Learn How To Load Ryobi Nail Gun With 3 Simple Steps

If you’re looking for help on how to load a Ryobi Nail gun, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide expert tips and advice on how to load your Ryobi nail gun correctly, so you can get the job done right. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, follow these steps and you’ll be nailing like a pro in no time.

Overview Of How To Load A Ryobi Nail Gun

Ryobi is well-known among experts and Do-It-Yourselfers because of its cordless portability. AirWave and AirStrike are its two product lines, though. You will find all cordless tools under AirStrike when Airwave introduces you to pneumatic tools.

We’ll walk you through the loading methods for the Ryobi Airwave framing nailer and the Ryobi AirStrike brad and finish nailer so you understand how to use each. Let’s get going.

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Pre-preparation For Loading Ryobi Nail Guns

Once you’ve made the decision to load your Ryobi nailers, gathering the essential tools is the next crucial step. Here are some of them:

What You’ll Need

  • A Ryobi Nail Gun (Airwave/Airstrike)
  • Nails
  • An Air Compressor
  • Power Connection (to charge the battery or run the air compressor)
  • Personal Safety Gears
  • Wrench Kit
  • Pneumatic Oil
  • Scrap wood pieces

After gathering the necessary tools, you have to choose the right kind of nails for your Ryobi nail gun(s).

Which Nails Are Compatible With Ryobi Nailers?

All generic brand nails can be used in Ryobi nail guns. What you need to do is choose nails that are the appropriate size and kind for your nail gun. The size and kinds of fasteners for various nail guns are shown below.

ToolsFastener SizeFastener Type
Ryobi Airwave Framing Nailer2 to 3-½ inches (50-90 mm)34 Degrees Clipped head Paper or Glued Collation nails
Ryobi AirStrike 18 Gauge Brad Nailer5/8 to 2-⅛ inches18 gauge brad nails Glued Collation
Ryobi AirStrike 16 Gauge Finish Nailer3/4 to 2-1/2 inches16 gauge finish nails Glued Collation

After choosing the proper type of nails, the next important step is to prepare the tool for loading by performing some of the pre-checks listed below.

What Must Be Done To Get The Tool Ready To Load?

  1. Apply the pneumatic tool oil as directed to the tool.
  2. Verify that the air compressor’s pressure gauge is operating correctly when the pressure is between 5.5 and 8.3 bars or 80 to 120 PSI. Make sure the compressor pressure does not go above the maximum permitted level.
  3. To allow the tool to fill up the cycle, connect it to an air compressor. It aids in preventing any unintentional fastener discharge.
  4. Verify that the trigger or contact trip is working properly and is in the disengaged position.
  5. Verify the condition of all the parts, paying particular attention to the contact trip, trigger assembly, air inlet connector, etc.
  6. Verify that there are no fasteners stuck or left in the contact trip or nosepiece.
  7. The area where you’ll be working should be cleaned.
  8. Read the safety instruction in the manual prior to doing any work.

After checking the above steps, the next task is to wear personal safety gear and take some personal safety measures.

Which Personal Safety Measures Should You Take?

  • Wear protective eye and ear gear.
  • Keep your fingertips away from the surface and the course of the nail discharge point.
  • Never point a nail gun at yourself or your coworkers.
  • Never horseplay with your nail gun.
  • Before performing any adjustments or loading or unloading the tool, always disconnect the gun from its power supply.

Steps Of How To Load A Ryobi Framing Nail Gun

When you’re ready to start your next home improvement project, loading your Ryobi nail gun is quick and easy. Here’s how:

Step 1: Connect The Air Supply

The nail gun has numbering (1, 2, and 3) engraved on it for easy loading and keeping the sequence. Where number 1 is marked on the air intake, this indicates that the air hose must be connected first.

Connecting the tool to the air supply will allow it to complete the cycle of the driving mechanism. As a result, it helps to prevent unintended fire and lowers the chance of harm.

However, after letting the tool finish its cycle, we advise unplugging the air hose. The connection will be made at the end of the process.

Step 2: Insert Nail Strips

Insert the recommended nail strips into the magazine through the nail slot at the end of the magazine. With your thumb, push the nail strip forward and beyond the clip of the magazine. The nail is held in place by the clip at the end of the magazine.

When inserting the nail strip, make sure the pointed end of the nail is facing downward and at the correct angle.

Step 3: Engage The Magazine Release

Pull the pusher release back all the way and then let go. The pusher will guide the nail strips to the driving mechanism and secure them in place. You’re ready to go now.

Note: Take care not to let the pusher snap back into place.

With these simple steps, you’ll be able to load your Ryobi nail gun quickly and easily, so you can get started on your next project right away.

Steps Of How To Load A Ryobi 16 Gauge Finish Nail Gun

The Ryobi 16 gauge Airstrike finish nail gun is a superb option for rapidly and accurately installing exterior trim, baseboard, or crown molding. The nail loading process is very similar to the Airwave framing nail gun in that it is not too complicated. Check out those steps in the section below.

Step 1: Pull The Pusher

Remove the battery pack from the tool and lock the safety switch. Pull the pusher latch of the nail gun all the way to the magazine’s base and lock it in place.

Step 2: Insert Nail Strips

Insert the nail strip through the nail slot at the magazine’s end and push it forward to the discharge area with the thumb.

Step 3: Release The Pusher

Click on the black button of the pusher latch again to release it. It’ll slide forward, push the nail strip and hold it in place tightly for firing. Take care that the pusher slides gently and does not snap the nail strip.

Steps Of How To Load A Ryobi 18 Gauge Brad Nail Gun

Like the Ryobi finish nail gun, loading Ryobi 18 gauge brad nailer is also pretty simple. Just follow the following three steps to load your Ryobi brad nailer.

Step 1: Pull The Magazine Cap

Remove the battery pack from the tool and on the safety lock-off switch. Press the clip button on the magazine side and pull the magazine cap all the way out of the gun.

Step 2: Insert Nail Strip

Place the nail strip on the magazine channel from the side. You will find slots for the nail heads on the channel according to the size of the nails. Take care that the nail strip is placed correctly and that the pointed end faces downward.

Step 3: Close the Magazine

Now push the magazine cap to close it. It will automatically push the nail stick forward to the firing area and hold it tightly in place. That’s it, you’re ready to go.


The Ryobi nail gun is really well-made and long-lasting. We tried three different Ryobi nail gun models, and we were able to put nail strips into each one of them in three minutes. The loading process isn’t particularly difficult. You don’t have to be an expert or use a lot of force to accomplish it. I can assure you that everyone is capable of doing it. So, without further ado, begin your projects by loading a Ryobi nail gun according to the above instructions.

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