Best Staple Guns Of 2023 [Upholstery, Wood, And Crafts]

Whether you are a Do-it-yourselfer, a hobbyist, or a crafter, staple guns are one of those tools that every home needs. They are an indispensable tool if you are looking for a fast adhesion on light materials without tearing them apart. And the best part is, unlike nail guns these tools don’t require any expertise to operate.

In this article, we are going to review the best staple guns on the market today. There are numerous options available, including many different brands and types of staple guns. When it seems to be a daunting task, we took the time to evaluate each of the top-selling models and were able to shortlist the best stapler guns from each category. Here is how it looks –

Best Manual Staple Guns

1. WETOLS Staple GunBest For Upholstery

Able to fasten D-staple, U-staple, and T-staple | Length range is 4-14 mm, 10-14 mm, and 10-12 mm respectively | Convenient Installation And Operation

2. REXBETI Staple GunBest For Wood

Comes with 1000pcs D-type, 800pcs U-type, and 800pcs T-type staples | Carry case and Staple Remover included | Multi-purpose usage (plastic sheeting, carpets, and other fastening applications)

3. Stanley TR250 Sharpshooter PlusBest Heavy Duty Staple Gun [also best for arthritis]

Works overtime as a staple gun, brad nailer, cable tacker, and wire tacker | Hi/Lo power lever; need less force to squeeze | Compatible with all narrow crown staples and 1/2-Inch, 9/16-Inch, and 5/8-Inch Brads

4. Arrow T50 Staple GunBest T50 Staple Gun

Made in the USA | Jam-Resistant | Uses T50 Staples

5. YEAHOME 4-in-1 Stapler GunBest For Crafts

Heavy-duty, rust-proof | 4-in-1 Staple Gun | Power adjustment (low & high) feature

Best Electric Staple Guns

1. WORKPRO 6 in 1 Staple GunBest For Small Hands

Rechargeable Electric Stapler | Compatible with 6 kinds of staples/nails(18 gauge) | Humanized Design

2. Neu Master NTC0040Best For DIY Woodworking Projects

Drives 18 gauge brad nails up to 1-1/4” and 1/4” crown staples up to 1″ | Designed with adjustable power function | Two-handed operation

3. DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-tacker/Brad NailerBest For Carpet Installation

Electric Multi-Tacker drives heavy duty, narrow flat crown, cable staples, 18 GA and 18 GA headless brad nails | 8ft cord, High/Low power switch | Contact-Trip Switch

Best Pneumatic Staple Gun

1. WEN 61720 Brad NailerBest Pneumatic Staple Gun for Upholstery

Shoot 18-gauge brads; 3/4” to 2” in length | Operate at 60 to 115 PSI | Features a depth adjustment wheel

In order to decide which shock absorbers will work best for you, don’t forget to check out our in-depth buying guide at the end and the FAQs that follow. That being said, let’s dive down to our best staple gun reviews and see what makes them all great options.

Reviews Of The Best Manual Staple Guns

1. WETOLS Staple Gun – Best Staple Gun For Upholstery

WETOLS Staple Gun best staple gun for upholstery

If you have been looking for a perfect staple gun for all of your upholstery fastening this is the product you want to add to your toolbox. WETOLS is a household tool manufacturer reputable for their well-built products.

This manual staple gun is no exception. However, at first glance, we were surprised by its extremely durable metal construction, especially given its low price. Take it anywhere because you need nothing more than a bit of muscle power to make it work.

However, we should admit the form factor is smaller than most staple guns which can slow your progression. On the flip side, it incorporates a pressure adjusting knob allowing you to change the depth of the staple if you need to.

Its anti-jamming feature makes it easier to handle. If any staple gets stuck, just pull down the metal drive channel and the tool starts to work properly again in a few seconds.

It also comes with a handy staple remover tool. Finally, the multi-functional staple gun can fire three different types of staples (D, U, and T), all of which are included in the box.


  • Comes with 3 different 2400pcs of staples
  • Doesn’t require any power source to operate
  • Can undertake various fastening applications
  • It is the most affordable staple gun on the list


  • Smaller profile, not suitable for heavy-duty projects
  • Requires manual labor, struggles with hardwoods

2. REXBETI Staple Gun – Best Staple Gun For Wood

REXBETI Staple Gun - best staple gun for wood

Here is another great staple gun that offers more than its price. Like the previous one, it’s a manual gun that comes with three types of (D, U, and T) staples to meet your different fastening needs. If you’re a hobbyist the included 2600 pieces of staples will probably last a lifetime.

Thanks to the strength adjustment knob, and the thick carbon steel construction, you can use this tool for fastening on various DIY, carpentry projects. The knob can be rotated for the maximum force which allows you to fire staples on hard, thicker objects.

Moreover, the added remover tool helps you remove the wrong nails quickly with ease. Use both of your hands and stuck staples will be less of an issue.

The magazine’s load from the bottom at the rear offers easy insertion of all brad nails. Last but not least, the ergonomic rubber handle provides a firm grip while a solid carry case keeps everything organized.


  • Solid construction ensures years of hassle free operation
  • Easy to remove jamming through metal drive channel
  • Carries GS quality certification for safe and convenient use
  • Able to fire nails on hard surfaces like chairs and wooden boards


  • Comparatively heavier, hand fatigue can be an issue
  • There are instances of jamming after firing off several staples

3. Stanley TR150 Sharpshooter Plus- Best Heavy Duty Staple Gun

Stanley TR250 Sharpshooter Plus - best heavy duty staple gun

As far as manual staple guns are concerned, we would like to place Stanley SharpShooter T250 Plus in the top three spots of our list. Thanks to the aluminum housing, it’s a very long-lasting staple gun able to deliver seamless penetration to tackle all your DIY tasks.

Interestingly this sleek, low-profile staple gun is also a Brad nailer, at the same time can do the job of a Cable tacker and Wire tacker without sacrificing precision. We found little to no issues when working in tight spaces, or identifying the staples. Its flush nose design and quick view window get the job done here.

What is more impressive, the tool incorporates a lever so that you can alternate pressure between high and low settings. With this facility, you don’t need to worry about your hand going numb when working with harder materials.

Simply switch up the lever, and let the gun handle the extra load on your behalf. This also becomes handy should you need the staple gun for a long stretch of time with even penetration.


  • Power adjustment releases some pressure on your hand
  • Nifty metal-drive channel reduce incidents of jamming
  • Can meet your demanding need to fasten on harder objects
  • With 1.5 lbs weight only it the best staple gun for arthritis


  • The built quality is Okay, but not heavy-duty as advertised
  • Works only with Stanley and Arrow T-50 staples

4. Arrow T50 Staple Gun – Best T50 Staple Gun

ARROW T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun - Best T50 staple gun

Professionals, homeowners, and DIYers love American-made products more than any other country due to their reputation for being extremely rugged. So we had no choice other than to select Arrow Fastener’s iconic model T50, which has been one of the best-selling staple guns over decades now.

This USA-made staple gun is made of chromed steel, which is more durable than aluminum. If you have been searching for a T50 staple gun for heavy-duty work this is going to be your best option. Keep in mind the product is only compatible with six t50 staple sizes ranging from 1/4 to 9/16-inches.

Arrow T-50 staple gun is also notable among experts because of its corrosion-resistant and anti-jamming feature. With this, you can engage yourself in upholstery, light trim, general repairs, or any other long projects without any hesitations.


  • Comes with a pocket friendly price tag
  • Suitable for both hard and soft materials
  • Its hardened steel working parts will last a lifetime
  • Features a nifty anti-jamming mechanism


  • Only support T50 staples
  • Steel made product is heavier

5. YEAHOME 4-in-1 Stapler Gun – Best Staple Gun For Crafts

YEAHOME 4-in-1 Stapler Gun - best staple gun for crafts

As the name suggests YEAHOME staple gun is a versatile piece of manual machine that allows you to handle a wide variety of stapling applications. Especially for crafting, we don’t see any better options in the market today.

Although it takes some elbow grease to operate the tool, the pressure adjusting knob will make the process simpler for you. The good news is, you get everything within the purchase including 4000 pieces of fasteners (D, U, T -type, and Pin brand nails) to get yourself started right out of the box.

YEAHOME is a 4-in-1 staple gun that comes with an easy-to-swap load magazine. So when you finish reupholstering an armchair, you can use the same machine for decorating purposes, wiring, light trims, or other general DIY repairs.

All in all, the product is very easy to use and it costs a fraction of the price of other naming models. If this is your first staple gun YEAHOME will be a perfect addition to your toolbox.


  • Rust-proof hardened chrome steel construction
  • Over-molded grip offers a more comfortable operation
  • Comes with a price that is pretty hard to beat
  • Multi-use staple gun will increase your versatility


  • Not a professional staple gun, good for occasional light works
  • On few occasions, the action of the stapler was found a bit gritty

Reviews of the Best Electric Staple Guns

Manual staple guns are cost-effective. They are also very useful for a plethora of DIY projects. However, manual staple guns may not be the right choice if you intend to take on a large project. It takes some muscle to pull the lever and not many people are able to do it consistently over a period of time.

People with smaller hands or weaker grips will be particularly exhausted. If this sounds like you, an electric staple gun should be the best possible option.

1. WORKPRO 6 In 1 Staple Gun – Best Staple Gun For Small Hands

WORKPRO 6 in 1 Cordless Staple Gun

Got a small pair of hands or just want to replace your manual machine? Consider the WORKPRO cordless staple gun. This multi-functional gun runs on an electric battery and automatic power switching.

You don’t have to connect the tool to an outlet. This gives you the ultimate freedom to choose your workplace and firing spot. Compatible with six different staples or nails, you won’t be replacing it with another gun until it becomes obsolete.

Also given that the product is compact and lightweight you can work your angle in tight spaces with ease. Experts also suggest the tool for bigger projects because it shoots 60 staples per minute consistently and 1100 in total when fully charged. You also have a transparent window to see and monitor the gun’s remaining staples.


  • A single magazine can load six different staples/nails
  • A very professional tool that you can use beyond just occasional refurbishments
  • Its extraordinary compatibility eliminates your need to buy another gun
  • Safe to use; prevents firing until the nose is in contact with the work surface


  • Doesn’t come with any staples/nails

2. Neu Master NTC0040 – Best Stapler Gun For DIY Projects

NEU MASTER NTC0040 Electric Staple Gun

Unlike WORKPRO Neu Master NTC0040 is a basic, no-frills staple gun ideal for all light DIY woodworking projects. It’s a 2-in-1 electric brad nailer which drives all 18-gauge nails up to 1- ¼-inch and also crown staples from ¼ to 1-inch.

Also to help you get started the manufacturer provides 200 staples and 800 brad nails with the purchase for free. Other than that, it has a non-marring rubber nose to ensure a flawless finish and a soft-grip handle for workers’ convenience.

The gun offers plenty of power, at the same time gives you the flexibility to control it based on your needs.


  • Durable and a decent electric staple gun in its price range
  • Ergonomic grip and oversized trigger will reduce hand fatigue
  • Quick-release mechanism resolves a jam effectively
  • Versatile usage (general repair, craftwork, lightweight decorative trim, upholstery, and more)


  • Corded model. Outlet voltage will impact its penetration

3. DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-tacker/Brad Nailer – Best For Carpet Installation

DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-tacker and Brad Nailer

When it comes to the best staple gun for carpets your choices are limited. Thankfully, the DEWALT 5-in-1 multi-tacker is one of the most versatile staple guns that exist. In its capacity, this electric gun is ideal for the job, also a good investment if you are into arts and crafts or in a long-term professional contract.

A few of its perks include an integrated wire guide, comfortable grip, high/low power switch, and contact-trip switch. The adjustable power switch allows you to fine tune the tool according to the nature of the materials on hand while integrated contact-trip prevents accidental firings.

In addition, the design of the staple gun is innovative and proved to be effective for stapling in tight spots. The cord is 8 feet long which is viable for most jobsite duties as well.

Overall, given the performance and quality of the tool, the price of the DEWALT 5-in-1 staple gun is more than acceptable for us.


  • Versatile tool; accept five different staples and brad nails
  • Integrates a wire guide for accurate stapling over wires
  • Adjustable power switch to work on multitude of materials
  • Ensure safety; doesn’t fire staples if not pressed against a work surface


  • Not the most powerful staple gun to work on hardwoods

Reviews of the Best Pneumatic Staple Gun for Upholstery

Pneumatic staple guns are the most powerful and versatile staple guns that exist. They can shoot a staple at a sheer pace which is required in high demand situations such as in construction related jobs.

Let’s take a look at WEN 61720 Brad Nailer. It is arguably the best pneumatic gun on the market right now. Performance-wise it is exceptional, to the extent every professional desires from a tool they will use on hard, thick materials.

WEN 61720 Brad Nailer – Best For Upholstery

wen 61720 brad nailer

The first thing that we like about this pneumatic staple gun is, it fires 18-gauge staples in enough depths (⅜ to 2-inch) to suit professional needs. In addition, the magazine has the space for 106 nails means you won’t have to take a break to load the next one when dealing with a long project.

The lightweight body and the ergonomic rubbery handle will further reduce your burden during a long day of work. Again, the product must be designed with user friendliness in mind and it leaves enough evidence of that throughout its entire construction.

Whether it’s about the ability to quickly release the front nose to clear jams, or having the option to adjust the depth of your nailer the product has every feature to be considered the best pneumatic staple gun, let alone the gauge window that lets you see the remaining nails. For something available at a low price point, these features are surely stealing all the thunder.


  • Has enough shooting power to cope up with any projects
  • The spring-loaded magazine offers effortless loading and reloading
  • You will get a 2-year limited warranty from WEN on purchase
  • 360-degree rotatable exhaust lets you direct the air to the workpiece and away from you


  • Doesn’t support nails slightly longer than the measured specified
  • It’s not the most powerful option when compared with other high-priced pneumatic brad nailer

Best alternative: WEN 61721 Brad Nailer

Factors And Features To Consider In A Best Stapler Gun

When buying a staple gun you need to pay attention to some important factors that separate the best from the ordinary. Give a closer look at the below pointers and save your money from being invested in an awful product.

Nail Depth Adjustment

People dealing with upholstery often complain about their staple guns not hitting the depth consistently. Precision is important in an upholstery project and being able to set the appropriate depth of your staple gun would be crucial.

Can you adjust the depth of penetration in your staple gun? It can make or break your project, so keep an eye out for that. The last thing you want is for your material to get damaged due to a lack of consistent nail depth penetration.

Staple Gauge And Sizes

Some common gauge sizes for staple guns are 16, 18, and 20. The lower the number the thicker the staple would be. For this reason, 16 gauge is preferred for heavy-duty work and 20 gauge for light upholstery projects.

Consider the thickness of the materials you will fasten. This will help you find the staple gun with the right range of sizes. If you are planning to use the gun for various purposes you should aim for one that offers some versatility.

Style Of Fastener

There are also some versatile staple guns that can fire crown staples. Again, you have to consider the type of project before deciding on the thickness of the crowns. If you plan to do electrical work, look for a staple gun that fires staples with a narrower crown and longer legs. If you are up for thicker projects then staples with shorter legs and wider crowns would be needed.

Ease Of Use

If you don’t have the choice or willingness to invest the extra money, check the weight of the manual gun first. If it is too heavy and the lever is stiff, don’t go for it. Also, don’t forget to check whether the manufacturer offers adequate safety features or at least disclose the safety tests it passed.

Anti-Jamming Mechanism

This is yet another important feature to look for in your best stapler gun. Jamming is one of the most common issues with staple guns, and many brands now offer this mechanism to alleviate the disruption. However, that isn’t to say all of them have the same quality.

Don’t just be lured by a seller who offers lower prices. Before you settle for a particular staple gun don’t forget to check the feedback from real users on this point. We also have products on our list offering the best anti-jamming solution.

Electric Vs Pneumatic

When it comes to tackling longer projects both electrical and air-powered staple guns have their reasons to be picked. Pneumatic tools are more powerful than electric equipment, so you can sink staples deeper into tougher material with less effort.

However, they need a compressor to run, and things can become complicated. Electric staple guns are much easier to use if you do medium to small scale work. All you have to do is to find an outlet to plug in, activate the safety mechanism and pull the trigger with one finger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What staples do I need for fastening?

Consider both the hardness of your base material and the thickness of fastened material you intend to work on when making this decision. For instance, if the base is made up of oak, MDF, or hard plywood and the fastened material is thin such as fabric, you need smaller staple sizes, either ¼-inch (6mm) or 5/16-inch (8mm).

On the flip-side, if you’re fastening thick material like carpet or batting but the base is soft (pine, foam, or Douglas fir), go for larger stapes which are usually half an inch (12mm) or slightly larger (9/16-inch aka 14mm). Don’t forget to check your user manual for more specific information.

Q2. What staple sizes should I use for my staple gun?

Most staple guns are rated for a specific size of stapes and the information is usually given imprinted at the base of your tool by the manufacturer. The preferred staple size is expressed in 2 numeric forms such as “23/8”. The first digit here usually indicates the gauge size, and the second one expresses the required shank depth (in mm).

Q3. Will a Staple Gun Go Through Concrete?

Staple guns are intended for use in cabinet framing, upholstery, sheathing, and other similar applications. Even the most high-powered staple guns are not suitable for fastening something on concrete. A heavy-duty purpose-specific nail gun would be needed for the job.

Q4. Will a Staple Gun go Through Metal?

Yes! Depending on the thickness of the metal, you may need to use stronger staples and a powerful pneumatic gun to finish the project. Stapling on panels, steel roofing, and fences are just a few of the common applications for such powerful tools and supplies.

Q5. How Do I Store a Staple Gun?

Like any other power tool, it should be stored in an organized manner, possibly alongside other tools in your collection and in close proximity to your hand. Keep it free of dust and moisture, and beyond the reach of children.

Q6. How Much Does a Staple Gun Cost?

Depending on the quality, operational mode, and versatility of the staple guns the price will vary. Usually, manual staple guns are the cheapest ranging from 15 to 30 USD whereas electric versions are the ones with the highest prices. To run a pneumatic gun you will need an air compressor which may increase the upfront costs.

Q7. Where Can I Buy a Staple Gun?

Staple guns are a common tool for fastening home projects. They can be found in any local hardware stores including all major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Q8. Can I Use a Regular Staple Gun for Upholstery?

Any staple gun that accepts fine and medium wire staples with thicknesses from 18 to 22 gauge can be used for upholstery.

Final Words

Coming to the end, we hope the bits and pieces covered in this article have helped you embark on your desired staple gun. Every staple gun we’ve reviewed here has been tested rigorously for efficiency, customer satisfaction, durability, and safety. With our hard work, we believe they will meet your expectations as long as you know what your specific needs and capacities are. The rule is to always go for the best staple gun within your budget.

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