How To Load A Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun – Learn To Be An Expert!

When it comes to cordless nail guns, there are few that can match the DeWalt in terms of quality and performance. If you’re looking for a complete guide on how to load a DeWalt cordless nail gun, then you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will walk you through everything you need to know in order to get your DeWalt cordless nail gun up and running.

We’ll cover everything from how to insert the batteries to how to load the nails into the gun. By the end of this blog post, you’ll be an expert on loading a DeWalt cordless nail gun So continue reading to discover the proper way to load a DeWalt cordless nail gun!

What Is A Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun?

A DeWalt cordless nail gun is a battery-powered tool that is used to drive nails into wood and other materials. It is a handheld tool that is operated by a trigger. The battery provides power to a motor that spins a flywheel. The flywheel has a metal plate that strikes the nail and drives it into the material.

It is a portable and versatile tool that is ideal for a variety of applications, such as construction, carpentry, and home improvement projects. The DeWalt cordless nail gun is a powerful and efficient tool that can save you time and effort on your projects.

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What Are The Uses Of The Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun?

The Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun is an extremely versatile and powerful tool that can be used for a variety of applications. Its most common use is for driving nails into wood, but it can also be used for other materials such as plastic and metal. The Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun is also very popular for its portability and ease of use, making it a great tool for both professionals and DIYers alike.

Dewalt has a variety of cordless guns. With a Dewalt cordless framing nailer, you can do the following task with ease.

  • Residential Framing Work
  • Punch out work
  • Setting Trusses
  • Fence Building
  • Deck Building
  • Sheathing

On the other hand, if you choose a Dewalt cordless finish nailer, you can do the following jobs –

  • Attaching Decorative Moldings
  • Installing Kitchen Moldings
  • Installing Door/Window Casings
  • Installing Crown or Shoe Moldings
  • Fixing Baseboards
  • Installing Chair Railing
  • Exterior Trim Installation Job
  • Assemble Work For Cabinetry

Vital Points Regarding Loading The Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun

The following checklist will help you to load the Dewalt cordless nail gun in a proper way. Let’s check them carefully.

  1. Always unplug the battery pack before loading or unloading the nail stick.
  2. Before loading nails or firing the gun, put on your safety equipment, including a helmet, gloves, and eye and ear protection.
  3. Ensure that the magazine is empty and free of any remaining fasteners.
  4. Position the gadget’s discharge point away from you and other people.
  5. Never load a nail with the contact trip engaged or the trigger depressed.
  6. To avoid harm, keep your fingertips away from the pusher latch track.
  7. Verify that the pusher attachment and contact trip are in good shape and operating as intended. If you found the tool’s contact trip restraint is in the activated position, never use it.
  8. When performing adjustments or when the tool is not being used, always use the trigger lock-off switch.
  9. Read the nail gun safety instructions in the operating manual that came with the tool carefully before using it.
  10. Avoid storing the tool with the battery pack installed to get the longest battery life possible. Also keep the battery out of the charger and in a cool, dry place when not in use.

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How To Load A Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun – With A Few Easy Steps

Loading nail strips into the Dewalt cordless framing nailer is rather simple. Below we’ll cover the steps for loading and unloading nail strips into a Dewalt 20v max cordless framing nailer.

Loading The Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun

Step 1 – Remove the battery pack and push the trigger lock-off switch in the right direction to turn on the safety lock. Then hold the tool in an upside-down position.

Step 2 – Pull the spring-loaded pusher latch to the base of the magazine and lock it in place.

Step 3 – Choose the correct size and brand of fastener. Usually, you can use 21-degree round-head plastic or paper collated nails of two to three and one-fourth inches long. Always choose the nails that are recommended by Dewalt for smooth shooting.

Step 4 – After choosing the correct size of nails, insert them into the magazine slot. Make sure the nail’s head is aligned correctly with the slot opening and the pointed end facing downward.

Step 5 – Close the magazine by releasing the pusher clasp while keeping your fingers away from the track. Allow the latch to advance slowly so that it can catch onto the nail strip.

Finally, engaged the battery pack, push the safety lock-off switch toward the left, activate the trigger, and contact trip to fire nails. It is as simple as it is.

Unloading The Dewalt Cordless Nail Gun

If you wonder how to unload the tool to change the nail stick or remove the leftover nails, let’s follow the instructions below.

Warning! Always locked off the trigger lock-off switch when doing any adjustment or loading or unloading nails.

Step 1 – Pull the spring-loaded latch back to the base of the magazine and lock it in place.

Step 2 – Tilt the tool upward down to allow the nail strip to slide freely toward the magazine’s base.

Step 3 – Remove the nail strip from the magazine.

Check the nosepiece to ensure there are no nails remaining with keeping the battery pack unplugged. If found all clear, you can now insert a fresh nail stirp, engage the pusher latch following the aforementioned procedures, and run the nail gun again.

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How To Load A Dewalt Cordless Finish Nailer?

Loading a Dewalt 20v max 16 gauge cordless finish nailer is almost similar to the process we stated above for the framing nailer. Let’s get the loading and unloading process for a cordless finish nailer below –

Loading The Dewalt Cordless Finish Nailer

Step 1 – Insert the strip of the finish nails (as per recommended size) through the nail slot of the magazine located at the rear of the nail gun. Allow the nail strip to slide toward the head section.

Step 2 – Depress the pusher assembly and pull it back up to the back of the nail strip, then gently release it to secure the nail strip in place.

Step 3 – Ensure the pusher latch of the magazine stays behind the last nail stick.

Unloading The Dewalt Cordless Finish Nailer

The process of unloading the Dewalt 16 gauge cordless finish nail gun magazine is just the reverse of what we described above. For that –

Step 1 – Depress the pusher assembly and pull it back to the magazine end so that it will no longer put any pressure on the nail stick.

Step 2 – Turn the nail gun upside down and allow the nail strip freely slide to the end of the magazine. Out the nail stick through the slot from the rear of the magazine.

Step 3 – Ensure there are no more nails left in the nosepiece by opening the jam-clearing latch.

Cautions! Disengage the battery pack prior to performing any loading unloading or any sort of adjustment work.

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How To Load A Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer?

Let’s get the loading and unloading procedure of a Dewalt 20v Max 18 gauge cordless brad nailer below.

Loading The Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer

Step 1 – Press the knob located on the side of the magazine latch and open the sliding magazine outwards fully.

Step 2 – Insert the recommended strip of brads into the magazine channel through the side. Be careful when loading the fasteners so that the chisel tip is facing the front of the magazine.

Step 3 – Push the sliding magazine toward the front of the nail gun until the magazine latch clips snuggly.

Unloading The Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer

Step 1 – Depress the knob of the sliding magazine and open it fully.

Step 2 – Tilt the nail gun upside down and allow the remaining nails freely slide to the end of the magazine. Remove the nails from the magazine slot.

Step 3 – Check the nosepiece of the nail gun by opening the jam-clearing latch to ensure there are no nails left.

Cautions! Disengage the battery pack prior to performing any loading unloading or any sort of adjustment work.

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How To Install And Remove A Battery Pack?

It is pretty simple to install or remove the battery pack in the tool. To insert the battery pack, align the battery pack with the rails inside the nail gun’s handle, and slide it into the handle until the battery pack fully insert and firmly seated in place. Be sure that the battery pack is engaged properly in the handle.

To remove the battery pack, press the release button located in the battery and pull it back until fully disengaged from the handle.

Always insert the battery pack in fully charged condition.

How Can I Adjust The Depth Of Drive?

You can adjust the depth of drive of the Dewalt 20v cordless nail gun by using the depth adjustment wheel which is located at the front of the tool. Turn the depth adjustment wheel in the direction of the shallow nail icon, which is positioned on the left side of the wheel, to drive the nail shallower. On the other hand, turn the wheel in the direction of the deep drive nail icon, which is on the right side of the wheel, to acquire a deep drive.

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Common Troubleshooting Of Dewalt Cordless Nail Guns

We’ll go over the following Dewalt cordless nailer maintenance and troubleshooting difficulties so you can use the equipment effectively without seeking professional assistance.

How To Unjam A Dewalt Nail Gun?

If a nail gets stuck in the nosepiece, follow the following instruction to clear it.

  • By keeping the tool pointed away from yourself, remove the battery pack and deactivate the trigger lock-off switch.
  • Push the pusher latch toward the base of the magazine and lock it in place.
  • Tilt the tool upside down to slide the remaining fastener out of the magazine.
  • Remove the magazine from the tool by opening two hex screws (located at the front of the tool) using a hex driver.
  • Remove the jammed or bent nail from the nosepiece by using a plier.
  • Reset the magazine in its position under the nosepiece and secure it with hex bolts.
  • If you found the driver blade in the down position, flip the stall release lever (located on top of the tool). If the problem still persists, fix the driver blade manually.

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How Can You Prevent Dry-fire lock-out?

The Dewalt cordless framing nailer has a dry fire lock-out button, making it easy to prevent dry firing. It will prevent the tool from firing the final three to four nails on its own. When the nail gun stops firing, you must empty the magazine and reload it with brand-new nail strips by following the steps outlined above.

What Daily Maintenance Should I Do?

It is essential to perform some daily maintenance on the Dewalt cordless nail gun in order to ensure long-lasting performance and smooth operation. The contact trip mechanism, pusher, and magazine should all be cleaned as part of the maintenance cycle.

The foregoing components can be cleaned most effectively by blowing compressed air. Never use oil, lube, or any other type of solvent to clean the tool because doing so could cause the plastic body to wear out.

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In conclusion, if you have finally decided that cordless nail guns are for you and you are ready to make the step, then all this talk of the basics (and beyond) will be extremely helpful. Plus, you will appreciate the guidelines we have provided regarding how to load a Dewalt cordless nail gun. A nail gun is a convenient tool that will help you run your small tasks more efficiently and professionally.

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