Bang for Your Buck: The Top 5 Ridgid Nail Guns for Any Project

Hello Framers! Welcome to our reviews on the five best Ridgid nail guns that you just need to complete a woodworking project from start to end.

Today we’re here to discuss a set of completely new devices (in terms of brand name popularity) in the arena of nail guns compared to other renowned brands such as Paslode, Hitachi, BOSTITCH, DeWALT, or Porter-Cable.

So, why would we opt for Ridgid tools to review? Find underneath the reasons-

  • First, I realized that I was getting tired of considering buying something exclusively for my tool bag.
  • Second, I’m sure these things have created a lot of hype lately despite being new.
  • Finally, the devices bearing the name RIDGID have been designed for strength, efficiency, and legacy.

Although we’ve been listening about the Ridgid nail gun for a couple of years, basically it’s a 96 years old company. Yes, Guys! Ridgid started its first journey at North Ridgeville, Ohio, in 1923 by inventing the world-changing tool – a modern pipe wrench. After then, it was not look back. In the years 1966 and 67, Ridgid tied up with Emerson Electric and the Kollman Company to increase its strength and spread all over the world.

Thus the name Ridgid is associated with the invention of many new technologies, some of which are first in their class, such as the Red Pipe Wrench, Pipe & Bolt Threading Machine, cutting threads without using oil, and more. Many of their inventions help us make the process environmentally friendly, too.

When such a renowned and trusted company starts the manufacturing of nail guns, it is obvious that they’ll deliver the best products on the market.

Please see the video below to get a glimpse of the Ridgid Power Tools:

Ridgid comes into the business of nail guns about a couple of years ago and already creates a lot of vibration.

“Ridgid is for those who know the work’s limits and how to go beyond it.”

So, let’s join us to check some of the best Ridgid nail gun reviews.

List Of 5 Best Ridgid Nail Guns That Every Framer Crew Desire To Have One

RIDGID R350RHF Framing Nailer
RIDGID Coil Roofing Nailer
Ridgid R213BNE Brad Nailer
RIDGID R250SFE 2-1/2 in. Straight Finish Nailer
Ridgid R350PNE 3-1/2-Inch Palm Nailer
Product Title
Product Title
RIDGID R350RHF Framing Nailer
RIDGID Coil Roofing Nailer
Ridgid R213BNE Brad Nailer
RIDGID R250SFE 2-1/2 in. Straight Finish Nailer
Ridgid R350PNE 3-1/2-Inch Palm Nailer
Fastener Length
Fastener Length
2 – 3-1/2 inch
3/4 – 1-3/4 inch
5/8 – 2-⅛ inch
3/4 in. to 2-1/2 in.
1½ – 3½ inches (4d – 16d)
Wire weld
Bulk Nails
7.0 lbs.
4.0 lbs.
4.5 lbs.
3.6 lbs.
2.9 lbs.
23.4 x 5.8 x 15.3 in.
13.9 x 5.2 x 12.2 inches
9.2 x 2.6 x 10 inches
13.25 x 3.33 x 10.75 inches
4 x 3.5 x 5 inches
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Top Ridgid Nail Gun Reviews On The Market

Professional framers or contractors all the time required a full set of tools to do a variety of jobs to complete their projects. Keep this in mind tried to prepare brief reviews on the top rated Ridgid nail guns – framing, roofing, brad, finish, and palm nailer available on the market. Let’s enjoy it.

1. Ridgid R350RHE 3-1/2” Round Head Framing Nailer

If you ask me – why do we choose Ridgid R350RHE Round Head Framing Nailer despite having many options on the market, even some of which are very illustrious?

The simple answer is – Ridgid framing nailer is one of the fastest in its class, which can drive eight nails per second, while other nailers can fire only three per second. Although this velocity sometimes makes it difficult for framers to get used to, it is an excellent tool to complete your projects with lighting speed.

Is that the only reason? Nope! It is one reason among many. You’ll get almost all the characteristics of other high-end nail guns in it without spending extra. Let’s find all of them in our features section below.

RIDGID R350RHF 3-1/2 in. Round-Head Framing Nailer

RIDGID R350RHF 3-1/2 in. Round-Head Framing Nailer
9.4/10Our Score

Specification Of Ridgid Framing Nailer

  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • Operating Pressure: 70 -120 psi
  • Fastener Length: 2 – 3-1/2 in.
  • Fastener Dia: .113 to .148 dia., 16d nails
  • Collation Type: Plastic
  • Magazine Angle: 21-degree
  • Magazine Capacity: 60-70 nails
  • Air Consumption: 0.17 ft3/cycle at 100 psi
  • Air Inlet: ¼ NPT
  • Tool Weight: 7.0 lbs.
  • Tool Dimension: 23.4 x 5.8 x 15.3 in.

Features Of Ridgid Framing Nailer

When you’re carrying a constant weight continually, a little addition of gravity makes you feel substantial. So, it necessitates being lightweight when you’re holding a framing nailer, as you’ve to drive nails with it all day.

Keeping this thought in mind, Ridgid Power Tools choose magnesium to construct the body of R350RHE. We’re sure that the Ridgid R350RHE is a lightweight and durable instrument, and you will never feel hand fatigue while completing your heavy-duty or large-scale projects.

The Ridgid R350RHE engine is built with a robust internal piston catch that is capable of delivering constant driving power. With this strength, you can flush 3-1/2-inch (16d) nails into any engineered or hardwood effortlessly.

When using this R350RHE framing nailer, you don’t have to mess with a hose, as it designs with a quick link swivel connector that allows you to operate flawlessly in remote or tight locations.

This will also enhance the swiftness of working with its customizable exhaust and muffler. While the muffler reduces the sound, the exhaust diffuser directs the air away from you.

The Ridgid air framing nailer designs its handle with Hex-Grip over-mold to ensure maximum comfort. You can select the actuation mode during the run by merely turning a knob. The tool-free depth control mechanism will help you get the precise driving range, and you’ll also get dry-fire lockout in it, which prevents firing at low nails.

Ridgid nail gun’s rear-loading magazine enables you to load nails quickly and the magazine adjuster is designed to accommodate a wide range of fasteners. Like many modern nailers, however, it won’t support the tool-free jam-release system. The natural access nose component, instead of a tool-free method, helps you to clear the jam quickly and effortlessly.

Not the end of this, you will also get an in-handle air filter in this Ridgid framing nailer, which assists you in self-cleaning. With a rafter hook, you can hang the tool from a rafter when disconnected or not in use. Also, the toe-nailing claw reduces slipping while driving nails at an angle.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • The powerful motor can drive 3-1/2 inch nail
  • Comfortable over-molded rubber grip
  • The easy-access nosepiece
  • Support quick 2-step reloading
  • Matched price in line with other brands
  • Lifetime service agreement


  • Even though it comes with a muffler, it creates a 117.9 dBA sound which is too much to hear.
  • To clear the jam, you need to use tools that are a time-consuming job.

What can you do with this Ridgid R350RHE framing nailer

  • Framing,
  • Floor Decking,
  • Exterior Decks,
  • Flush nails into Engineered Lumber,
  • Blocking Sub-Assemblies,
  • Fencing,
  • Crate and Box Assembly, 
  • Trusses, Pallets and Pallet repair, and
  • Sub-flooring

Comparison: Dewalt Vs Ridgid Framing Nailer

Please check the below table to be familiar with the variance between Dewalt framing nailer DWF83PL and Ridgid framing nailer.

CriteriaDewalt DWF83PLRidgid R350RHE
Power SourcePneumaticPneumatic
Operating Pressure 70 -120 psi 70 -120 psi
Fastener Length 2 – 3-1/4 in. 2 – 3-1/2 in.
Fastener Diameter.113 to .148 in..113 to .148 in., 16d nails
Collation TypePlasticPlastic
Magazine Capacity64 nails60 – 70 nails
weight8.0 lbs.7.0 lbs.
Actuation ModeTool-free Selectable TriggerTool-free Selectable Trigger
Tool-free Depth AdjustmentTrueTrue
Dry-fire lockoutFalseTrue
No-Mar PadFalseTrue
Firing Speed2 – 3 nails per sec8 nails per sec
Magazine LoadingTopRear
Warranty7 years + 1-year free service3 years + Lifetime free service
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Hope, from the above comparison, you may easily understand which one is more featured.

Final Words

It is tough to combine lightness, well-balanced strength, and longevity with a super-fast firing rate. If you oiled it properly before each use, this price range might not give you such an outstanding nailer.

Overall, you can compare the Ridgid R350RHE round-head framing nailer to the other top of the full-size framing nailer list. So, it would be best if you tried it without much thought.

2. RIDGID 15 Degree 1-3/4 in. Coil Roofing Nailer

Is the summer knocking on your door? Be prepared to construct a new roof or rebuild a shelter, because this hot and sunny season is the best time to do that. However, the roofing season is very brief, just remains until May and June. So, you needed a roofing nailer that would help to do your work quicker and more accurately. 

You may also use a building nailer to do the job instead of a roofing nailer. So, why you’re buying a roofing nailer by paying extra, click here to know. But if you’re a pro, there’s no need for an explanation because there’s nothing better than a roofing nail gun to deal with this situation.

To offer you the right alternative, Ridgid brings an R175RNF coil roofing nailer of construction grade that allows you to drive up to 1-3/4 inch roofing nails in shingles effectively.

In the Ridgid R175RNF, we see an excellent mix of energy, weight, and speed. It also provides lifetime service backup, which is rare in the industry.

So, let’s check out more details about this best roofing nailer below.

RIDGID 15 Degree 1-3/4 in. Coil Roofing Nailer

RIDGID 15 Degree 1-3/4 in. Coil Roofing Nailer
9.4/10Our Score

Specification Ridgid Coil Roofing Nailer

  • Power Source: Compressed Air
  • Fastener Range: 3/4 – 1-3/4 inch
  • Collation: Wire Coil
  • Min Recommended air delivery: 00.1 SCFM @ 90 PSI
  • Min Recommended operating PSI: 50
  • Actuation Mode: Sequential and BumpTool
  • Weight: 4.0 lbs.
  • Overall Dimension: 13.9 x 5.2 x 12.2 inches

Features Of Ridgid coil roofing nailer

Like a Ridgid-framing nail, the coil roofing nailer is made of magnesium metal to ensure added durability and is lightweight. Lightness is a unique characteristic of any coil roofing nailer as you have to work with it for hours or all day.

Besides the magnesium housing, it also comes with Ridgid’s Hex Grip, which is a sleazy and over-mold rubber grip that interlocks with metal housing to prevent twisting, you certainly like it when you hold it.

The RIDGID R175RNF comes with industry-leading fasten edge technology like a straight drive feature that assures nails sit flush with the materials to limit shingle damage or an EZ load feature that provides fast and easy loading of pins in the magazine.

Ridgid coil roofing nailer fitted with a tool-free depth adjustment dial underneath the nailer. Though it’s not like other nailers – big, bold, and located at the front of the driver, that will not create any problem and saves it from wear and tear.

The Ridgid roofing nailer nose piece has carbide inserts and affords 3⁄4 to 1-3⁄4 inch fasteners and incorporates a dry-fire lockout feature. The pins fit snuggly away from the collated coil. The mixture has led to zero jams or misfires so far and extends the tool’s life.

When it is an awkward job to adjust the nails’ lengths in other roofing nailers, the Ridgid R175RNF comes with a spring-loaded basket that enables you to do it smoothly. You can also interchange between sequential and bump fire modes just shift a knob in this coil roofing nailer, and the magnetic nail holder positions nails for quality drives through to the last nail.

You can drive nails precisely in the shingle with the help of Ridgid’s unique removable tool-free shingle guide adjustment button. It is well-designed so that you can move it quickly up and down the track by pushing a button as well as you can remove it from the nailer easily to create enough room in tight spaces. It is rare to find such a better feature in the other nailers.

Finally, the exhaust diffuser with a muffler does an excellent job as it automatically directs the exhaust air from the user.

The Ridgid R175RNF Coil Roofing Nailer comes with a swivel connect, oil, hex key, no-mar pads, and an operator’s manual to allow you to shoot nails right after unpacking.


  • Well designed and works great
  • Lightweight and sturdy magnesium housing
  • Dry-fire lockout for extended motor life
  • Carbide inserts nosepiece
  • Fasten edge technology
  • Anti-skid plates help prevent the tool from slipping
  • Wear guards protect the device from damage on harsh surfaces


  • Has a bit of difficulty setting the flush of the nail when you install Hardy Siding 
  • Every time before using it, have to make some adjustment

Final words

Although we have not seen many reviews on Amazon against this Ridgid R175RNF coil roofing nailer, its fastening edge technology -the industry-leading features set is unique and unmatched by other roofing nail guns on the market.

Plus its lifetime service agreement with free parts – O-rings, piston stops, and lifetime driver blades is financially rewarding for any pro roofer. As a result, it’s positively worthy of trying by any pro or DIY roofer.

3. Ridgid R213BNE Brad Nailer, 18 Gauge

Well, framers! We have already discussed two significant instruments in these Ridgid nail gun reviews related to heavy-duty projects. Everyone has a particular task, and the list is not finished. The interior decoration also plays a crucial role while building a house, and requires a tool that can drive thin but longer nails without dividing the materials.

In this situation, a brad nailer comes in handy, and today we’ll talk about Ridgid Brad Nailer as part of our best Ridgid nail gun reviews.

So, to learn about the characteristics of Ridgid R213BNE, scroll down with us straight to the features section.

Ridgid R213BNE Brad Nailer, 18 Gauge

Ridgid R213BNE Brad Nailer, 18 Gauge
9.4/10Our Score

Specification Of Ridgid Brad Nailer

  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • Operating Pressure: 70-120 psi
  • Fastener Type: 18 gauge brad nails
  • Fastener Length: 5/8 – 2-⅛ inch
  • Magazine Capacity: 105 brad nails
  • Air Consumption: 0.05 ft3/cycle at 100 psi
  • Actuation Mode: Sequential and Bump
  • Product Dimension: 9.2 x 2.6 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Features of Ridgid 18 gauge Brad nailer

The first and foremost feature of this Ridgid Brad Nailer R213BNE that I like most is its unique, clean drive technology. The clean drive technology produces a tighter route for the nail and driver blade. As a result of which this 18g nail gun is performing perfect drives that are 17 times more successful than the competition. Clean Drive means you have to spend less time fixing and getting more time to work.

The next amazing feature of this Ridgid 18-gauge brad nailer is its oil-free motor, which means no more worry about oiling your device daily and no more unclean working surfaces as there is no oil splatter on it. The dry fire lockout system ensures a longer life of the engine and does not create any dent on the material surface.

Though Ridgid R213BNE is not the lightest brad nailer substantially low weight and compact in size tools that give you maximum maneuverability, and its hex-grip innovative micro-texture handle will ensure comfortable and secure hold while nailing.

The tool-free actuation mode selection button located right above the trigger allows you to change between contact and sequential firing quickly without wastage time.

It is an incredible experience to use the Ridgid 18-gauge Brad Nailer as its narrow nose is conducive to getting accurate shooting.

Moreover, its No-Mar pad protects the working surface from marring and denting without creating any distractions while shooting.

Because of clean drive technology, it is sporadic to encounter any jam problem. However, if you face any, you can remove the jammed nail easily assist of its tool-free jam-clearing door.

The rear loading magazine of the Ridgid brad nailer with a by-pass pusher enables you to load nail strips quickly, just following 2-steps. The semi-transparent design of the magazine also gives you a clear view of the nail supply.

Applications Of Ridgid R213BNE

As a pro contractor, you already know the area of use, in spite of that, we tried to list down some jobs of Ridgid Brad nailer just to clarify. Therefore, you may use this cool 18-gauge brad nailer for the following purposes:

  • Finish and Trim (interior and exterior)
  • Decorative Trim
  • Bookcases
  • Baseboard
  • Cabinets
  • Case Backs
  • Drawers
  • Molding
  • Mirror and Picture Frames
  • Paneling
  • Shoe & Base Moldings
  • Staircases
  • Upholstery Trim Panels
  • Wainscoting
  • Window Beading
  • Chair Rail
  • Furniture Frames
  • Lattice Strip Molding
  • Nailable Plastic Parts
  • Crafts


  • Light and easy to use
  • Handy belt clip
  • Dry-fire lockout prevents misfires
  • An excellent tool with a reasonable price
  • Countersinks the nails perfectly
  • Easy to aim and shoot straight


  • Hard to find any flaw except it has no carry case

Final Words

The Ridgid materialized all possible characteristics in the R213BNE model, which should be in a quality brad nailer, and there is nothing left behind. Top of that, it comes up with the industry’s highest lifetime service guarantee, which is more than enough to make you worry-free. So, it’s certainly worth trying out.

4. RIDGID R250SFE 2-1/2 in. Straight Finish Nailer

When a brad nailer is used for more subtle work, you may require a nail gun that can deliver a tad extra heavy-duty performance to fasten MDF or hardwood, and a finish nail comes into action.

Ridgid brings the R250SFE straight-finish nailers in front of professional framers and DIYers in an attempt to cover all kinds of nail guns. It is designed to drive 2-1/2 inch 16g nails into any wood material to attach large pieces of wood molding or door frames or crown molding.

This Ridgid R250SFE straight finish nailer is backed by a clean drive technology that delivers more than 17X consecutive perfect drives compared to its rivals.

Let’s explore more exciting features of this new but excellent and steady Ridgid nail gun.

RIDGID R250SFE 2-1/2 in. Straight Finish Nailer

RIDGID R250SFE 2-1/2 in. Straight Finish Nailer
9.4/10Our Score

Specification Of Ridgid Finish Nailer

  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • Operating Pressure: 70-120 psi
  • Fastener Type: 16 gauge finish nails
  • Fastener Range: 3/4 in. to 2-1/2 in.
  • Magazine Capacity: 107 nails
  • Air Consumption: 0.114 ft3/cycle @100 psi
  • Emission sound pressure level: 94 dBA
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs.

Features Of Ridgid straight finish nailer

The feature that makes the Ridgid 16 gauge finish nailer matchless is the clean-drive technology of a small nose that increases visibility, eliminates MDF blowouts, drives flush at angles, and prevents slippage of the driver blade.

Clean drive technology significantly reduces the likelihood of misfires or jams, resulting in less maintenance and more working time.

Besides the above unique feature, Ridgid R250SFE comes with all modern facilities that are essential to get a perfect shot every time. Those are –

  • The ACCU-Drive arrow on the nose of the Ridgid straight finish nailer allows accurate placement of fasteners, and the tool-free depth of drive adjustment lets the operator select the precise driving depth of the nail.
  • Tool-free, two-stage actuation mode selector switch – allows you conveniently and quickly change (push and turn the dial) between contact and sequential firing modes to precise and speedy nailing.
  • Oil-less motor eliminates daily oiling and left a cleaner working surface as there is no splattering of oil means no extra tension to clean the material surface.
  • Dry-fire lockout feature extends the motor life and prevents misfires and the tool-free, casual lever-action jam clearing door provides quick access to clearing the infrequent jams. Its rear-loading magazine with a by-pass pusher permits you to reload the nails by following a quick 2-step.
  • Ridgid R250SFE comes with two narrow and one full No-Mar pad that keeps the work surface clean from creating any tool marks. Aggressive toe-nailing claw reduces slipping during nailing at an angle.
  • You can hang this tool on either side at your convenience as it’s equipped with a swiveling plastic belt hook. The adjustable air exhaust of this tool helps you to keep away the drained air and the muffler clings to the sound level low.
  • Swiveling air inlet ready to provide you added maneuverability as it averts hose tangles. It included Hex grip: innovative micro-texture will ensure maximum comfort and secure grip during working with this Ridgid 16 gauge finish nailer all day.

Scope of Use

You may use this tool for the purpose listed below:

  • Finish and Trim (Interior and exterior)
  • Door & Window Casing
  • Door Jambs
  • Baseboard
  • Crown Molding
  • Cabinetry
  • Cap and Shoe Molding
  • Molding
  • Staircases
  • Door and Window Trim
  • Chair Rail
  • Brickmold
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Paneling
  • Furniture


  • Clean drive – less fixing and more work
  • Delicate nose piece for increased visibility
  • Ensures next-generation performance
  • Outstanding feature set
  • Powerful oil-less motor
  • The internal piston catch delivers consistent driving power
  • The over-molded grip and trigger offers increased comfort
  • Rear loading magazine with reload Indicator


  • The magazine is made of plastic, which may give less snappy push action than a metal one.
  • Bit louder and heavy-weight

Final words

RIDGID R250SFE 2-1/2-in. Straight Finish Nailer is quite a new member who is still striving to create its place on the market; however, the set of cool features makes it a lovely device among all level framers. Like other Ridgid nail guns, R250SFE also comes up with a lifetime service agreement with three years limited warranty, which is incredible.

So, if you decide to invest in this nail gun, it’s not going to be miserable.

5. Ridgid R350PNE 3-1/2-Inch Palm Nailer

Think, you’re stuck in a place where you’re unable to swing hammers, as well as other kinds of nail guns to fix a nail. What are you going to do? In such a situation, Palm Nailer comes in handy, and Ridgid R350PNE is matchless for that.

With Ridgid Plam Nailer, you can drive nails into compact spaces, connect joist hangers, and enable you to do other bulk nailing jobs smoothly and precisely. Its magnetic nail guide allows you to keep nails safely in position and the aluminum body with zinc top cap makes it lightweight but sturdy enough to produce consistent output over a lengthy period.

Ridgid R350PNE Palm Nailer

Ridgid R350PNE Palm Nailer
9.4/10Our Score

Specification Of Ridgid Palm Nailer

  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • Operating Pressure: 50–120 PSI
  • Fastener Type: Common bulk nails
  • Fastener Range: 1½ – 3½ inches (4d – 16d)
  • Dimension: 4 x 3.5 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs.

Features Of Ridgid Palm Nailer

While you’re going to choose the correct palm nailer, the first thing you need to verify is its build quality and weight. In this regard, Ridgid R350PNE is undoubtedly a winner. It utilizes aluminum–one of the lightweight metals, 2.5 times lighter than steel to build the body, and uses zinc to make the top cap, which is denser than aluminum but is accountable for stability and optimum weight to reduce strain while driving the nails without vibration.

Due to its creative design and using metal with appropriate density, the total weight stands 2.9 pounds, which is utterly suitable to operate a palm nailer without feeling substantial in hand.

The next essential attribute of this palm nailer is its depth adjustment system. When this feature rarely found in most of the palm nailers on the market, the Ridgid palm nailer comes with a tool-free micro-adjustable depth-of-drive system. You can set the desired depth of nails without damaging the work surface now.

Besides the above, Ridgid palm nailer also possess the following features –

  • Self-cleaning inlet filter that helps you to keep dust and debris out and as a result, extend the tool life.
  • Hex-grip micro-texture grip with adjustable hand strap provides superior control while driving nails and maximize user comfort and safety.
  • The nail channel magnet holds nail securely for accurate fastener placement.
  • Usable both with the left and right hand because of its adjustable hand strap. It also acts to reduce user fatigue.
  • Swivel quick connect allows the hose to hang with gravity and improves tool balance.

Ridgid R350PNE is a powerful and 2X faster palm nailer that can drive up to 3-1/2 inch nails into hardest engineered lumber with less vibration than the mini palm nailer and comes with the full package – Hand Strap, Hex Key, Oil, Tool Bag, and Operator’s manual.


  • Reliable build quality – aluminum body with zinc top cap
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Much easier to use than a hammer
  • Perfect for hard to reach places
  • Tool-free depth of drive with micro-controls
  • Suitable for both hand operation with an adjustable hand strap
  • Vibration-free, well balanced


  • Not versatile, cannot drive nails with too big or too small heads
  • Observed jams in case of the short size nails
  • Awful customer service
  • A bit of pricy
  • Louder

Final Words

There is no doubt that the Ridgid R350PNE is indeed an ideal nailer for connecting joist hangers, you can even use it to put in the basement bracing in between the last two joists or to punch small holes in narrow areas in the HVAC where you are required to link elbows using rivets (or screws).

It’s an excellent instrument, except for customer service. However, they will offer you the industry’s best lifetime service agreement with free parts and service. 

So, you can attempt any of your hard nailing work, particularly in tight corners along it.

Buying Guide: Is Ridgid A Good Brand?

It is evident that the question arises in mind – “Is Ridgid a good brand or a trustworthy manufacturer in the arena of power tools?” Because we did not see many reviews or hype on Ridgid power tools like other brands. The reasons behind its low popularity are – it is entirely a new champ in the world of power tools, and it doesn’t release as many instruments as other brands.

However, Ridgid alone is not very new in the tools manufacturing sector. Instead, it has a long successful history as it began their company in 1923 and have had many precious footprints since its inception. In our introduction part of this review, we tried to uphold some of their success stories, and you will get more on their webpage too.

So far, we have seen Ridgid tools – they’re built with good intent and are highly dependable, reliable, and trusted by experts for generations. Therefore, it will not be wise to judge a brand by its quantity of reviews only. They’re indeed little behind in promotion and marketing attempts, but they’re unmatched to produce a top-notch tool at a competitive price.

Henceforth, I have no doubts about their quality, and wholeheartedly agreed with their slogan “Built For Those Who Know.”

Where are Ridgid power tools manufactured?

The Ridge Tool Company began its venture in North Ridgeville, Ohio, in 1923 with the guidance of Carl Ingwer, the founder of the firm. Later in 1943, it moved to its present place in Elyria, Ohio, USA — home to corporate headquarters, production, training facilities, and the Factory Service Center.

Ridgid produces instruments for the plumbing, pipefitting, HVAC, and electrical contracting sectors. It is renowned for its popular red pipe wrenches and pinup calendar (the calendar has been produced since 1935). For skilled contractors, they have three hundred plus different instruments.

However, the Ridgid power tools like Ridgid Nail Gun are mainly manufactured by TTI (Techtronic Industries Company Limited) through a licensing agreement.

How To Use A Ridgid Framing Nailer?

The pro framers are well known about how to use the framing nail gun correctly. There is nothing exceptional in the case of the Ridgid nail gun too. Still, for the newbie or the first-time user of the Ridgid framing nailer, we have attempted to clarify a few steps regarding the operational procedures. I hope this will be helpful.

  • First, lubricate it appropriately before starting to use the tools. When used for the first time, add 30 drops of oil to the swivel connector and add ten drops once daily. In the case of heavy-duty use, to get more reliable performance, it is better to put oil twice a day. You may also read our article on how to oil a framing nailer.
  • Check the pressure of the air compressor before using the device and be sure it is in 70-120 psi, and also be sure that the instrument is fully functional as no components are loose or damaged.
  • Always wear personal protective devices (eye goggles, gloves, earbuds) and obey all safety instructions mentioned in the user manual.
  • Load the magazine with recommended framing nails. Always keep in mind to detach the air supply before loading the nails. Please do not connect the air hose during loading the magazine; it may cause an accidental shoot-out. Also, point the nose away from you while loading the nail strip. After loading the nail stripe, slide the pusher to the end of the magazine and then release it. Let the nails be pushed up to the driving system. The pusher stops when it rests against the bottom of the nail strip.
  • Set the selectable trigger as you prefer, either single sequential actuation or contact actuation mode. It is better to select a single actuation mode if you are a beginner framer.
  • Now connect the device to the air supply with a 1/4-inch quick connector. You could also use a 3/8 inch connector to get the highest tool efficiency.
  • Test it before you drive your nails to the final workpiece.
  • To drive the nail flush, you can change the depth of the drive, merely turning the selector switch either right or left. When performing this task, run a test firing on a scraper to determine the required depth for the implementation.
  • You can use the No-Mar pad to prevent denting and marring in the cases you’re working on a soft surface. Ridgid R350RHE comes with a No-Mar pad located at the nose of the tools.

Still, have the quest, then you may go through the instruction manual of Ridgid framing nailer R350RHE.

All sets! Now nothing between you and your Ridgid framing nailer to stop.

Why Do You Need A Ridgid Roofing Nailer?

Roofing nailer is to some extent like a framing nailer, developed to tackle heavy-duty tasks and drive nails that are suitable for most kinds of asphalt and fiberglass shingles, waterproof tar paper, and insulation boards. In case you’re constructing a fresh roof or repair a roof, the roofing nail guns always come in handy.

The roofing nailer is also known as the coil framing nailer and is typically designed to drive the coil nails. If you are a pro or a DIY roofer, you know well the need for a roofing nailer to work in height.

Mainly, the coil roofing nailer reduces the need to pause and climb out of the roof to replenish the magazine. The design of the coil magazine also helps to enhance the ergonomics and velocity of the tool, as well as make the work less patchy to maintain hold of while wandering around on the roof.

From the above description, you can readily comprehend why a roofing nailer is needed. If you are a pro roofer and have to finish a stack of work within a short timeframe, the roofing nail gun must be used, and for that, it is also necessary to choose the right tools that will give you uninterrupted performance throughout the season.

Have Ridgid Nail Gun any cordless tools?

Though it is not significant like other brands, RIDGID® offers over 30 best-in-class 18-volt tools that are compatible with any generation Ridgid 18-volt batteries. In Ridgid Nail Gun cordless series, you will find a Drill/Driver Kit, Hammer Drill, Impact wrench, Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw, Jigsaw,  Sander, Grinder, all kinds of nailer – bard or finish, and even wet/dry vacuum. By clicking here you can check more details on them. 

The industry-leading Lifetime Service Agreement backs all of Ridgid’s cordless instruments. When you register your tool within 90 days, you will get free parts, free service, and free batteries for life under the lifetime service agreement.

Does Home Depot own Ridgid tools?

Those who have an idea about Home Depot are aware that they are the largest home improvement retailer in the U.S.A., providing tools, construction products, and MRO services, not a direct manufacturer.

On the other hand, Ridgid Nail Gun is an OEM product of TTI and a subsidiary of Emerson Electric. However, Home Depot carries several exclusive brands, and Ridgid is one of them.

Final Thoughts on the Ridgid Nail Guns

Thank you for reading our Ridgid Nail Gun reviews with endurance.

We are trying to present this article to you to help you solve your tools-related problems in the case of framing, roofing, or finishing works to build or remodeling your home or other contractor’s work.

In Ridgid Power Tools, you will find the touch of sound engineering that is ready to deliver high performance, reliability, and convenient service. The best part is that all the features you’ve discovered in Ridgid are without spending much like other high-end brands.

Ridgid instruments will, therefore, be the ideal option for any professional or DIY framer to do their job efficiently and effortlessly with enhanced productivity.

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