Nail Your Next Project with The Best Air Compressors For Nail Gun

You can’t use any pneumatic tools without an air compressor because they require compressed air.

So, whether you’re a professional user who needs to use various pneumatic tools regularly or a DIYer who needs a pneumatic tool for everyday tasks like nailing and painting, there is no alternative to having the best air compressors.

But with so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs.

Our article will help you by freeing you from the fatigue of browsing online and from the leg-breaking pain of ransacking physical stores. We have made a rundown of just the 10 best air compressors for nail guns that will excel in any type of nailing.

Our careful focus was to find the best air compressor for woodworking because that type of compressor can easily handle any tool in need of air pressure to run smoothly. And the premium products discussed here will never stall or delay your work, and at the same time, none of them will break the bank.

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So, without further ado let’s check the list of the 10 best rated air compressors below-

1. Best Overall Air Compressor For Nail Gun – PORTER-CABLE C2002

Its long-lasting, maintenance-free, oil-free pump can provide up to 150 PSI pressure for long-term performance. Its rapid recovery pump can quickly create a flow rate of 2.6 SCFM@90 psi, making it ideal for running any pneumatic tool, such as a framing nailer or impact driver.

2. Best For Multipurpose Uses – Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV

The FP209499AV horizontal 3-gallon air compressor by Campbell Hausfeld is suitable for various tasks like powering airbrushes, or air nailers such as brad nailers, and completion of furniture upholstery. Its oil-free pump is built to last and requires no maintenance. It comes with a 10-piece kit that you may use straight away after unpacking.

3. Best Air Compressors For Framing Nailer – Dewalt DWFP55126

Dewalt was built to give a high flow rate to run heavy-duty framing nailers to every crucial project whereas Campbell Hausfeld was only good for light-duty nailers. It can reach a maximum pressure of 165 PSI while being quiet at 75.5 dBA. It has an oil-free, maintenance-free pump that ensures long-term performance.

4. Best Portable Air Compressor For Nail Gun – Bostitch BTFP02012

The Bostitch’s high-flow regulator and couplers are engineered for maximum performance, and the compact pancake air compressor is easy to maneuver with one hand. Its fuel-efficient engine is especially great for starting in cold weather. The oil-free, maintenance-free pump ensures simple operation.

5. Best For Professional Uses – Makita MAC2400 Big Bore

The 2.5-hp 4-pole Makita motor can output up to 4.2 CFM @ 90 psi, allowing you to run two framing nailers at once. Its large-bore cast iron piston and cylinder can swiftly and quietly achieve high compression.

6. Best Small Air Compressor – California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S

If you require an air compressor to power small pneumatic tools such as brad nailers, airbrushes, or staple guns, the California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S is an excellent alternative. It’s ultra-quiet (just 56 decibels) and light. Its oil-free pump necessitates less maintenance and incurs lower expenditures.

7. Best Air Compressor For Home Use – Porter-Cable CMB15

The Porter-Cable CMB15 has a fully concealed 1.5 gallon tank that makes it easy to transport. Despite its limited tank capacity, it can produce 2.0 SCFM@ 90 PSI pressure and 150 PSI max pressure, allowing speedy recovery for the nailing job.

8. Best Electric Air Compressor – Metabo HPT EC99S

The 15 Amp direct drive induction motor in the Metabo HPT EC99S electric air compressor is designed for dependable and efficient performance. It contains a locking regulator to ensure that your machine receives the proper pressure. The universal fast coupler allows for quick tool changes.

9. Best DIY Air Compressor – SENCO PC1010 Hot Dog Air Compressor

The SENCO PC1010 1 gallon Hot Dog air compressor is an excellent choice for DIYers searching for an air compressor that can handle a wide range of home maintenance and construction tasks. It’s small and light, and it can provide 20 to 44 drives every minute.

10. Best Performance Air Compressor – Craftsman CMEC6150K

Craftsman CMEC6150K 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor produces 150 PSI, making it an excellent choice for precision nailing work. It offers optimum portability, rapid air storage, and quick starts even in cold conditions.

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The Following Is A Study Of The 10 Air Compressors For Nail Guns:

1. Best Overall Air Compressor For Nail Gun – PORTER-CABLE C2002

We recommend the porter cable air compressor as the best air compressor for nail guns in the market for its function. This air compressor can provide air up to 6 gallons at a time. The porter-cable air compressor is so compatible and user-friendly that any kind of element can be dealt with.

PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor C2002

Features Of Porter-Cable C2002:

150 psi pressure:

Among all the air compressors we have been using and seeing till now, 100 psi is the average capacity. But the porter cable air compressor stores 150 psi more pressure for a more extended period. It makes it different and unique in the market with its high capacity. Moreover, very few nail gun air compressors in the market can store such air as the porter cable air compressor.

Quick compressor recoveries:

The porter cable air compressor allows a speedy compressor recovery at a time. It generally makes 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi, which is very much convenient for projects that involve any kind of nailing, especially for woodworking nailers. The quick compression recovery feature has made this air compressor to be the most demandable nail gun air compressor on the market.

6-gallon pancake-style tank:

The porter cable air compressor possesses a 6-gallon pancake-style tank. The 6-gallon capacity makes it suitable for many draining at a time. It can be used for any kind of draining, be it with air or water. Thus driving nails on project surfaces becomes a breeze when nailers are backed with such capacity.

Convenient for all temperatures:

The maximum air compressor gives temporary errors and inconveniences in several seasons. Especially in winter, this problem arises the most. But the porter cable air compressor has a low-amp 120-volt motor, which gives a massive boost to the air compressor. The motor doesn’t become too rusty to lag the services. The air compressor remains stable throughout the year providing constant services, be it for nailing or relative anything else.


Many air compressors require extra oil to have a safe and proper flow of the motor. But the motor of the Porter Cable air compressor is so compatible that it requires no oil to run. The whole air compressor is run electrically, giving no buffering to the flow. Thus you don’t have to stall midway while nailing for roofing or home projects.


  • Because of its pancake-style tank, it’s quite portable.
  • High-pressure storage aids in the consistent application of the correct countersink.
  • It works well with nail guns and other pneumatic instruments.
  • With its high-efficiency motor, it could be used for a long time.
  • Its oil-free technology makes maintenance a breeze.


  • Not recommended for heavy uses
  • Complicated to use properly

Final Opinion: The porter cable air compressor is one of the best air compressors to buy. From pumping your fundamental devices and tools to painting your ceilings, and driving nails to build 2x4s frames, this air compressor can be of great importance and use. We recommend it as one of the best air compressors for our day-to-day life.

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2. Best For Multipurpose Use – Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV

If you want to make modest DIY woodwork and inflate car or bike tires, the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor is the perfect air compressor for you. It’s so versatile that you can use it for everything from inflating your car tires to air sofas, jumping balls, and attaching trim molding with a brad nailer. It is considered to be one of the most widely used and practical air compressors for a variety of applications.

Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV Portable Air Compressor

Features Of Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV:

3-gallon tank capacity:

The capacity of the Campbell Hausfeld is very much highly satisfying and usable for daily purposes. It offers 3 gallons tank capacity that can almost fill 3 or 4 car tires quickly without having any disturbances. Moreover, the tank capacity enables it to hold the air for a longer time for further uses. You can also use it for professional and simple nailing tasks such as crown or trim molding installation, birdhouse construction using a brad nailer, and upholstery work.

Oil-less motor:

The Campbell Hausfeld air compressor doesn’t require any oil on its motor to run smoothly. This is no doubt an outstanding feature of a modern-day air compressor. An oil-less pump means a long-lasting service of the air compressor. That means you don’t need much maintenance and servicing of the air compressor. This will not only save your money but also will provide a smooth flow of while nailing for a new project or repairing and prevailing one.

Home inflation kit:

Any air compressor with a home inflation kit provides you the best service for the home workings and usual tasks. The Campbell Hausfeld has a 25-foot recoil hose, needle, needle adapter, 2 inflator nozzles, and air chuck, all to provide the best, and the most decent service to the customers. It also has on-board storage to keep all the kits—no wonder why it is one of the best air compressor for pneumatic tools.

110 psi pressure:

Air compressors having high-pressure capacity make it suitable for a wide range of works. It certainly makes a remarkable feat when the customers get a high pressurized air compressor for home-based works and vehicles. The Campbell Hausfeld air compressor has 110 psi to give its customers the best and most prominent service. It also has 90 psi recovery compression to finish the nailing project faster and smoother.


The Campbell Hausfeld air compressor is very light. You can carry it to any place. You can also keep it in your car to use for any emergencies. The lighter weight and easy maintenance are the stand-out features as people of all walks of life can use it with no hindrance.


  • It’s lightweight and portable.
  • It is excellent for nailing and upholstery work.
  • It’s ideal for any quick and simple household chores.
  • Tires of all sorts of vehicles can be pumped.
  • It’s possible to use it for cleaning.


  • A bit louder than the Porter-Cable Pancake air compressor.
  • Heavy-duty nail guns, such as frame nailers, are not recommended.

Final Opinion: It is best known as the top rated air compressor for home use. But compatibility makes it feasible for all works like home and away usage, from pumping cars to cleaning the seat, the Campbell Hausfeld other than being the most recommended air compressor for nail guns.

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3. Best Air Compressors For Framing Nailer – Dewalt DWFP55126

You’ll require an air compressor for a nail gun for doing the wall fixings of home, workplace, etc. The fixation of the glass at the home, car, shops, etc. can be convenient as well as a critical job. The air compressor that is typically recommended for this type of work is the Dewalt pancake air compressor. It is one of the best air compressors for framing nailers with high power and fixation ability.

DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor DWFP55126

Features Of Dewalt DWFP55126:

165 max psi:

The pressure capacity of the air compressor is one of the most crucial factors to reckon —the higher the pressure, the better the air compressor. The Dewalt pancake compressor having 165 psi, is one of the most outstanding air compressor tools on the market. The pressure is enough to do any kind of technical work inside and out of the house. Most professionals recommend it for its outstanding pressure capacity, crucial for driving bigger nails on a tough surface.

Efficient motors:

The Dewalt compressor has highly efficient motors that can run without any minimal inconvenience. The motor can run without any errors when it is used for a more extended period. It is so efficient that it works perfectly all the year-round. You will not encounter hindrances caused by weather or the season’s impact.

Power supply:

As the air compressor is run by electricity, it certainly needs a proper power supply. The Dewalt air compressor has 120V, 60Hz, 10amps., universal motor providing a constant current supply to it to keep working for hours on end. It enables the proper and safe flow of electricity to the air compressor. The power supply is so efficient that it makes hardly any defect due to excess current flow.


The Dewalt air compressor is very much recommended for professional work. So, it is made very light to carry more frequently and keep along on the go. This Dewalt air compressor tool is exceptionally usable under any kind of situation. It fits well in any type of desired place.


  • Home fittings are durable
  • Makes convenient in works
  • Considerable power supply
  • Can be carried easily


  • Fittings might mismatch due to extra pressure.
  • Heavy pressure might affect the continuity.

Final Opinion: The Dewalt version of the air compressor is handy for doing any kind of fixations. It makes the work so fluent that you can hardly get rid of the spell created by its service. Any amount of air filling works can fully be done by the Dewalt air compressor and the most recommended one for the finish nailer.

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4. Best Portable Air Compressor For Nail Gun – Bostitch BTFP02012

Nailing for precision, home repair, and roof fixing has always been a special and desirable function superbly assisted by the air compressor. The spaces and areas where hands and cleaning stuff cannot go is a pain for all of us. It becomes a serious issue when it comes to cleaning those areas perfectly. The Bostitch BTFP020126-gallon pancake compressor is an outstanding air compressor for nail guns to drive nails successfully in narrow spaces satisfactorily.

BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor BTFP02012

Features 0f Bostitch BTFP02012:

150 psi pressure:

The pressure generated by the air compressor has always been a top priority by the customers. The Bostitch air compressor provides 150 psi pressure, which is very satisfying for its service and functions. On top of nailing, the high-pressured air flow cleans and removes any obstacle with its thrust. Any size nail, as well as the screw, can be pushed by it thoroughly.

Highly efficient motor:

The Bostitch air compressor has an excellent generalized motor to match the supreme quality of the brand. It has highly efficient engines that work in any season and weather without any kind of disruption. All-time service is provided quite convincingly by the air compressor. No adverse impact of the weather can be seen on its service throughout the year.

Included components:

The Bostitch air compressor has some extra parts included with them. The pneumatics, automotive air tools, and portable air compressors are crucial and advanced air compressors’ tools. It makes the Bostitch air compressor superbly functional for many tasks in general and for nailing particularly.


An oil-free air compressor tends to have fewer errors and more long-lasting features. The Bostitch air compressor needs no oil to run. The electricity provided to it makes it run smoothly with no disruptions. It requires no extra oil or liquid to reduce the friction of the motors. The highly efficient motor makes the whole nailing process run without any hindrances.

6-gallon pancake:

The Bostitch air too is a 6-gallon air compressor. That much of air capacity is very much convenient and long-lasting for a wide range of works. It can serve multiple tasks at a time convincingly. The air gallon keeps and stores the air for the future without any wastage. Having 150 psi pressure requires much air capacity in the tank to use. The Bostitch air compressor satisfies the user in this regard.


  • Nailing in remote corners and on the roof has never been easier.
  • The use of high pressure allows for precise countersinking.
  • Within a few seconds, it can achieve its maximum pressure.
  • It’s simple to clean the surroundings and inflate car tires.
  • Long-lasting performance is ensured by the use of robust materials.


  • Complicated to use
  • Suitable for specific works only

Final Opinion: It is one of the best air compressors for all the tricky and tough work to buy nail guns. Moreover, if you are to clean your car edges, sofa corners, bed edges, etc. using air pressure, the Bostitch air compressor is very much recommended. Its high psi with large tank capacity makes it a favorable air compressor for nail guns as well as cleaning purposes.

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5. Best For Professional Uses – Makita MAC2400 Big Bore Compressor

Professional workers tend to use the air compressor which saves their time by doing a lot of work at a time. Also, its long service is a matter to look for. If all these are to be done, then the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor is an air compressor to have.

But the unique and fascinating features make it the people’s favorite for empowering all types of nailers. That is the reason Makita air compressors have earned the fame of being the best air compressor for pneumatic tools.

Makita MAC2400 2.5 HP Big Bore Air Compressor

Features Of Makita MAC2400:

Cast iron pump:

This one is a Makita air compressor that is made up of cast iron. Cast iron makes the body healthy and firm. The shape of the Makita air compressor is substantial and makes the performance of the air compressor steadier.

130 psi pressure:

The Makita air compressor provides 130 psi pressure. It makes the pressure of the air compressor stable. This robust air compressor produces 4.8 CFM @ 40 psi and 4.1 CFM @ 90 psi which is enough for two nailers to create a stable flow through the nail guns. It is very much suitable and usable for professional work.

Oil lubrication:

This Makita air compressor model offers oil lubrication to keep the air compressor relaxed. It makes a proper generation of the motors and continues them to run fluently. The oil reduces the friction of the engines and keeps the motor cool.

Powerful motors:

The motors of the Makita air compressor are mighty and useful for professional work. It has a powerful 2.5 HP 4 pole motor that produces 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI for increased productivity. When generated through nail guns, its productivity shows its best form.

Lower noise:

The Makita air compressor runs at a lower RPM (1,730), resulting in lower noise and improved pump durability. This makes it suitable for doing any kind of nailing work making a noise-free and peaceful environment.


  • To generate less noise, run at a low rpm.
  • Stable pressure aids in achieving a uniform depth of thrust when nailing.
  • Multiple pneumatic tools can run at the same time thanks to powerful motors.
  • For long-term use, the body is strong and inflexible.


  • Oil lubrication minimizes the validation

Final Opinion: Though the Makita air compressor is vastly used for nailing projects, almost all professionals find it superbly functional. Starting from industrial practices to official actions, it has provided its service quite convincingly.

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6. Best Small Air Compressor – California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S

An air compressor is very essential, and a tool in high demand for any kind of air-filling works. To make an overall solution, the California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S is one of the most preferable and suitable tools for your air-filling tasks.

California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Light & Quiet Portable Air Compressor

Features Of California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S:


The California air compressor is made for putting any kind of power tool into action. It is made to move from one place to another when need be, and it is pretty lightweight. That makes it comfortable and good handling of the nail guns when they seek air compressor backing.


The oils destroy the texture of the motors damaging its lasting capacity. For that, the California air compressor is made oil-free to make the air compressor long-lasting and durable. It not only satisfies the user but also enables the motor to work for a longer duration with the maiden efficiency.


This air compressor uses the 0.6 HP motor at 90 psi pressure. It uses a configuration that produces fewer sounds. It keeps the environment and surroundings peaceful and calm. The motor, with its power and pressure, makes the perfect build-up for regular home project nailing.

1-gallons steel tank:

The California air compressor has a capacity of 1 gallon in its steel tank. The air pressure enables the flow of air through it. When connected with a nail gun, it shows perfect and desirable air draining.

Quietest air compressor:

The 1P1060S Portable Air Compressor is one of the quietest air compressors in the industry, with only 56 decibels. The engine is running at a mere 1680 RPM, producing less noise and tears. Therefore, it is the ideal air compressor for anyone working inside, where sound is a real concern.


  • Small unit for convenient use with a brad nailer or finish nailer.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Good motor for peaceful and calm operation.
  • Oil-free motor for maintenance-free long-lasting use.


  • Low capacity, suitable only for small air tools.
  • Can produce less PSI.

Final Opinion: Besides running any type of nail gun, the California air compressor can be used for a wide scope of daily purposes like pumping the tires, soccer balls, etc. Its merging with nail guns makes it popular among other air compressors. It is one of the best air compressors for making a perfect combination that can handle both the home and outside work with ease.

7. Best Air Compressor For Home Use – Porter-Cable CMB15

Air compressors have been an excellent means of work for carpenters and construction contractors under any condition. The air compressor makes any work more comfortable and accomplishes nailing tasks more efficiently. For general home-based works, we have a Porter-Cable CMB151.5 gallon air compressor, which is the best with nail guns. It makes unusual tasks so convenient and comfortable that you’ll fall for its services.

PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor Kit

Features Of Porter-Cable CMB15:

150 psi:

The porter cable air compressor is very efficient when it comes to controlling air pressure. It has 150 psi pressure with 90 psi compressor recovery. It makes the airflow and performance of the air compressor pretty much swift for a longer time. Moreover, it gives a quick recovery of the compression that makes the work more efficient and faster. What can be more desirable for nail guns that need air pressure ceaselessly?

1.5-gallon tank: This version of the porter cable air compressor has a 1.5-gallon tank. It keeps the air and produces it suitably. It allows for draining the water through the valve. Very few air compressors have the feature of removing the water valve as well as the air. These features lead the porter cable air compressor much ahead in the race than many other air compressors.

Motor: The porter cable air compressor has a 120V motor that starts quickly in cold weather. This is the reason it is a highly recommended air compressor for all kinds of home tasks for the whole year. The motor service is the best when it comes to providing any type of work under any circumstances. No adverse weather can affect the motor.

Oil-free: The porter cable air compressor is an absolute oil-free air compression. The machines are run on electricity. The oil-free feature makes the air compressor have less maintenance and serve for a long time. Therefore, it is one of the best air compressors to buy that is the jack of multiple trades.


  • It has a lovely concealed body that makes it easy to travel and protects it from outside items.
  • The maximum tank pressure of 150 PSI ensures rapid airflow for a longer period of time.
  • The ability to recover quickly from compression enables consistent performance.
  • A drain valve is included, which is uncommon in other air compressors.
  • The oil-free pump ensures long-term functioning.
  • It can be used in any season.


  • Not recommended for heavy use.

Final Opinion: The porter cable air compressor is a convenient-to-handle and oil-free air compressor in the market. Moreover, it works throughout the whole year which makes it ideal and usable for all. Any kind of home-based nailing along with light and professional work can be done by the air compressor with ease.

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8. Best Electric Air Compressor – Metabo HPT EC99S

Individual professionals tend to work for a long time for better and excellent results. As a result, the air compressor they use should have the ability to withstand that stress. The Metabo HPT EC99S electric air compressor is the one known for durability and compatibility. It prevents specific problems like overheating, burning, etc. That makes the best air compressors for nail gun and perfect for the place where sparks may fly.

Metabo HPT Air Compressor EC99S

Features Of Metabo HPT Air Compressor:


The motor of an air compressor is one of the most important parts. The Metabo air compressor has a 15-amp direct inductive motor. The motor provides efficient and smooth production to its work. Moreover, it can work for a longer duration of time.


The body of the air compressor is another very crucial component of the tool. The full protection of the air compressor depends on it. The Metabo air compressor has a 4-gallon body of cast iron. Cast iron gives a firm and rigid structure and configuration to the body. It makes the air compressor much more rigid and protects it successfully from outer barriers.

Oil lubrication:

The Metabo air compressor is lubricated by oil to provide a smooth service of the motor. The motor needs some medium to reduce friction. The oil makes it happen, and the air compressor can serve firmly.


The Metabo air compressor has a locking regulator that provides proper regulation of its pressure. Being a professional air compressor, it must have the functions to make balance and regulate the weight at a particular stage. Thus, lock regulation is enabled to create a continuous flow of pressure for the desired time. That is why it is most convenient of all to put off safely when your nailing task is over for this locking regulator.


  • Twin stack 4-gallon compressor is easy to carry with one hand.
  • Cast iron made a rigid and tough body for long-lasting uses.
  • Pressure regulation can provide a continuous flow for a particular time.
  • Oil lubricated pump keeps it cool during operation for greater longevity.
  • It has an automated overheat protection system for safer use.


  • Oil lubrication upsurges the hassle of maintenance.

Final Opinion: The Metabo air compressor is one of the best professional air compressors for nail guns in the market by any consideration. It provides the service so smoothly that it hardly creates any disturbance while using it. Having such a rigid body with so little weight makes it suitable to carry. It becomes a very appropriate choice for professionals for their regular work.

9. Best DIY Air Compressor – SENCO PC1010

Renovation of a home is very complicated work. It requires specific air fittings. Again, crafts also require several tight fittings for proper beauty. The SENCO PC1010 1 gallon air compressor is an ideal air compressor that can be used for these purposes. It is one of the best rated air compressors for specific works like home fitting, renovations, and glass fittings, on top of all types of nailing projects.

Senco PC1010 Portable Hot Dog Air Compressor

Features Of Senco PC1010:


The Senco air compressor is normally preferred for various professional works. So, it has to be carried to a lot of places. As a result, its weight is made much more convenient to make it possible to be carried and handled easily.


The power of the Senco air compressor is 0.5 HP. It is comparatively less than the other air compressors but provides the best and enough service for the work it is assigned. Moreover, it delivers 20-44 drives per minute, which is an outstanding feat for its motor.

1-gallon capacity:

The Senco air compressor has a 1-gallon air capacity in its tank. The jobs like renovation, crafting, etc. require a certain amount of compression. Since it is assigned for those specific tasks, its gallon capacity can be utilized correctly, having it connected with nail guns.


  • It’s small and light, making it easy to transport.
  • Uninterrupted use is possible with 20-44 drives per minute.
  • It’s a home-based air compressor that can be used for nailers, pinners, and other tasks.
  • It is difficult to realize that the machine is running due to its ultra-quiet functioning.


  • Less gallon capacity
  • Low HP of the motor

Final Opinion: The Senco air compressor is an ideal air compressor for any kind of proper use. The main functions it serves are the excellent works for home-based DIY tasks. With proper utilization, this can be one of the best electric air compressors for nail guns with home usage.

10. Best Performance Air Compressor – Craftsman CMEC6150K

The craftsmen usually remain deeply engaged in their work. Their work comprises of tight air fittings, removing homes, fixing house roofs, and more. All these works can be done by having a perfectly designed air compressor for them. For that, we have the Craftsman CMEC6150K 150 psi air compressor that provides the best and most suitable performance to the craftsman.

But the high PSI rate has made it perfect, and a go-to option for nailing tasks, and you can apply it both in precision and heavyweight nailing projects.

CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor CMEC6150K

Features Of Craftsman Air Compressor:

6-gallon tank:

The craftsman air compressor has 6-gallon tank capacity in it. The tank capacity is made so to provide the maximum service to the craftsman. It provides much draining to make no interruption to their work. With this capacity, a craftsman can do many tasks in a regular flow.

Oil-free pump:

The oil is generally toxic for the motors. It damages the texture of the engines and lowers its validity. The craftsman air compressor is oil-free. It enables us to have an extended validity of the air compressor. The air compressor also tends to give service with less maintenance than usual.

150 max psi:

The craftsman air compressor has 150 psi to ensure a convenient flow of stress in its service. Its pressure at a different level can be utilized according to its need. Its airflow and working generation are controlled and generated by its pressure.


The craftsman air compressor is made such that its motor works throughout the whole year. The craftsmen usually do work throughout the whole year. So, they have their own needs and demands of their work and service of the air compressor. It faces no errors under any diversified condition.

Extra accessories:

The craftsman air compressor has additional kits for its usage. It has a 25′ X 1/4-inches PVC air hose with coupler and plugs assembled. It also has a tire chuck with a cap, blows gun with plug, tire gauge, blows arm with OSHA safety nozzle, rubber tip, and three inflator adaptors. The kits are provided to give the best service and maintenance to the users.


  • Large capacity to keep the nailer going for a longer period of time.
  • It comes with extra accessories to help users get the most out of their experience.
  • Craftsmen can do a wide range of tasks throughout the year.
  • Oilless machine free from combustion and ring disintegration.


  • For craftsmen only
  • Heavyweight

Final Opinion: The craftsman air compressor is one of the best air compressors for nail guns used by the craftsman. Besides, any kind of crafting can be modified and improved with the craftsman air compressor. This is very much recommended if you are to do any type of massive or crafting work too.

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Features To Look For In An Air Compressor For Nail Gun

Now that you have come across some of the best products that can prove great while working, it’s up to you to choose the right one matching your needs, budget, and preference. The factors you must be aware of when purchasing a nail gun for you have been covered briefly but sufficiently below. If you ensure that you have followed everything said in this buying guide, you can end up with the best air compressor for a nail gun. Here you go:

Single Vs. Two-Stage Air Compressors

The Air compressor needs a pump to inhale free air to store inside the tank. That requires the compressor robust drawing in power, and this difference in air-drawing ability categorizes the compressors in two types:

  1. Single Stage, and 
  2. Two-stage.

To get the idea clearer, you must know what PSI and CMF refer to. Read on, and you will have those briefed in this section later.

A single-stage Air compressor is typically empowered with 155 PSI that can enable a rotating tool to run at a CMF rating below 100 PSI. Therefore, if you require the nail gun to run at CMF rating above 100 PSI, you should go for a two-stage air compressor. And the two-stage counterpart is capable of at least 175 PSI outages to power force any tool to move at CMF rating over 100 PSI.

Oil Vs. Oil-less

The machines in a compressor may run with or without oil, and the one run at oil must have an oil tank. That results in a significant increase in the size and weight of the compressor. On the contrary, the oilless machines ably run and cut down the tool’s weight and size to a compact level.

Better be told that oilless compressor machines create noise while running. Therefore, if you prefer a quiet compressor, you can go for an oil-run compressor machine. But whether the engine runs with or without the oil, it doesn’t affect the compressor’s performance.


PSI is a measuring standard or metric to gauge the amount of air pressure that the compressor can push the tool with. It stands for Pound Per Square inch. Any compressor in the market will surely come equipped with the functional PSI, and so you need not worry about this. But how much psi for a nail gun should your lookout too, especially when your requirement is above the basic. PSI is one of the two crucial factors, the amount of which defines whether a compressor is of single or two-stage one.


Another factor worth-checking while going for an air compressor for your nail gun is CFM meaning cubic feet per minute. Like the previous one, it is also pretty important to define the compressor’s power and performance. What makes it even more crucial is that if the CFM rating of the compressor and the pneumatic tool doesn’t match, you should be ready to face the worst.

A mismatch between the CFM rating of the powering and powered tool will cause stalling, delay, and other issues. Therefore, to avoid any type of malfunction while working, you should cross-check again and again to find a match between the CFM level of the compressor and the tool targeted to be run at air pressure.

Tank Size

The size of the compressor tank is an important factor to be careful about in the buying process. The rule of thumb is that the bigger tank will give you the desired convenience to keep your nail gun working at full power. Therefore, for smoother working for a longer duration of nailing, you should go for the bigger tank size.

But if your priority is a portable air compressor, you must consider which size will serve you longer and still will not break your hand while carrying it.


Portability is another crucial feature you should pay serious attention to. Obviously, there are compressors in the market which are more portable and have a bigger power source than others. An air compressor may be portable in two ways – being compact enough to carry easily and equipped with wheels and handles if sturdy enough to shift. And the portable compressor may have mounts if the size is not to handle with a bare hand.

Wheels and handles become a must-have feature for the air compressors used in an industrial setup. And you also need these for bigger construction sites where you need to power a tool from air pressure for hours on end. The upside of the wheeled and handle air tools are that they are simple and easier to use.

On the flip side, these components tend to wear, tear, and rust over time. But if you maintain it properly and be closely attentive about the components they are made, these are great to go. The best way to determine which wheels and handles are long-lasting is to follow what other users say. Therefore, give more time in the user feedback to get the best idea in this connection.


Maintenance of an air compressor meant for a nail gun is the most important task. While maintenance of any power tool is a time-consuming and sometimes costly task, it saves you both money, time, and gifts you with convenience in the long run. A regularly and well-maintained air compressor will save your huge downtime if the tool is meant for industrial use, and for other users, you will not face stalling or delaying while working.

While an oilless machine will require less maintenance, you cannot predict which unit will cost you huge maintenance time and money. In this connection, too, you have to rely on what the first-hand users of the particular brand or model say. But the units reviewed in this article will give you a lesser run on your money and time.


The general rule of thumb is that you will get what you pay for. But the case sometimes appears different if not reversed. It is not impossible to have your unit not serve you as expected, but it was a costly purchase. Conversely, the budget and affordable unit may prove to be the most efficient. So to reach the right air compressor that matches your need and which may be the best one in its entirety, you have to do a bit of research and leg work. If you don’t want to do that, go for any one of the products reviewed here.

All the criteria briefed above have earned our special attention while planning these 10 reviews for the best air compressor for woodworking. Woodworking being a heavyweight job, obviously requires air compressors that can supply air pressure for a longer period and high amount. And while you need the small compressor for precision nailing, any of these can be the best small air compressor for nail guns by regulating pressure expertly.

How to use a nail gun with an air compressor?

Using a nail gun is comfortable but not a simple task. You need to be careful of many things while using it. It is easier to run it rather than attach and detach all the components. Let’s show you in steps how to use and put off a nail gun after using it.

  • Select the nail gun you want to use. There are many, but you must be specific about your task-related nail gun.
  • Take the nails you want to use. As you have selected what nailer to use, you already have made up your mind about the nails to drive.
  • Now, it is time to prefer the crucial power tool. Deciding in favor of the air compressor for running your nail is not the end of the job as there are options to choose from. Go for the one that matches your task.
  • Connect the air compressor with the nail gun. Prior experience may ease the job of connecting, but the manual should enable a fresh user to come out successfully.
  • Put on the safety gears – goggles to protect your eyes from flying dust and dirt and a hard hat to save your skull from mismanaged tools.
  • Now, you should be ready to go. This is the most crucial step as you need to know how much pressure to regulate for the target nail and surface to work on.
  • Before Switching off the air compressor, turn the regulator slowly down. Now switch it off and release the remaining air by opening the safety valve.

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What’s the best air compressor?

The best air compressor is a relative term, not to refer to a single type. It singularly depends on the task you are up to. That said, the best air compressor should be the one that serves to power your pneumatic tool to perform the most.

For that, it must be compatible with the functioning tool by matching the recommended PSI and CFM requirements. You may suffer buying the most exclusive and expensive ones that cause stalling, delay, and malfunction after adjusting with the nail gun. But the affordable and budget purchase compressor may run the smoothest if it is compatible with your particular nail gun.

What size air compressor for nail gun?

Bigger size is better when it comes to the tank size of the air compressor. But bigger than the required size will just waste your money if you use one for a regular job or if you are just a weekend DIY warrior.

Who makes the best air compressors?

The best air compressor is the one that supplies the required amount of air pressure to finish the nailing, painting, and other related jobs sufficiently. For that, you must purchase the air compressor perfect for your task. As you have already known how to select the right air compressor by determining the crucial features of PSI, CFM, and the capacity needed for your job, you can reach the best one easily.

What kind of oil do you use for an air compressor?

While oiling your pneumatic tool requires you extra money, you should consider it as a kind of return on your investment as oiling saves the wearable parts from being fried. But it is easy and simple. You just need to select the right type and avoid the wrong ones.

There is oil in the market meant and made for lubrication for pneumatic tools, and you should go only for them. Oils other than the said one may be counter-productive and even damaging for your costly device. A wrong choice of oil may cause seal destruction, combustion, and disintegration of -rings.

What is the best air compressor for brad nailers?

Whenever you are buying an air compressor for your brad nail, you must not avoid that is the pressure requirement. Therefore, matching the recommended pressure of the nailer with the target compressor may turn it out to be the best one.

You will have a combo kit, including the brad nailer, with the air compressor that may save you from the risk of going for the wrong pressure requirement.

What is the best air compressor for the finish nailer?

The quest rather should be about the right air compressor, and the right or best air compressor for your finish nailer should be the one featuring 120 PSI air pressure and about 2 CFM rating. That capacity of air compressor will prove to be highly effective for driving the finish nails crucial for a home project.

What is the best air compressor for roofing nailers?

As the roofing nailer deal with small nails requiring lesser PSI and CFM rating, the air compressor with a 1-gallon capacity will serve the job fullest. But a bit more will not harm your project.

Wrap UP

You have reached the concluding part of the article is evident that you have already gained authority and knowledge on what to look for and how to buy the best air compressor for your nail gun. But our days-long research has given us in-depth exposure to customer reviews and the product selection process. With that in mind, we will suggest going to the task-specific air compressor.

Keeping the PSI requirement and CFM rating right, you can go a little bit up, not the least down in terms of capacity. Going far up the capability than your standard requires will not give you an extra return on your additional investment. Therefore, the best air compressors for nail guns are the ones that serve your purpose the best and do not go past your budget.

As a result, the PORTER-CABLE 6-gallon air compressor is a good choice if you need to run a heavy-duty framing nailer or other air equipment. The California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S, on the other hand, would be the best choice if you require a compressor that can power any finish nailer or small objects like sports balls.

Experts who run a small woodworking shop, on the other hand, should consider the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore Compressor. In terms of capability and performance, each air compressor discussed in this article is the best. You can put your faith in them.

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