drive both 16 & 18 gauge cleats
  • The best solution for blind nailing starting and final rows and tight spaces
  • Eliminated the need for top nailing for increased aesthetics and durability

What Could Be Improved

  • A bit expensive compared to other palm nailers
  • It is specifically designed for flooring nails, and cannot drive other framing or finish nails


The Powernail PowerPalm Floor Nailer is a specialized instrument designed for one purpose: driving flooring cleats. You can’t use it for other basic carpentry tasks. However, it comes in handy and is considerably more effective when blind-nailing the first, last, and tightest rows of flooring. As a result, if flooring installation is your sole aim, you can choose it to make your task more accessible and aesthetic.

7. Best For The Money Palm Nailer: 3PLUS HMPN50SP Mini Palm Nailer

Key Specifications:

  • Aluminum body made by die-casting
  • Magnetic nose for accurate placement of nails
  • Drives up to 3-1/2” long common bulk nails
  • Ergonomic grip to max user comfort
  • Front exhaust directs air away from the user

If you’ve already decided on a palm nailer but want something that’s both robust and affordable, the 3PLUS HMPN50SP mini palm nailer is likely the best deal on the market. It has all the features that you also find in other high-priced models.

Its body is built of high-strength die-cast aluminum to make it endure job site damage. Not only is it sturdy, but also It’s extremely light, weighing just over a pound, allowing you to work in tight locations faster and more precisely.

You can drive up to three-and-a-half-inch bulk nails with this 3PLUS HMPN50SP mini palm nailer to build decks, and fences, or install joist hangers. It incorporates a magnetic nose that keeps the nail in place to minimize slippage, and the air exhaust output is angled away from the user to improve shooting comfort.

What’s Good About It?

  • Exceptionally light
  • Strong enough to hammer nails into treated wood
  • Can work in confined spaces with precision
  • There are no issues with jams or bent nails
  • One-handed operation is possible
  • Affordability

What Could Be Improved

  • It does not have the heavy rubber mold on top of the nailer
  • A little louder


The 3PLUS HMPN50SP Mini Palm Nailer combines all of the capabilities of a palm nailer at an affordable price, making it a must-have for DIYers, but it would also be useful for a handyman.

8. Best High-Speed Palm Nailer: Ridgid R350PNE Palm Nailer

Key Specifications:

  • Tool-free depth adjustment system
  • Aluminum-made durable metal body
  • Self-cleaning internal filter for extended tool life
  • Magnetic nose for holding nails securely
  • Hex grip handle for comfortable grip
  • Swivel quick connector for max maneuverability

When it comes to palm nailers, it’s difficult to overlook Ridgid R350PNE. Without a doubt, it is the best framing palm nailer available, capable of handling full-size standard bulk nails ranging from 6d to 16d. It’s compact, light, and ergonomically constructed, making it excellent for both amateurs and professionals.

The 2.9-pound weight of the Ridgid palm nailer may appear to be a little heavier than that of its competitors, but its zinc top and aluminum body make it sturdy and give enough strength to drive nails effortlessly. Because it has a micro-adjustable depth of drive system, you don’t have to worry about over-flushing the nail head or damaging the work surface.

The Ridgid R350PNE Palm Nailer incorporates an adjustable hand strap that provides secure, snug-fitting, and has options both for right and left-hand operation for ultimate user comfort. It also has a micro-texture hex grip on the top to decrease vibration and slippage while nailing.

What’s Good About It

  • The best lifetime service facilities in the industry
  • It can drive nails up to 2X faster rate
  • Superior depth control for perfect nail flushing
  • Metal body that is designed to last a long time
  • It’s comfortable and simple to use

What Could Be Improved

  • Can drive only 6d to 16d nails
  • A bit expensive and louder


If the warranty and customer support make value to you, Ridgid R350PNE Palm Nailer is indeed a good choice. Though it is a little more expensive and heavier than other palm nailers, its features and extensive customer assistance definitely impressive.

9. Best Heavy-Duty Palm Nailer: Senco PC0781 Pneumatic Palm Nailer

Key Specifications:

  • Drive a variety of nails ranging in length from 2 to 7 inches
  • Soft rubber pad grip built-in for a comfortable grip
  • Design with a magnetic nose for safe and precise nailing
  • Leather straps are included for enhanced comfort

Hello, DIY Framer! Do you know what size nails to use to join lumbers together? The general guideline is that you’ll need nails that are 2-1/2 times longer than the thickness of the wood you’re fastening. As a result, to fasten a 3-inch thick truss, you’ll need to use a 70-penny nail, which is 7 inches longer.

However, the majority of power nailers on the market, whether palm or framing, are designed to drive up to 16-penny or 3-1/2-inch nails. As a result, you may believe that using a hammer is your only alternative for driving such long nails. No, not at all. With the Senco A20 hand nailer, you can drive common bulk nails ranging from 2″ to 7″ into any solid materials, even in hard-to-reach corners.

Despite the fact that the Senco PC0781 pneumatic palm nailer is built for heavy-duty operations, it is lightweight and durable. Senco also makes it simple to build pole barns, decks, and fences, as well as connect metal connector straps, ties, joist hangers, and anchors.

What’s Good About It

  • It’s ideal for both light and heavy-duty woodworking projects
  • Design that is both light and balanced
  • It’s excellent for driving nails into damn difficult corners.
  • Faster and more convenient to use
  • It allows both left and right-hand operation.

What Could Be Improved

  • Pricier than other palm nailers reviewed in this article
  • It does not include any quick swivel connector


I don’t think you’ll need any other power nailer for your home DIY construction projects once you obtain the Senco PC0781 palm nailer — the fastest heavy-duty palm nailer available. It is long-lasting and well-balanced, and it can drive 5d to 70d nails, making it an all-purpose nailer for DIY and professional woodwork.

10. Best DIY Palm Nailer – Porter Cable PN350

Key Specifications:

  • Multi-blow firing mode can generate 2300 BPM@100 PSI
  • Front exhaust to direct air away from the user’s palm
  • Magnetic nose with a recessed slot for the secure and fast holding of nails
  • Swivel quick connector to minimize twisting of hose
  • Operating pressure 50-120 PSI
  • Can drive 1-1/4″ to 6-1/2″ common bulk nails

We’ve reached the end of our reviews and will discuss a palm nailer ideal for homeowners searching for a small, portable nailer for their home improvement projects. And we selected our next contender from a well-known brand Porter-Cable.

The Porter Cable PN350 palm nailer may be smaller and lighter than the PN650, but it has all of the features and better control like a standard-sized nailer, making it the best palm nail gun for DIY. Furthermore, it will help you reach tricky corners that other nail guns or even a hammer cannot reach.

You could drive any length of framing, finishing, or metal connecting nail with the Porter-Cable PN350 mini impact palm nailer’s multi-blow capability. Yes, indeed! With this little palm nailer, you may affix a wide range of common bulk nails ranging from 1-1/4 inches to 6-1/2 inches, which is unachievable with other smaller palm nailers.

To ensure user comfort, Porter-Cable included a swivel fitting to minimize hose tangling and placed the air exhaust at the front of the PN350 to secure the nailer. It also has a magnetic nose to help with rapid and precise nailing.

What’s Good About It

  • Small and light, with excellent balance and control
  • Robust, capable of producing 2300 BPM
  • Suitable for driving a variety of bulk nails
  • It is safe and convenient to use

What Could Be Improved

  • Although it claims to be able to drive up to 70d nails, it works best with up to 16d


Because it can drive 3d to 16d common nails accurately and effortlessly in any odd situation, the Porter Cable PN350 palm nailer would be a fantastic addition to your toolbox for house remodeling or other modest projects.

Buying Guide Of Palm Nailer

At the outset of this essay, we reviewed the fundamentals of palm nailers and assessed several products in that light. Now is the time to gain some specific knowledge that will assist you in making an informed decision about which palm nailer to purchase. Let’s get this ball rolling.

Some Tips On Choosing Your Own Best Palm Nailer?

The requirements and work on your hand are the most important factors in determining the best palm nail gun. Furthermore, the following topics will assist you in determining what criteria you should check before making a purchase.

Power Source:

A battery or an air compressor typically powers palm nailers. Palm nail guns with batteries are more convenient and portable, but they are also more expensive and difficult to maintain. Pneumatic palm nail guns, on the other hand, are more economical and practical than cordless versions. Still, they require a specified level of air pressure, usually 50 to 125 PSI, to achieve maximum output.

As a result, if you want a palm nailer that enables you to use it indoors and outdoors, you should opt for a cordless one. Or, if you already have a matching compressor and don’t need to do much outdoor work, a pneumatic palm nailer is an excellent option.

Interchangeable Head:

You may not require a palm nailer with replaceable heads if the work is very particular. However, if you have a wide range of jobs to complete, from finishing to framing, it’s evident that you’ll need to drive nails of varying lengths and heads. Palm nailers with interchangeable heads can drive a variety of bulk nails ranging from 5d to 70d. During our study, we found the Bostitch PN100K impact nailer to have this functionality.


Palm nailers are designed to be used with a single hand to drive nails in tight spaces where a larger nailer or even a hammer would be ineffective. As a result, they must be small, tiny, and light in weight. The majority of the palm nail guns on the market weigh one pound or a just little more. Thus, if the palm nailer weighs more than that, it will be considered uncomfortable for the users.


We found that most palm nail guns on the market are smaller since they are meant to work in compact spaces. Despite this, it’s merely a reminder to stay away from any palm nailer that is cumbersome.

User Comfort:

If you buy a device that you don’t feel comfortable using, you will eventually find it unusable. Check whether the palm nailer comes with a rubber grip and a hand strap before purchasing because the rubber grip provides a non-slip grip while also reducing vibration. And the adjustable hand strap helps you to use the palm nailer conveniently in any setting.

Nose Tips:

The nose tip of the majority of palm nailers has a magnetic recessed nose. The magnetic nose helps to keep the nail head firmly in place so that it does not move while driving nails. It also facilitates single-handed operation. As a result, you should check to see if your nailer has this feature.

Nail Compatibility:

The interchangeable head functionality is analogous to the nail compatibility function. If your palm nailer has an adjustable head, you can be sure it will work with a variety of nails. If that isn’t the case, make sure the palm nail gun you choose suits the type of nail you’ll be driving in your project.

Depth Adjustment:

Although the majority of palm nailers feature a built-in depth adjusting system, some do not. To achieve the exact nail sung during shooting, you’ll need to alter the depth. As a result, be confident that your one has this trait.

Swivel Support:

When it comes to pneumatic palm nail guns, you’ll need to use a coupler to connect the airline. If it’s a fixed type, the hoses are likely to wrap around you while you’re working. Therefore, the palm nailers, which come with swivel connectors, can provide you with 360-degree rotation capabilities, allowing you to avoid situations and maximize movement. So, let’s check whether your one is supporting a swivel connector or not.

Safety Features:

If not used appropriately, all power tools have the potential to cause harm. This is also true for palm nail guns, which rely on high air pressure or a powerful battery to work. As a result, you should be cautious when using it, and it is best to read the instruction handbook before starting nailing.

Palm nailers, on the other hand, offer certain built-in safety precautions. Magnetic nose, for example, or an air exhaust port. If your palm nailer has a magnetic nose, it will assist you in keeping the nail in position until you are ready to fire it. Furthermore, the front-facing exhaust outlet helps you avoid hot air directed toward you during operation, allowing you to focus on your work.


Accessories make your job more comfortable. Some palm nailer brands on the market come with a handful of accessories and others do not. So, you should check what is included in your package. Some useful accessories for palm nail guns are a carry case, hand strap, cover, wrench, oil, O-rings, etc.

Tips On The Palm Nailer Maintenance and Service

It is vital to maintain your palm nailer on a regular basis if you want it to operate well for a long time. You can learn more about maintenance and repair issues by reading the manufacturer’s instruction book. However, we’d like to provide a few key suggestions in this respect, which are listed below.

Warning: Before running the cleaning and inspection procedure, disconnect the tool from the air supply or separate the battery. Make sure all issues have been resolved before resuming usage of the device.

Clean And Inspect the Daily

Wipe the external section of the tool with a cloth soaked in a non-flammable cleaning solution after use every day. Remember not to immerse the tool in the cleaning solution because this could damage the internal components.

During the cleaning process, check the tool for any loose screws, wear, or damage. Tighten the screws and nail guide bushing with a hex wrench or open-ended tool if necessary. If loose screws or bushings are ignored, they might result in personal injury or tool damage. So, before returning to work, consider it seriously.

Oil Daily

If the tool is pneumatically powered, it is self-evident that you will need to lubricate it on a daily basis. Apply at least 5 to 6 drops of recommended air tool oil before starting your day to get the most benefit and extended life.

Service And Repair

As a result of regular use, the instrument will show signs of wear and tear. If you discover any damaged or worn parts, always seek professional assistance to repair and service them properly. If the product is still under warranty, consider contacting the manufacturer or an authorized service center for the best outcomes.


Can I replace the use of a nail gun with a palm nailer?

A palm nailer is a multipurpose instrument that may often outperform a manual hammer. They’re useful when you need to drive nails in tight spaces or oddly shaped areas or when you need to drive hurricane straps or metal connectors where you need positive placement of nails. Palm nailers are also low-cost and portable.

As a consequence, only a few compact nail guns can help you drive nails in unusual spots, and there is no other option for driving positive placement nails except to use pricey nail guns developed for the specialist job (like the Bostitch MCN150 Metal Connector Nailer). Palm nailers are a better option than a nail gun in this regard.

However, palm nailers will not come in handy if you need to conduct heavy work like building frames or siding or if you need to drive a lot of nails in a short amount of time, such as installing hardwood boards.

As a result, one cannot replace the functionality of another. So, if you’re a professional carpenter, get two, or if you’re a DIY homeowner, get a palm nailer.

Electric vs pneumatic palm nailer: which one should I go for?

Both electric and pneumatic palm nailers have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Pneumatic palm nailers are more common and durable, but they must connect with a hefty air compressor and regular oiling. Once the battery is charged, electric or cordless palm nailers can drive nails indoors and in outdoor conditions, but they are a bit weighty and vibrate more.

If you look at maneuverability, you’ll notice that pneumatics lag behind cordless. Pneumatics, on the other hand, is the clear victor when it comes to consistent performance.

So, which one is better for you is entirely dependent on the type of task you’ll be doing.

Can I use a palm nailer for roofing?

Some palm nailer brands are designed specifically for driving roofing nails. Grip-Rite Roofing Mini Palm Air Nailer, for example. You may drive 16d nails in hard-to-reach spots like beneath overhangs and eves with this particular form of palm nailer. It is sometimes more efficient than a standard roofing nailer.

Can I use a palm nailer to drive the finish or brad nails?

Palm nailers are used to driving bulk nails into hard-to-reach places where a standard nail gun or hammer would be ineffectual, such as fastening joist hanger nails into the joists’ sides.

Finish or brad nails have a petite form and are frequently used to secure delicate wood items such as trim or crown molding. The head of a palm nailer is slightly wider in diameter and is frequently used to drive positive placement nails such as joist hangers or metal connector nails. It is similar to a mini jackhammer and produces vibration during nailing. As a result, because the trim and molding are lightweight and fragile, it may split them all over and not be the best tool for driving finish or brad nails.

Some palm nailers, on the other hand, include interchangeable heads. One example is the Bostitch PN100K. You can use its finish nose set to drive finish nails up to a certain level. But you cannot actually eliminate the need for a finish nailer or brad nailer totally with the palm nailer.

Can I use a palm nailer for joist hangers?

Yes, indeed! The primary purpose of a palm nailer is to drive joist hanger nails. As a result, they are the most acceptable alternative for joist hanger fastening.

Show me the best palm nail gun for installing 3/4 hardwood flooring.

According to our study, we find the Powernail PowerPalm Floor Nailer as the best option for installing ¾ hardwood flooring.

Final Thoughts – Takeaway From Our Discussion

Palm nailers are becoming increasingly popular due to their compact size and lightweight. They’ve become indispensable when you need to fasten positive placement nails but don’t have access to a nail gun or hammer. It is, nevertheless, critical to select the appropriate palm nailer for your tasks.

As a result, we’ve compiled assessments of ten of the best palm nailers based on their skills and functionality.

If you want a compact, lightweight palm nailer with a vibration-reducing benefit, the Bostitch PN50 is the ideal option. The Metabo HPT NH90AB, on the other hand, will provide you with a significant boost when it comes to pounding full-sized nails.

If you want versatility, the Bostitch PN100K has a multi-head nose set that lets you drive a variety of bulk nails. The Powernail Palm001, on the other hand, is built for specialist tasks such as driving flooring nails.

You can also choose the Milwaukee 2458-20 M12 from our selection if you don’t want to buy an air compressor or get tangled up in air hoses.

And our entire selection is ideal for doing the essential work, such as pounding positive placement nails for joist hangers and metal connectors in difficult-to-reach areas. Let’s choose your favorite and have fun.

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