Revolutionize Your Work with the DEWALT Cordless Brad Nailer

Hello! I have some exciting news for you. The Dewalt DCN680D1 cordless brad nailer has been released, following the successful integration of the Dewalt 16 gauge finish nailer. I thought you might be interested in knowing that. Have a great day!

Although Dewalt introduced it a couple of years ago, it took them a long time to perfect it while they were developing it. Now we can say that what is on our hand is the best brad nailer on the market.

You can push nails without a hose, compressor, or even fuel cells if you have a Dewalt DCN680 in your bag. It will, however, provide the same pace, power, and efficiency as pneumatic brad nailers. Yes, surely! The DCN680D1 is completely battery-operated.

Its strength is backed up by a brushless frictionless motor and a slew of other exciting features. Let’s take a look at the Dewalt 20v brad nailer review below to learn more about them.

Dewalt DCN680D1 Cordless Brad Nailer: An Overview

The Dewalt DCN680D1 cordless brad nailer is a top-of-the-line tool that provides exceptional performance and reliability on the job site. With its compact and lightweight design, it allows for easy maneuverability and access to tight spaces.

The brushless motor technology and lithium-ion battery provide consistent and powerful performance, allowing for up to 1,000 nails per charge. The tool-free depth adjustment and jam release feature make it easy to use and maintain, while the sequential mode and bump mode options enable precise and efficient nailing.

It comes with a 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery for a fast drive. This gives you a nominal voltage of 18v and a maximum initial voltage of 20v. That means you can use it to drive nails without experiencing any recoiling effect.

You’ll be happy to learn that it has a micro nose, which helps you to see the workpiece clearly for precise actuation. You won’t need a tool to adjust the depth, move from contact to sequential firing mode, or release a jam, as it supports all tool-free systems.

Overall, the Dewalt DCN680D1 cordless brad nailer is a must-have tool for any professional carpenter or DIY enthusiast looking for a reliable and efficient nailing solution.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA (DCN680D1)

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA (DCN680D1)
9.4/10Our Score
  • 100% battery powered
  • Brushless motor to maximizes runtime and durability
  • Micro nose design for improved line of sight and accuracy
  • Tool-free depth adjustment for precise countersinking of nails
  • Tool-free jam release to quick jam clearing
  • Multi-functional LED to illuminate workspace and tool diagnostics
  • Tool-free selectable trigger for sequential or contact actuation modes
  • Integrated tool-free stall release lever
  • Adjustable belt hook
  • Low nail lockout prevents dry firing and unwanted marks on the work material

Key Features Of Dewalt DCN680D1

  • 100% battery powered brushless motor
  • Micro nose for accurate nailing
  • The tool-free jam-release mechanism
  • Tool-free selectable trigger for easy changeover
  • Tool-free depth adjustment for quick depth settings
  • Adjustable belt hook for convenient hanging
  • Multi-functional LED – illuminates dark space, signaling battery power, and more

Specification Of Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer In Short

Power Source: 20V Li-Ion Battery
Fastener Length: 5/8 to 2-1/8 inch
Fastener Type/Gauge: 18 gauge brad nails
Firing /Actuation Mode: Tool-free selectable trigger
Magazine Capacity: 100
Depth Adjustment: Tool-free
Jam Clearance: Tool-free
Battery: 20v max* Lithium-ion
Nails Per Battery Charge: 1200
Housing Material: Plastic
Tool Dimension: 11.8 × 10.3 × 3.7 inch
Tool Weight: 5.3 lbs.

Details Performance And Technical Issues Of Dewalt DCN680D1

No Gas And No Hose

The common consensus is that cordless nail guns are less powerful than pneumatic nail guns. However, cordless nailers powered by fuel cells, such as Paslode, show that this assertion is incorrect to a large extent. However, it would only help if you replaced the gas canister on a regular basis, which is expensive.

As a result, Dewalt power tools are the solution to this issue, as they provide 100 percent of the battery-operated brad nailer with the same output as pneumatic tools.

Besides loving cordless independence, right after you start using the DEWALT DCN680D1 cordless brad nailer, you will also face fewer frequent complaints from neighbors about sound pollution. As it is a quiet tool also.

Dewalt DCN680D1 cordless nailer

No More Guesswork

Presumption days are over. The micro nose of DCN680 Dewalt provides you with clear vision during nailing and helps to sink each shank correctly like a laser beam accuracy.

Driving Power

The DeWalt 20v brad nailer comes with an innovative flywheel connected to a brushless engine that is designed to produce superfast rotations and store energy from its spin. When you pull the trigger, the driver blade comes in contact with the spinner, pushing the blade by force to effectively drive brads.

Further, a brushless motor means there is no voltage drop and frictional loss, enabling you to drive more nails per charge. Therefore, you could drive up to 1200 nails per charge with your Dewalt DCN680D1 brad nailer.

Easy-To-Use Tool Free Settings

Dewalt Brad Nailer comes with many tool-free designs to make the job easier and reduce the downtime of a framer crew or cabinet carpenter. Let’s examine those below.

Tool-Free Depth Of Drive

While working, it is apparent that you have to drive nails into different thicknesses and types of materials. Based on this you need to change or adjust the depth of drive or countersink.

In the Dewalt DCN680, you could do this job effortlessly as it allows you to do it just by turning a wheel-type knob and visualizing it in a slider indicator.

Easy tool-free Jam Clearing Latch

Another noticeable on-the-go troubleshooting is the jam release. In the case of other nailers, you have to spend a significant amount of time to clear a jammed nail. Whereas, in the Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer, you just have to open the latch with a push and clean the bent pins from the driveway.

Convenient Stall Release Lever 

Sometimes, the driver blade is stuck in the down position after clearing the jam. If it happens while driving nails with Dewalt 18 gauge brad nailer cordless — no need to worry, the tool-free stall release lever helps you to sort out this.

What you have to do, is push the integrated stall release lever once only and the nailer is all set for the next shoot.

Tool-Free Selectable Trigger

You no more need to change the whole trigger, instead, you only need to push a button, and it shifted from one mode to another. How pleasant it is, Ha! Yes!

If you move the knob toward a single nail mark, you will get sequential actuation/fastening mode, and if you shift it to the three-nail mark, you will get a bump or contact actuation mode for speed nailing.

No-Mar Tip

Dewalt DCN680D1 realizes the importance of your work materials. As a result, they come with a No-Mar tip attached and two extras for potential use. So, if you use DCN680, you won’t have any teeth on your workpiece, and you’ll get delicate results when doing elegant and sophisticated work.

Low Nail Lockout

It has no dry-fire prevention system like others, but there is a window near the tip to observe the number of nails remaining and prevent the working surface from possible damage.


The Dewalt 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery that powers the DCN680D1 is also compatible with any 20v Dewalt device in your workshop. In addition to having an interchangeable battery, it is designed to be charged from a vehicle power outlet in the event of an emergency or when traveling from one project to another.

During doing so, you will not need to be tense about draining out of your vehicle’s battery as DCN680 has an auto shut-off system to safeguard your vehicle battery from excessive discharge.

Dewalt DCN680D1 cordless nailer battery

LED Lamp

We found two LED lights at the base of the Dewalt DCN680D1 cordless nailer, which is used to illuminate the working area while driving nails. It not only lightens the site but also operates as an indicator of fault.

When the right side light continually flashes, it indicates that the instrument gets jammed, and when the left side light blinks four times and then shuts down, the battery is about to die. 

LED light of Dewalt DCN680D1 cordless nailer

Along with showing the charge status, the LED indicator also communicates: charged, need to charge, power line problem, replace pack, and battery too hot or too cold.

Benefits Of Dewalt DCN680D1

  • Same performance as like air nailer
  • Great time saver and works like a champs
  • Well-balanced and silent
  • No fuel cells to buy
  • Long battery life
  • No ramp-up delay
  • The LED works great in low-light visibility
  • Need very infrequent servicing

Limitations Of Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer

  • A bit bigger and heavier than pneumatic
  • Doesn’t discharge the last few nails
  • The depth gauge indicator is a bit harder to read as black on black

Comparison: DEWALT DCN680D1 VS DCN680B

If you look closely, the last letter of both of the above Dewalt cordless brad nailers ends in either D1 or B. According to the manufacturer, B denotes a bare tool, while D denotes a package that includes a battery and charger. The number 1 appears after the letter D, indicating the number of batteries included in the pack. As a result, the DCN680D1 indicates that this model only has one 20V battery. However, the DCN680B and DCN680D1 are identical in terms of specifications and performance.

If you already own other Dewalt tools and a 20v battery, you can choose to purchase the Dewalt DCN608B brad nailer instead of the DCN680D1. To do so, go to this link.

Which DeWalt cordless finish nailer is best

Which DeWalt cordless finish nailer is best?

When it comes to cordless brad nailers, DeWalt is a popular and trusted brand among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. However, with multiple models available, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best fit for your needs.

The DeWalt DCN680D1 and DCN680B are both excellent choices, with the former offering a full kit including battery and charger, while the latter is sold as a bare tool for those who already have DeWalt batteries. Both models offer precision and power, with the DCN680D1 boasting a longer battery life and quicker charging time.

Ultimately, the best DeWalt cordless brad nailer for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

How to use a DeWalt cordless brad nailer?

Using a DeWalt cordless brad nailer is a straightforward process that can significantly improve your woodworking experience.

First, ensure that the battery is fully charged and securely attached to the nailer.

Next, select the appropriate brad size for your project, and load them into the magazine.

Then, adjust the depth of the nailer to your desired setting by turning the depth adjustment wheel.

Finally, align the nailer with your workpiece and pull the trigger to drive the brad into the material.

It is important to maintain the nailer by regularly cleaning it and lubricating the moving parts.

By following these steps, you can ensure a successful and efficient nailing experience with your DeWalt cordless brad nailer.

FAQs for Dewalt 20v Cordless Brad Nailer

Q-1: Is it comes with a battery? What else am I going to find in the box?

Yeah, it comes with a 20v Max rechargeable battery with a charger. You’re also going to get a kit bag with it.

Q-2: Is it suitable to use a 4.0Ah battery for this nailer? 

Yeah, you can use a 20v battery in this tool from 1.5Ah up to 9.0Ah. The more amp you have, the more nails you could drive on a single charge.

Q-3: Is it possible to change the pressure to get the optimal drive on this nailer?

Guys, No! you can’t adjust the pressure on this nailer, but you can adjust the driving depth by turning a tool-free roller.

Final Words

It’s true that you will find the Dewalt DCN680D1 cordless brad nailer is a bit expensive. However, if you consider the cordless performance and cut the cost of purchasing fuel cells, you’ll find it is the most suitable tool for your trimming or molding works.

It also eliminates the need to pull bulky compressors and hoses. We can, therefore, claim it is an excellent tool for any professional trimmers or carpenters.

If you’re still confused, Dewalt Power Tools gives you three years of limited warranty, including a year of free service and 90 days money-back guarantee. This provides you with a risk-free chance to see how easily you can make a bunch of small holes.

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